Mitsubishi Not So Sure About Building An All-New Pajero

Mitsubishi has been updating their flagship SUV, the Pajero, over the years, but the vehicle remains largely the same since 2006 when the fourth generation was introduced.

Things could, however, change, as the Japanese automaker, which is now rolling with Renault-Nissan, is contemplating on building a successor.

According to Autocar, COO Trevor Mann commented that no decision has been taken yet. The Mitsubishi exec says the brand “has a passion” to make a new Pajero, but their position is “not defined” yet, and the emissions regulations play a major role in their decision.

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“It’s something that our engineers really want to do, but we’ve got to make sure we have the right business case, and that segment is naturally shrinking due to emissions regulations”, said Mann. “We need to make sure that when we do something, we do it properly, and it’s future-proofed.”

With the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance sharing platforms between brands, the next Pajero could be very different than the one that’s currently on sale.

Nissan, for one, has a similar product on sale, the Patrol, which has a slightly larger footprint than the Pajero. The sixth-generation SUV has been around since 2010, so it’s only natural to say that they, too, are considering a successor.

So, could the two share their underpinnings in order to keep production costs as low as possible? That would make sense from a financial point of view, provided of course that the Pajero’s replacement gets the green light.

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  • SpongeBob99Swell

    Well guess what? Seeing all-new Pajero is still a bazillion times better than disgracing the Eclipse and Lancer as soccermom-mobiles.

    • Honda NSX-R

      Idk, I don’t want to see the Pajero disgraced as a soccer mom-mobile either

      • SpongeBob99Swell

        If that’s the case, then I’d definitely feel the same.

        However, 95% of my chances bet that the Pajero will not be a damn crossover. Meanwhile 5% of my chances bet that they won’t even make it at all.

      • Enoch Gabriel Gonzales

        i read a report once saying that mitsubishi will stick with its roots with the Pajero, following what Suzuki did with the Jimny. They haven’t messed with the montero sport yet, so I guess the case would be the same here.

        • Honda NSX-R

          They better stick to their roots.

    • GT

      Sales and market trends probably say lots of people asked for them though

  • Bash

    Mitsubishi, please understand this, if Jeep can do it. You can do it. Not to say that if Toyota/Nissan both have four-five different SUVs in thier lineup. You can do it.
    Just put your head together and do something interesting in your life! It’s clearly appears to me -maybe not just me- that you never take risks and all your business decisions are simply safe. Well that’s wrong, come up with something interesting, add as many features as you can and have, price it right and watch your bank account getting bigger! Heck the Koreans have more SUVs too.

    • Bash

      Don’t get me wrong, Mitsubishi offer many SUVs. But honestly, I would not like to be seen in any one but the pajero.

  • ksegg

    Mitsubishi Not So Sure About Building Anything.


  • no25

    are they ever sure about anything?

    • Bo Hanan

      Why would any car manufacturer continue to build one of their best cars at a time when SUV’s are all the rage??? Mitsubishi has become so stupid.

      • no25

        One of their best cars of all time and one of their best looking cars of all time, and that’s hard to say with Mitsubishi’s current design language.

  • Astonman

    Always have liked this SUV. Would like to see the porportions to be similar: Low window line like the Land Rovers.

  • jeyare

    Pajero is pure and stable Off road, not a Shopping Urban Vehicle. And it is OK.

    • Cobrajet

      Can be used for both.

  • f1300

    Interesting. While every other brand sells their SUV like hell and tries to fill any SUV-niche at sight, Mitsubishi thinks it’s a shrinking segment.
    But maybe -just a thought- it is not the segment, which is shrinking, but the brand itself…

    • Anders Gustav

      Its not the same thing. Patrol, Pajero and Land Cruiser are true, ladder frame off road 4×4 vehicles for use by farmers, builders and other Professionals.
      This in contrast to car based crossovers bought for shopping and the School run.
      These do not compete in the same markets.

      • Cobrajet

        There is the similarly sized Pajero Sport/Challenger that is also a ladder frame SUV, hence why Mitsubishi is hesitating with a new Pajero.

      • f1300

        Sorry, but I disagree. True, the Pajero (and likewise) is a real all-terrain-vehicle, making it first choice for whom needs that extra. But, this is “only” an extra you get, it still competes primarily with all those “wanna-be” SUV’s because of ist size and build. So it’s got (or at least should have) an even greater audience of potential customers.
        I like the Pajero (or, in my case, the Montero). Really. But truth to be told, Mitsubishi just lost contact to the competition. Their products are, except for product-quality, far behind what customers expect nowadays. And that is a real pity.

  • Carol D. Marshall

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    One off the best aget SUVs, considering 4th generation was based on heavy modified 3h, like Disco 4

  • ErisC

    3.2 DID unreliable?! It’s the first time that i hear/read this. If you’re not talking about usual maintenance stuff like head/rear lamps (not the xenon lamps only the small ones), windshield wipers or brakes, I’m sorry but you’re wrong. My father owns a 4th generation Mitsubishi Pajero, European version, bought new in 2010 and until now (200k km) we’ve had only these kind of problems. We’ve changed once the EGR valve, but not because of a faulty one but because of the quality of the diesel here in Albania 🙁

  • I agree with many on this forum. MMC needs to go bold with this model. The ladder frame SUV is a shrinking market, but that also means that there are less players so they should consider it an easier area to dominate. My view is that there will be a new segment of people that want a hybrid or electric platform but with a pure utility capacity that is very well equipped. This is the segment that would jump on a new pajero. I for one drive a pajero diesel 2.8. It is one hell of a loud, unrefined banger. But it goes ANYWHERE reliably. Give me the same capability in an electric version with a modern design that has three rows of seats and I would buy it immediately.

  • Cobrajet

    They must, they now have the budget from Nissan to do it.

  • El Trikitake

    I dont know what the F… happened with this Car Co. all of a sudden they Failed in everything, started to discontinue Major cars, like the Evo, Lancer, GTO etc, would not redesign their Co. flagship automobile The Pajero, Everybody knows this model was refreshed in 2006 but its the same car from 2000, its been 19 years for crying out loud. I was one waiting, and waiting and waiting for the resplacement, I owned a New Pajero 2005, planned to buy a new one around 2012 but was not going to invest in basically the same car with different bumper, waited another two years 2014, going into the 10th year of the car, could not wait any longer, had to sell it not because it broke down or anything but any reasonable person knows even realiable cars eventually breaks down, in fact its been my most realiable car since I started driving, hence the wait for the replacement. After long analysis had to settle for the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado L. Why, because it was a new model (compare with the Pajero) and updated, cant compare side by side, it was a whole decade of difference, could not put my money with Mitsubishi. Still waiting, only if they still make the Pajero and not a Nissan Pathfinder clone with a Mitsubishi batch. I want the Pajero Montero Rally Dakar winner, not the service pick up truck that comes way behind.

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