Nissan GT-R Loses It On Corner Exit, Misses Oncoming Car By Inches

Even though close calls on the road are not fun, that did not stop the person driving this dashcam vehicle from laughing after seeing a Nissan GT-R drift past them at a high rate of speed.

Of course, it was mostly a nervous laughter. Although, we assume the driver wouldn’t have felt so light-hearted if instead of a close call with a GT-R, he would have had one with a box truck or a van, or even someone’s mom’s Jetta Wagon.

As for whoever was driving that Nissan, which by the way is a latest-gen, 570 PS (565 HP) model, they clearly carried way too much speed into that turn despite not having any visibility beyond those bushes. Their actions were reckless, irresponsible and the fact that an accident didn’t happen was down to pure luck.

The slide was most likely caused by lift-off oversteer, something the GT-R’s computer brain should have picked up on unless the driver had the electronics switched off – a really bad call on public roads. Yet, it’s something the driver of the dashcam car (username Trey5169) thought of, too, saying the following on Reddit: “I didn’t hear his engine as he came around the corner, it sounded like power-off oversteer.”

He also mentioned how the GT-R must have been doing more than 60 mph (96 km/h) and that there’s a sign there that says “Safe Speed 30 MPH”.

We get it: doing 30 mph in a GT-R is nigh impossible. But that doesn’t mean you are entitled to drive recklessly and with total disregard to yours, and others’, safety. If you’re so keen to test your and/or the car’s limits, go to a track day; you’ll never be able to do that on a public road anyway.


  • S CAT

    I’ve heard these have shoddy suspention. This confirms it.

    • :/ Yurr

      …..and crazy understeer

      • Shobin Drogan

        and severe lack of computers & driver aids.

  • wait a minute

    good reaction from the driver that took evasive action, chilled out response too. I’d be cursing and shaking.

  • Paul

    Whew that was close. Good thing the other driver was quick.

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