Trump Says GM Is “Playing With The Wrong Person, Better Damn Well Open A New Plant” In Ohio

It’s not easy to find a topic U.S. President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can agree on.

But when it comes to General Motors’ announcement of plant closures in the two countries, the two politicians are on the same page. Both expressed their frustration regarding GM’s decision that will impact the lives of more than 14,000 of workers in North America. Unsurprisingly, Trump was a lot more outspoken than Canada’s head of state.

“They better damn well open a new plant there very quickly,” Trump told The Wall Street Journal. “I love Ohio. I told them, ‘you’re playing around with the wrong person,’” he added.

The U.S. President told reporters at the White House that he had talked to GM CEO Mary Barra and “was very tough” with her.

“I spoke with her when I heard they were closing and I said, ‘You know, this country has done a lot for General Motors. You better get back in there,’” VOA News quoted Trump as saying. The President added that he believed GM would be “opening up something else” in the state of Ohio.

On Monday, General Motors announced it would stop production at its plant in Lordstown, Ohio where the Chevrolet Cruze is made. That’s something Trump seemed particularly angry about: “They say the Chevy Cruze is not selling well. I said, well, get a car that is selling well and put it back in”.

As always, Ohio will be a key state in the 2020 presidential campaign. In the 2016 elections, Donald Trump won the state by more than 8 percentage points.

As for Justin Trudeau, he said he had spoken with Mary Barra on Sunday to express his “deep disappointment in the closure” of the Oshawa plant near Toronto. The Canadian prime minister also announced support for the laid-off workers.

“We’ll do everything we can to help the families of those affected by this news get back on their feet,” the Canadian Prime Minister wrote on Twitter.

  • charlie bear

    What an A hole,

    • TheAmerican

      GM is being an a hole for letting go 14,000 workers for more money.
      What is the money for? So they can make more money off of advancements in electric cars. They win, no one else does.

      • Merc1

        Do you not understand that people aren’t buying the cars they’re dropping? What do you expect them to do, just keep making them in under utilized plants?


        • IFDU

          —These are U.S. Sales from last year—-*some are rough estimates*

          Chevy Cruze sales last year: 184,751
          Chevy Impala and Buick LaCrosse sales combined last year: 96,038 (Impala @ 75,000 and LaCrosse at 20,000)
          Cadillac XTS sales last year: 16,275 (lets combine that with the LaCrosse and Impala: 112,313 total)

          ***The Cruze sold JUST AS MUCH as the Malibu last year**** But it’s “not selling?”

          Now lets compare random competition:
          Mazda3 sales last year: 75,000
          KIA Forte: 117,000
          Toyota Corolla: 300,000
          Honda Civic: 377,000

          Toyota Avalon sales: 32,000~
          Lexus ES sales: 51,000~
          (Let’s combine them since people cross shop just like the American cars above): 83,000~

          ***Let’s keep in mind the Impala (no matter if it’s fleet sales or not…a sale is a sale…) outsold the Chrysler 300 at 51k and the Avalon at 32k and the Nissan Maxima at 61-62k.

          The argument that the cars weren’t selling because they JUST weren’t selling or because people are buying more crossovers is kind of a misstatement. People are still buying sedans.

          This is classic American Car Corporate mentality saying, “we don’t sell as much as we WANT to sell or not as much as the competition so let’s just trash them altogether.” So we can save a few billion.
          Let’s also not forget this also means the CEO lied after Ford said/did the same thing with their lineup.

          I cannot imagine Toyota discontinuing the Avalon/ES anytime soon. I cannot imagine Mazda saying bye bye 3. It has a lot more to do with just “not selling”. We all know better than this. And we all KNOW how GM operates.

          • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

            You realise that the civic, corolla, Forte and 3 sell in more markets and greater quantities around the world now than the Cruze right?

            You think 20k lacrosse sales is a sustainable figure?

