The Tesla Model Y Electric Crossover Is A Go

Tesla’s Model S and Model X are now established players on the market. Production of the Model 3 is in full swing. And the new Roadster is on its way. So what’s next for Elon Musk and company?

The Model Y, that’s what. At least according to InsideEVs, which reports that Musk confirmed the new electric crossover during Tesla’s most recent quarterly financial-performance conference call.

Slated to slot in below the Model X, the Model Y is expected to borrow much from the Model 3, but adopt a taller form of the compact crossovers that have become so popular in the marketplace. That’d make it more of a direct competitor (at least in terms of size) to the Mercedes EQC and Jaguar I-Pace, both of which are classified as compacts, where the Model X and the new Audi E-Tron are mid-sized.

Word has it that Tesla could reveal the new Model Y next March and begin production in early 2020. Pricing ought to start at around $45k, significantly undercutting the Model X but coming in a bit higher than the Model 3. That’d also make it significantly less expensive than the $70k Jag and likely the Benz, for which pricing has yet to be announced (but is sure to come in at the higher end of the spectrum).

Without even taking the Roadster, Semi, and anticipated pickup into account, that’d give Tesla a four-model lineup – which, as InsideEV aptly points out, would be identified by the designations S-3-X-Y.

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  • ksegg

    I feel like Tesla articles trigger me the same way NEW SUPRA REVEALED JUST KIDDING SAME CAMO articles do.

    There’s just way too many of them.

    Do we need to know that Tesla increased their battery by 0.234234 hours and added a stupid new key, and Musk farted and live tweeted about it.

    • Approving a new model for production is not your run of the mill announcement from Tesla. This will only be Model 4 in six years, after all.

  • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

    £10bn in debt and ready to launch a new model? Tesla investors must be off their faces on Ambien.

  • charlotteharry57

    Why on earth reveal it in March 2019 when production isn’t even scheduled to begin until 2020? Probably more like 2022 at the earliest. Promises, promises, and WAY too much ridiculous Twitterness.

    • TheBelltower

      If history is any indication, they’ll take orders. It’s not unusual for any automaker to reveal a new car nine months in advance.

  • Jay

    This confirms S3XY is Elon after all.

  • no25

    Here comes that annoying S3XY guy telling us how AMAZING this Model Y will be and how it’ll be SO MUCH BETTER THAN ANY CROSSOVER OUT THERE!!! …pls lol.

  • Arthur Burnside

    Looks like Tesla is already lagging behind – the Jaguar I Pace is everybody’s car of the year and has gotten superior reviews versus Tesla’s two main players – Model S and Model X . Tesla is starting to be seen as a laggard with aging and overpriced


      • Karl

        Please ignore that troll!


          • Mike anonymous

            But wasn’t that 2013?. It’s been about half a decade since then, I am sure vehicles have gotten better since then.


          • Mike anonymous

            When I said vehicle getting better I was referring to EV’s from other automakers. They sure may not have been on the level of Tesla then (and some are still not today), but there are the rare few vehicles who can compete right up there with them.

            The review is from 2013. The Tesla Model S (in 2013) was a good car. It is still (today) a good car. But my point is that it has been about half a decade since them, and in that time it is possible other automakers could have caught up or come close to what Tesla was and is doing.

  • An Existing Person

    Shouldn’t they be worrying about current production ability and build quality first before even thinking about a new model.

  • Mike anonymous

    I don’t think he’s anything like Steve Jobs. Steve was a visionary, but Tesla (what many people don’t know) was not actually ‘his’ vision. The company was founded by 2 other people, he came on board, and then lead the company from there on out.

    Some of the things Steve introduced were ideas and concepts that already existed, but it is the way that these technologies and concepts were used that made all of the difference. Steve would take a something that already existed, and create something different that wasn’t like anything else before.

    Elon on the other hand did not even come up with the idea for Tesla (which many Tesla owners probably don’t know). He took an idea/concept that already existed, and simply put his name on it, and (only some) of his money into it. He’s an engineer, but I wouldn’t really call him a ‘visionary’ (at least on the level Steve was).


    On another note, I believe they should focus on ‘ONE THING AT A TIME’. The only thing keep this company afloat right now are it’s investors (not the stock holders, not the customers). Without a cash inflow from it’s investors the company would be gone within a month.

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