Ford To Build Crossovers To Replace The Fiesta, Focus And Fusion In US

Ford stunned the pretty much everyone when it announced plans to phase out sedans in North America, but it appears a majority of the models will eventually be replaced by crossovers.

According to several dealers who attended Ford’s Las Vegas convention, the automaker will effectively replace the Fiesta, Focus and Fusion with similarly priced crossovers. This is good news for fans of the brand as the decision will fill a massive hole in Ford’s lineup while also preventing first-time buyers from fleeing to rival automakers. As we’ve previously noted, the elimination of sedans would have pushed the price of the entry-level Ford from $14,260 for a Fiesta to $19,999 for an EcoSport.

There’s no word on when the models will arrive or how closely they will be priced to the outgoing sedans, but The Detroit News reports the vehicles will be small and rugged. That isn’t much to go on, but Ford has already revealed it won’t offer the Focus Active in the United States to due to the ongoing trade war with China.

Besides revealing plans for an assortment of entry-level crossovers, dealers were reportedly shown the next-generation Escape and Explorer as well as the Battery Performance Utility previously known as the Mach 1. Dealers also saw the Baby Bronco and the Mustang Shelby GT500 which pretty much everyone has seen by now.

Interestingly, Ford apologized to dealers for the way they announced plans to phase out sedans in North America. The Detroit News reports several dealers who attended the event were still angry about how things went down, but many left feeling more reassured about the company and its plans.

  • Mr. EP9

    This isn’t new. Kind of already knew they were going to do this when they decided to kill sedans stateside.

  • Ryan50

    Slow news day huh?

  • Dansk

    Either the Explorer is getting bigger or the Escape is getting smaller if that picture is accurate size comparison.

    • MarketAndChurch

      I think the Escape is shrinking, all the spy photos have it looking really tiny next to other cars.

  • Denzel

    But the rumor has it that they want to make a 4 door mustang so wouldn’t that be a sedan??

    • Mr. EP9

      4 Door electric SUV with Mustang styling is more likely.

    • brn

      I’m really hoping they make a mid-sized sedan out of the Mustang platform. That might be my next car. I like cars.

  • Larry Qualls

    Dumb decision! This is why old people should just retire and go spend time with their grandchildren. Just like the old ass white men in Congress that makes decisions for this melting pot of a country we live need to retire, so does the executives at Ford! How Tha hell you gonna just stop making sedans…How about being progressive, creative and develope cars that people actually want to drive? Like build the 4 door Stang that your customers are asking for! How bout that….

    • GPFan

      It was called the Falcon and it was amazing

    • brn

      I think it’s interesting how “old”, “white”, and “men” have become derogatory terms.

      Are you a racist, sexist, or just a bigot?

      • Larry Qualls

        Ummm non of the above. More of a realist! Now, most of those that I referenced are racist, sexist, and def bigots! I’m probably one of the most liberally progressive human beings you can meet. Sorry if I offended you. Just calling a spade a spade. Oh and FYI, my family is multicultural, as is my friend base, neighborhood, work environment, pretty much my life. I think that your concerns regarding derogatory terms should be directed at our POTUS. He’s made everything/everybody pretty visible. Thank you for your input tho.

        • LJ

          No one cares.

        • PhilMcGraw

          “Now, most of those that I referenced are racist, sexist, and def bigots!”

          I’m going to need a citation for this. Based on what evidence are most executives at Ford and old white men in Congress considered racist, sexist, and bigoted?

          “Oh and FYI, my family is multicultural, as is my friend base, neighborhood, work environment, pretty much my life.”

          Congratulations, I had no idea that the value of your opinion is based on how progressive, liberal, and multicultural you are. So if someone said they come from an all white family you aren’t going to accept their opinion? Just curious. Or are all whites just racist and sexist?

          • Larry Qualls

            What rock have you been under? Did you not just experience the whole Supreme Court debacle? Or how about the seperation of children from their parents monstrosity? Woman’s right to choose? Met too movement? And we don’t even want to get into the race factor… Dude i can go on and on. Old privilege white men control all three branches of government, and now the Supreme court. They make decisions for us, even though, the majority of the country doesn’t agree with them. That’s not a democracy my brother!
            Ford CEO
            James Hackett
            Aka Old White man!

            Lol listen, of course all white people aren’t racist. Lol
            I love all people until they are proven undeserving. That statement was made to show exactly that point, I mix, mingle, and love with all people, and therefore yes, the value of my opinion is just that much more credible! Again, I have white family that comes from all white family, and i value and love THEIR opinions.
            Now you on the other hand, who are you ethnic friends, family, neighbors, co workers etc? Post 2 pics of these type relationships that you have… Perhaps if you develop these type relationships your way of thinking would broaden .

