A Small Town With A Single Speed Camera Caught 58,568 Speeders In Just Two Weeks

Speed cameras are an annoying fact of life in many locations, but a town in Italy installed one and caught an insane number of speeders.

We’re not talking hundreds or even thousands, but 58,568 speeders in the course of just two weeks. That’s an insane figure by itself, but it becomes even more staggering when you consider that the town only has around 120 residents.

According to the BBC, the town’s mayor decided to install a speed camera as part of a trail run after dozens of residents complained about speeding. While the town expected to catch a few people, Pieve di Teco mayor Alessandro Alessandri told ANSA that “It is really madness” as residents regularly cross the street.

The mayor went on to say the speed limit is 31 mph (50 km/h), but one driver was clocked going 83 mph (135 km/h). While that was the record, dozens of other cars were caught travelling at speeds in excess of 62 mph (100 km/h). The situation is bad enough that some estimates suggest nearly half of the vehicles traveling through the town are speeding.

While the town could probably make a small fortune ticketing drivers, Alessandri says he want the speed cameras to act as a deterrent because he doesn’t want to fine drivers. Instead, he’s more concerned about the safety of the people who live there.

While the amount of speeders going through the town is surprising, the mayor said its main thoroughfare is popular with drivers who are looking to avoid speed bumps, speed cameras and tolls on other routes.

  • kachuks

    Speed bumps.

  • BGM

    568 were speeding. the other 58000 were driving as dictated by the conditions. Conclusion: the speed limit is set too low.

    • MikeofLA

      The road may be smooth, straight and wide enough for higher speeds, but the pedestrian traffic may dictate otherwise. Another example were road conditions shouldn’t dictate speed would be a school zone.

      • Leo

        Then the traffic dept. must adopt traffic calming elements to make drivers aware of it and reduce the speed.

    • brn

      They need to define a speeder. 1kph over the limit qualifies. The story isn’t the number of speeders. it’s that the road handles 58K vehicles in two weeks.


  • Bash

    What does that tell you?!

    • Speed limit is too low.

      • Bash

        Exactly! Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together to this guy. thumbs up.

  • Carol D. Marshall

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  • Wandering_Spirit

    No, the problem is that Christmas is coming and they need to cash in so the mayor orders the head of municipal police (or the fake police as we call it) to actually fine the cars that are caught speeding a bit over the limit for a while and to actually care about the pics those autovelox machines take daily (when they are working, because often those in fixed positions are off). The speed in inhabited areas in Italy is normally 50 km/h. Many main roads are also part of main road arteries and vehicles rarely drive at 50 km/h, with most of them driving at a speed around 60 and 70. This also without racers. The debate of the 50 km/h in italy has been going on forever as it’s too low for most cars and for the way Italians drive. When it is enforced, it is to make money. That is its sole reason to exist. Same for the 30 km/h limit. I said in another post that around key holiday periods (August, Easter and Christmas), the municipalitiees send the dogs out to hunt.

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