2019 Honda Passport Is Here To Fill The Gap Between The CR-V And Pilot

Consumers can’t seem to get enough crossovers and Honda is happy to oblige as it has resurrected the Passport moniker on an all-new model which will slot in between the CR-V and Pilot.

Set to go on sale early next year, the 2019 Passport is larger and more rugged than the CR-V but sportier and more compact than the Pilot. As a result, the model promises to provide a unique blend of “on-road driving refinement and off-road adventure capability.”

Sporting a matte black grille that the echoes the Ridgeline, the Passport features a rugged exterior with black plastic body cladding, an increased ride height and standard 20-inch alloy wheels. The model also comes equipped with LED lighting units and a dual exhaust system with chrome tips.

Moving into the cabin, drivers will find a Pilot-like interior with a four-spoke steering wheel and a 7-inch display in the instrument cluster. The Passport also features a tri-zone automatic climate control system and a six-speaker audio system with a 5-inch display.

Higher-end variants pack on the features as the mid-level Passport EX-L has heated leather seats, a moonroof and an 8-inch Display Audio system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. The model also boasts power front seats, HomeLink and a rearview camera with dynamic guidelines.

Touring and Elite variants go even further as they have GPS navigation, ambient interior lighting and a ten-speaker premium audio system.  Other highlights include heated rear seats, gloss black interior trim and a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot.

In terms of practicality, the Passport has best-in-class passenger room and total interior space. There’s 41.2 cubic feet (1,166 liters) of room behind the rear seats, but that can be expanded to 77.9 cubic feet (2,205 liters) when the seats are folded down at the push of a button. If that’s not enough room, there’s an additional 2.5 cubic feet (70.8 liters) of storage space underneath the rear floor.

Power comes from a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 280 hp (208 kW / 283 PS) and 262 lb-ft (354 Nm) of torque. It is connected to a nine-speed automatic transmission which can be paired to an optional torque vectoring all-wheel drive system.

Since the Passport was designed to venture off-road, all models are equipped with an Intelligent Traction Management system which has normal, sand, snow and mud modes on all-wheel drive variants. Honda says the system helps to make the Passport “more capable off-road” than many other competing crossovers.

Speaking of capability, the Passport rides on Honda’s Global Light Truck platform and shares much of its underlying structure with the Pilot and Ridgeline. Thanks in part to this rugged construction, the Passport can tow up to 5,000 lbs (2,268 kg) when properly equipped.



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  • SpongeBob99Swell

    The 3rd and 5th photo here alone is seriously making me sweat that the next-gen 4Runner will ride on a unibody platform while slotting in between the RAV4 and the Highlander….


    • Mariusz Mitera

      I think Toyota will stick to old school roots and they will keep the 4runner on frame, if they go unibody that will be crap.

    • Enoch Gabriel Gonzales

      not a chance. that’s the highlander’s job

  • So it’s really just a shortened Pilot?

    • SpongeBob99Swell

      On the design and powertrain perspective, seems like it maybe. (although the ground clearance here is higher and capability promises to be superior than that of the Pilot)

    • C172fccc

      Pretty much. The front is a mix of the Pilot and the Ridgeline, the doors are the same as the Pilot and the rear lights are the same as the Pilot minus those on the tailgate.

  • macg5guy

    Continuing the trend of REALLY awkward Honda styling. The interior looks ok, but the insistence to make the Passport look “aggressive” just results in another ugly Honda . The grill is overstyled , oversized and just looks wrong.

  • Matt

    You could put a Subaru badge on this and nobody would think it wasn’t a Subaru.

  • no25

    The front end is a bit of a mess, but I’m digging the rear end! Doesn’t look that bad. Interior – whatever.

  • Dude

    Looks decently adventurous but that gauge cluster is hideous at dated looking and the infotainment screen is annoyingly asymmetrical. Nice overall though. It will probably print money.

    • eb110americana

      I have no issue with the infotainment now that it finally has a volume knob, but Honda makes some of the cheapest looking gauges in the business. Even with huge screen in the middle, they still look like a homemade stencil.

    • :/ Yurr

      First thing I noticed were the gauges. Lol. They honestly should give it the gauges from the Accord.