          • Paul Webster

            The U.S. os a Republic. The States are Democracies.

        • Carole Barnes
        • brn

          Larry, nothing in your response is a legitimate defense.

          Being progressively liberal doesn’t mean you can’t be bigoted against “old white men”.

          Having multicultural family, friends, work, doesn’t mean you can’t be bigoted against “old white men”.

          “calling a spade a spade” or claiming to be a “realist” is the kind of thing a bigot would say.

          I’m not sure why you had to bring POTUS into this. I wasn’t being political. Deflection perhaps?

          I do appreciate your honest response. My response was honest too. These things often go two ways and it’s difficult for those on either side to see where they’re actually standing.

          • brn

            My response was meaner than I had intended. My apologies.

            I was never offended. We all have our preconceptions. I try to be aware of mine and would like others to do the same.

            My primary concern is that anytime we use race, gender, or age a derogatory terms, we create hate. The media (and extremists on both sides), thrive off this, creating even more hate and dividing society. That’s not good for anyone.

            You can hate some folk, but because you don’t like what they do, not because of their race, age, or gender.

          • LJ

            I can’t be racist. I have black friends.

          • Larry Qualls

            That’s actually a good start. Now if we all surrounded ourselves with different races, religion etc. of people and really got to know how they think and believe, we’d be in a much better place.

          • LJ

            I was being sarcastic.

          • Larry Qualls

            I know, but I wasn’t! Try it!

          • Larry Qualls

            I’m not trying to defend anything I said, just explain my standpoint. I am a bigot against old ass white men that need to sit down because they are incapable of making fare and just decisions. And everything is political because that’s the way our “democracy” is set up. All decision are made by our 3 branches of government (controlled by old white men) and Supreme court (now majority controlled by old white men and ONE black man). I mentioned that self admitted rapist because he has emboldened the actual “hate” you speak of from supremacist, congressmen and CEO’s. A rapist shouldn’t have an opinion, so yes I am a bigot. Thank you for helping me to have that epiphany. So no deflection but actually bringing attention to! I’m fully aware of my standing.

          • Paul Webster

            You have issues. First thing is to educate yourself.

          • Larry Qualls

            Lol Thank you! Dude we all have issues….
            I’m educated enough to know that if you are of a certain age and not thinking in a forward manner, it’s time to sit your old ass down! Lol But thank you for the interest in my post.

          • Paul Webster

            One of your issues is age. Another is arrogance. As a former member of the World Future Society I am well versed in how business and Governments approach planning.
            Technological changes have created market demands largely unforeseen by both CEO’s and politicians alike. Strong opinions are most often an indication of insufficient information and/or arrogance/intolerance. Character assassination falls into pop culture hyperbole.

          • Larry Qualls

            Since you’re well versed in futuristic thinking, you of all should be in agreement with me regarding the stupidity in stopping the production of sedans, opposed to rethinking your product and making it better. But you’re so hung up on me speaking on age! If you feel that this is “pop culture hyperbole”, at your mature age, you should be able to separate that part from the matter at hand. This post is about Ford execs stopping production of sedans! Hell we all must age, and yes our thinking isn’t going to be what it once was, it’s human nature and some need to be told to sit down somewhere, let fresh minds intercede. And for the record , I’m not arrogant! Lol

          • Paul Webster

            FYI, Ford,much like most Fortune 500 companies (and political parties) make extensive use of market research firms. Few, except for the mega companies (Apple, Alphabet, Berkshire Hathaway, etc.) make marketing decisions with their in house management team. Ford has been known to use Frost & Sullivan. Further to you point about age, companies such as Frost and Sullivan hire legions of young whippersnappers (you may refer to them as millennial) to conduct the research and postulate changes. These changes can include fundamental changes to the corporate mission statement or changes to the deployment of resources. And yes you are arrogant. You seem to be of the opinion that Bill Ford and his minions came up with this shift of product alignment of their own. That’s not how it happens.

          • Larry Qualls

            Mr Webster, read this malarkey. This is the thinking if the CEO and teaching to his VP

          • brn

            Shoot. I was thinking I’d overreacted to someone I could have a reasonable interaction with. I’m less sure of that now, but I’m hopeful that if we met in person, it could still happen.

            Btw: “loveallpeople” and “oldwhitemensitdown” are contradictory.

          • Larry Qualls

            No you’re just not paying attention! But back to the initial point, until the old ass CEO steps down and allow fresh thinking, Ford will continue to spiral downward like making decisions to stop production of sedans.
            Thank you for the conversation.