            A sale isn’t a sale if you’re losing money on EVERY car you sell. “We all know better than this”

            It seems that you don’t know very much at all tbh. You’re spectacularly uninformed.

          • IFDU

            Hence why I stated US sales. 184,000 Cruze sales of the US is a lot for the Equinox to sell a lot and for people who are buying more crossovers.
            I’m not uninformed, those are actual/close estimated numbers. No matter the market in that regard.
            And that’s COMBINED! It’s ONE company! XTS/Impala/LaCrosse combined!

            How many markets does the Avalon and Maxima sell in? Exactly….
            (and despite the 300 sales, that car’s future is questionable, so i’ll give you that one).

          • chuck2

            stick to your 8-5 whatever that is. It’s obviously not car manufacturing..

          • IFDU

            I am. They are moving my administrative position at GM to the Mexico plant. Just ordered a Rosetta Stone…..

          • Chris Krajnik

            You keep posting the sales for one year. What you aren’t looking it is the trends of these models. They are all trending downwards and you combine that with the fact that the plants they are in are running at capacities in the 30% range, that is not a good manufacturing/business model. Now before you say “just move the production into different plats.” That costs a lot of money and time, not to mention you still would need those employees to move. In this day and age, people don’t move for jobs nearly as much as they used to. The fact of the matter is, it would cost too much to keep producing these cars, to move them to another plant or to get people to move to another plant.

          • IFDU

            Thank you for pointing out a fact I did not know about the 30%. I don’t mind when you tell me if I’m wrong, just break it down. No I don’t know EVERYTHING about manufacturing, I don’t pretend to know. I tried to make a case for the fact that there is still a market for sedans–just not as big, because everyone else still produces and/or not discontinuing their models.

            Also, those numbers I posted from last years sales are just about as consistent as the previous 2-4 years. They haven’t dipped that much. (Those are for all the sedans mentioned, not just American).

            So that brings me back to what I originally stated in the first comment. GM technically had 10 years to figure out how to do this. Mary Barra said “this is new GM”. Looks like the same GM to me.

            This is all avoided by having a viable competitive lineup, which they were starting to do actually (no matter the model) and logically having the manufacturing done in the necessary places.

            I understand making the case for profit and expense. I was trying to make the case for market opportunity and jobs.

            When the CEO says “we see an opportunity for sedans in our future we don’t plan on discontinuing them.” How does that make GM look given the situation? The only way this would make sense is if they retool these plants for something else. GM said they aren’t sure of the future of the plants.

            With that said, honest question if you can answer I’d appreciate it: What is the profit difference between the Cruze and Malibu (both being built here) and the reason for the Blazer being built in Mexico and the XT4 being built in US?

          • IFDU

            And by your statement, why keep the Malibu but get rid of the Cruze? They sold the same amount.

            Point still stands: Mary Barra said they’ll stick to sedans. She lied.
            Point still stands: Sedans are still selling regardless.

          • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

            Ok, a quick economics lesson for you: the Malibu costs the same to build as a cruze but sells for more in a segment that generally is much bigger. That’s no 1.
            Mass market sedans are still selling but in much reduced numbers. The only sedan market that actually makes good money is the premium market. SO BMW, Audi, Mercedes etc. They can charge more because of their brand. Even Camry and Accord are waaay down. The segment for traditional, non premium sedans is shrinking rapidly. That is just a fact.

            The bottom line is this. GM is actually losing money on every Cruze they sell, so if they actually sold half a million a year, it would be worse for them. Why is this? It’s because it is built in a developed market where a fork lift driver can earn 100k a year and this car retails for 16k.

            Moreover, in order for the vehicle to actually have showroom appeal, it HAS to have content. I had the latest generation Cruze: voice activated phone, sat nav, electric everything etc etc. A very nice drive and amazing value for money for a “consumer”, but not for GM. Why do you think they aren’t shutting down Mexic, Brazil or CHina? Because it’s literally the ONLY way they can make the cheaper Chevrolets and still make some money.