  • Harry_Wild

    I think of it as a shorter Pilot with a blackout package for the Adventurer trim level! The Urban trim is what I want to see on the new Passport! I like the power train but still undecided if Ilike the styling or not!

  • Rocket

    With the exception of the tired black wheels, I don’t hate the styling, and it’s hard to find fault with the use of the NA V6 paired to torque-vectoring AWD. Too bad about the lousy ZF 9-speed and wonky shifter layout.

    • eb110americana

      I think Honda makes their own 9-speed.

      • Rocket

        The new 10-speed is Honda’s own design. The 9-speed is supplied by ZF.

  • Leo

    what’s up with the mid-cut-unfinished tail lights…but good to see those shift paddles.

    • George Emilio

      Looks like the headlights and taillights are the same as on the pilot. It was a rush/budget design job for sure.

  • Craig

    Another SUV. I’m so excited. I won’t be able to sleep for days.

  • Dennis Scipio

    Nothing too special tbh, it’s just a Two-Row version of the Pilot.

    • eb110americana

      It even appears to use the same doors and glass (except for last pane, obviously)!

  • lines_suck

    They really phoned that design in. Easily mistaken for a Pilot from some angles. Note to Honda: ya know, SUVs can be well engineered and carlike while still looking cool and tough. Just sayin.

  • Enoch Gabriel Gonzales

    that’s it?! Honda has been teasing this car for more than a year but it looks like they started developing it night before the LA auto show

  • Ilbirs

    A Pilot with a docked tail.

    • Bo Hanan

      A sleeping pill with 4 wheels. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • dumblikeyou2

      The tall stance makes it look dorky as shit.

  • Research Janitor

    A real mess.

  • Ganfu

    This is what happens when you let the new Subaru Forester make a baby with a Ford Edge.. That said, I may put off the purchase of my next SUV for a few months.

    • MarketAndChurch

      I can literally see Subaru Forester owners picking this as their next vehicle over the new Subaru Ascent. I love this thing!

  • Tumbi Mtika

    I don’t know what I expected. It looks like an updated version of a 2005 Pilot.


    The rear reminds me the rear of a 2nd jeep grand cherokee.

  • MarkoS

    FGS show us one without the silly black wheels. This should be a great vehicle, but I would have preferred a further departure from the Pilot up front and a little more innovation. Not a deal breaker though.

  • U8INIT

    Soft studish much?!

  • I think it’s a bit messy.

  • GoofyGotKilos

    Honda Forester

    • MarketAndChurch

      That’s a good thing.

  • Thunderbolt

    This shit is legit.


    honda’s RAV-4?


    Looks like old Forester in bad way

  • MarketAndChurch

    If they put this out as a hybrid, than this will be my next ride.

    • Harry_Wild

      Hybrids are service and repair nightmares. Instead of one, you get two different engine to do up keep. Battery pack need to be replace in 7-10 years time at around $6-$10K not including swap out labor. Still have to do oil changes and air filters, etc… Never understood why somebody would buy a hybrid. The mileage is the only reason but doing a cost/benefit analysis it is the worse buy if you are going to keep it. Leasing is okay however. I go with a straight EV if you want to be a “greene” environmentalist.

  • Harry_Wild

    I kind of coming around to like it now! It takes time to adjust the look and still analyzing the new Passport design. Have to see it in person to make a definitive judgement.

  • Toronado_II

    Good: a V6 !
    Bad: an uglier Pilot with the same boring design.

    Why they don’t add the Sorento and the Santa Fe in the comparison slide ?

  • TB

    I dig it…but two questions:
    A. How’s the ride compared to the Pilot
    B. How much coin?

  • man

    Looks like they made an SUV from left over parts bin. Muddies the brand.

  • SteersUright

    While not good looking whatsoever, it seems the right size addition to Honda’s lineup and its certainly no uglier than a Subaru.

  • Lord

    Rear part of Pilot Honda looks like Subaru Forester AWD off road extreme capability. A quick glance in a dusty off road video shot is Forester.

  • Collin Smith

    I ended up getting a Subaru Ascent for a variety of reasons, but Honda’s are great. I would be proud to own a Honda again as I got 15 years out of my Honda Element, great car. Glad to see Honda keeps innovating. When my second car hits the 200K mile mark, Honda CUVs/SUVs will definitely be in the running for a replacement.

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