          • LJ

            I’d say that stopping the production of sedans based on current buying trends is forward thinking.

          • Larry Qualls

            Trends at Ford…
            Or consider that you may be producing garbage that buyers realize is garbage after a couple of years.

          • LJ

            Not trends at Ford… the automotive industry as a whole is trending towards crossovers/SUVs and away from traditional sedans.

            And not to be mean, but I’ve read your posts here and you sound absolutely bonkers. Best of luck to you.

          • Larry Qualls

            If i sound bonkers, why are you still responding, and what does that make you?
            You idiot, I know of that Suv’s/crossovers craze. My post is about old men in control (YOUR PRESIDENT , CONGRESS, CEO’S )making questionable decision. In this particular case, Ford CEO cancelling production of sedans! Whats so hard for you to understand? Here, read this and stop commenting please….

          • LJ

            Look, you showed your true colors in your very first comment when you ranted about “old ass white men”. The second you wrote that, your credibility for claiming to be tolerant and inclusive went out the window. In one sentence you were racist, sexist and ageist.

            Congratulations clown. You played yourself.

          • Larry Qualls

            And for the record, Tesla cant build enough sedans! Camry is doing well, mazda 6 sold more this year than last, accord is finally catching back up. Why, because they’re building what the people want, not cancelling production because CEO’S think the “silhouettes changing “!

          • Larry Qualls

            Thank everyone for your input, but I’m done discussing this matter!

          • LJ

            Who is a self-admitted rapist?

          • Larry Qualls

            Move on …if you don’t know by now, you don’t care. Google it!

          • LJ

            No one knows what you’re talking about.

  • TheBelltower

    A slight spike in oil, Ford will go the way of Isuzu.

  • SpongeBob99Swell my comment still pending?


    • brn

      Been there too many times.

    • NoMan2015

      Don’t include links, that’s what slows it down

      • Mill0048

        Apparently references to CS or Amer_ca do it too.

        • brn

          The CS one blows my mind. Mention the name of the site and your post gets blocked? They gotta pull that filter.

  • NoMan2015

    Yeah um they already have them? They’re called the Ecosport, Escape, and Edge respectively…

  • eb110americana

    Instead of internal competition between Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln rebadges of yore, Ford has advanced to the level of internal competition from 6 different Ford crossovers that are all the same size.

  • I’m a Ford stock holder and own both a 2009 Fusion SEL and a 2017 Fusion Platinum, both excellent cars. What I want to know is why Ford did away with the near luxury Fusion Platinum and replaced it this weird SEL model that only comes with a 1.5 L engine and looks terrible? I’ve been buying Ford Sedans since 1990. It looks like my next car is going to be a Malibu.

    • charlotteharry57

      The SEL replaces the SE’s Luxury Package, not the Platinum. The Platinum was discontinued because most folks refuse to pay $40K for a non-luxury-brand midsize sedan (that’s what the Lincoln MKZ is for). Good luck with a Malibu. It is WAY overpriced and underequipped for the money vs. the Fusion, and discounts are often minimal. Waste of $.

  • charlotteharry57

    I’ll believe this crock of sh*t when I see it. You can’t find an EcoSport on a dealer’s lot for under $27K, despite the enticing low base price. If you could, it would be pathetically underequipped.

    • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

      $27k for car that was originally designed and built for the developing world? That is shocking!

  • rover10

    Saloons or sedans are not dinosaurs, they are simply going through a bad patch, but like all trends, the wheel always returns. When that happens Ford might struggle to find former sedan customers, willing to buy their product?

  • Craig

    “Hey! Let’s put ALL of our apples in ONE basket!”

    • Mike anonymous

      Well what type of basket are we talking about here?… Steel?, aluminum wire?, hay?, strings?, Paper mache?,.. imaginary???

      Come on’ Craig,. we’ve got to be more specific here.

      • Craig

        I was thinking more along the lines of a lovely Easter Basket with a sky blue ribbon. Nothing fancy. Just… you know. Respectable. And BIG of course. Ford is going to need a lot of extra space for all of those new SUV’s.

        • Mike anonymous

          (&) That type of basket, is just the perfect kind.

          • Craig

            How can you go wrong with a sky blue ribbon?

  • StrangerGP

    I wonder if Ford will still continue developing new generations of the Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo for other markets. I live in one of the European countries and Ford’s crossovers and SUV’s barely exist here because they’re either too expensive or not that popular. I’ve seen only a couple of Kuga’s, not a single EcoSport or Edge.

    • OdysseyTag

      They will still develop non-crossover/SUVs for markets outside the US – China for one is a market which still has an affinity to the traditional 3-box form factor of sedans.

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