TopCar’s Porsche Panamera GT Edition Looks Surprisingly Tame

If you’d like your brand new Porsche Panamera to stand out a bit more without looking overly aggressive, and you want Russian tuner TopCar to handle the customization, know that you can opt for GT Edition bits instead of the full GTR kit.

As some of your already know, the Panamera Stingray GTR is one seriously mean-looking car, especially if we’re talking about the Carbon Edition model. Either way, it’s that wide body kit that makes the biggest difference, more than anything else.

Now, customers who would rather not go that far can go for the GT Edition kit instead, which is a lot more subtle. This blue model for example is only wearing a few elements of said kit, such as the front spoiler lip, side skirts, mirror covers, rear diffuser and side vent surrounds – all carbon fiber.

You can tell it’s not stock

Missing is the carbon fiber hood, front bumper pad, rear pad and custom exhaust tips. And even if it had all that, it still wouldn’t look anywhere near as bonkers as the GTR version, which some people have been known to dislike, although we’re not here to judge.

Also, if you’d like to see other after-market takes on the second-gen 971 Panamera, we suggest checking out the TechArt GrandGT kit, available for both the regular model as well as the Sport Turismo.

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