Shop Employee Crashes Customer’s Audi S4, Expects His Insurance To Pay For It

“You break it, you bought it” is popular saying, but one Titan Motorsports apparently doesn’t believe in.

According to a report from Orlando’s WESH 2, Vince Hansen took his Audi S4 to Titan Motorsports earlier this month to have some undisclosed performance parts installed on his car. Everything was going smooth until Hansen went to pick up his vehicle two days later.

The shop apparently just finished working on his car, so they decided to take it for a quick spin to ensure everything was working while Hansen was paying the bill. Unfortunately, this is when disaster struck as the mechanic hit another vehicle.

WESH 2 says the accident report shows the mechanic was at fault for the crash and was ticketed for making an illegal u-turn. While it’s pretty obvious that the accident was due to one of Titan Motorsports’ employees, Hansen says the shop refused to pay for the repairs.

He told the station that Titan Motorsports effectively told him “Hey, you know, you have insurance for your car, and you should open up a claim under your policy.” This obviously raised a red flag as the crash was caused by their employee, so it seems natural that they or their insurance company should cover the damage.

Regardless, Hansen talked to his insurance company and they reached out to Titan Motorsports asking for their insurance information. However, his insurance company said the shop’s operations manager refused to provide the details.

Feeling like he was getting the run around, Hansen eventually sought out the media. When WESH 2 contacted Titan Motorsports’ owner, Nero Deliwala, he said “Our terms and conditions clearly state who’s responsible for the damage.”

In effect, Deliwala is saying his shop is in the clear because Hansen signed a release saying Titan Motorsports wasn’t responsible for any damage that occurred while they had his S4. A lawyer who spoke with the station seems to agree, but Hansen says he’s not giving up without a fight.

It remains unclear who will win out, but it’s certainly not a good look for Titan Motorsports.

H/T to Jalopnik

  • salamOOn
  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    Welcome to Douchebag motors.

  • Mr. EP9

    Well, that’s one company you should never do business with.

    • Zandit75

      I dare say that most auto shops would have something similar in their fine print that for some reason no one reads!

  • PB

    They obviously don’t understand Public Relations either.


  • Bash


  • Dude

    Shops like this often deal with heavily customized cars and don’t want to get stuck with the bill if your cheap turbo or old suspension breaks or something. But screw these people. I hope Hansen sues them for every penny he can.

  • Bo Hanan


  • Howfarr

    Man molests child…
    Blames parents for making child too sexy

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  • exeptor

    I wonder which insurance company should pay for broken legs. This is just a general question.

  • wait a minute

    In the uk i think it’s legal to drive with no car insurance for an undesignated driver.
    i really thought all garage/shops had their own mechanics road insurance to cover them when they did road tests. Should they advise customers if they don’t, and give them the option of taking the mechanic as a passenger on a road test.

  • Logic dictates the shop should be liable but if the client signed a waiver absolving them of liability then Titan is right. I’d explore going after the negligent driver personally, there may be better prospects with that civil case.

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