            Personally, they as USUSAL handled the communication aspect of this terribly. However, from a business decision with the brands they have , I understand it.

          • IFDU

            Thank you,

            I think we are really on the same page generally and you confused me pulling the sales of the cars with GM being as profitable as they can be. The most of the cars (not all of them) being discontinued were not bad and would hate for them to be flat our discontinued here. So the sales I pulled was to show that it’s possible to sell sedans despite the market. Every car company is taking a hit but they still have their sedans. Just find the cheapest way to do it, even if it’s not in the US’s favor (which typically it isn’t).

            Just like you said, communication was handled terribly. But my concern was GM having a viable/decent lineup between Cadillac and Chevy. You know, for when those tables turn back the other way.

            My confusion (again add some input if you’d like, I welcome it) is why haven’t the American car companies after all this time, modeled anything after the foreign car manufactures here? But we’d be commenting for hours, which would lead to those “deeper” issues in my very first comment lol.

          • IFDU

            To be honest, I’m not here to sit and argue with you. If you care to share why I know so little or uninformed, please correct me (I welcome it). I always welcome anyone who can correct me and I always retract my statements.

            If you can research the reason for this, and who and why they are losing money, tell me! haha I’d be more than glad to look it up and see if you’re more correct. Then i’ll kindly retract my statements.

          • chuck2

            ITS SUVs bud. That is what GM is selling and is the big cash cow. So are you saying you know more than GM about what they have a profit on?

      • Jay

        They have no use for them at this point in time. People were not buying sedans so it would be a waste for GM to keep them employed and the plants open. It’s just how life goes sometimes.

      • chuck2

        What do you not understand about BUSINESSes turning a profit ace?

  • Merc1

    My god what an ignorant baffon.


  • nastinupe

    GM employs over 180,000 people directly and another 200,000 indirectly. If they fail then EVERYONE loses a job. Also, of this 14,000 many will be picked up in other capacities. Not to mention that unemployment is at an all time low, meaning that there are a lot of open jobs on the market right now. Many of these folks could possibly find employment with another company, although, they would have to relocate.

    I’m not in support of people losing their jobs, however, I do understand that the automotive/ transport industry is currently in flux and there’s a lot of change happening… fast. in 10 years things will be so different in the automotive industry. And not like 1986 to 2006 different, but more like 1896 to 1916 different.

    The cars GM makes aren’t selling, they have to change their game plan. We have been reading that they may put more money into ride sharing and other technologies and transportation solutions.

  • Maher

    He’s trying so hard to score few political points, he’s losing everything and this is another desperate attempt to brag about bringing “new jobs” to the US.
    How about you move your daughter’s clothing line to the US if you’re this concern about jobs getting moved to Chayyyna? How about those MAGA hats, why don’t you make them in the US? How about you stop bringing more foreigners to work for dirt cheap at your resorts? We all know why, he’s a greedy hypocrite that knows his followers will believe him no matter how much his action speak louder than his words.


      • Stigasawuswrecks

        He’s also having some go to prison too.

  • Matteo Tommasi

    This man acts like a medieval king

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      One that has paresis thanks to neurosyphyllis.

  • Stigasawuswrecks

    So he’s saying the government is going to force a company to do business or tell them how to function Doesn’t that sound like communism?

    • exeptor

      They have a fancier phrase – government protectionism. Whatever this means.

    • dumblikeyou2

      Isn’t that how the Volkswagen Beetle was born? Think of the possibilities with Trump’s automotive vision. Maybe the Buick Taj Mahal for instance. Sounds successful to me.

    • donald seymour

      Ouch! You preaching.

  • Cobrajet

    He should be willing to fire them the like Obama did, if he wants to be taken seriously on this matter.

  • Dude

    The free market only matters when it does what you want I guess…

  • GobbleUp

    F off Trum p

    • benT

      gee gobbler, THAT was smart !


    • Dredd2

      r u from mexico?

  • Perry F. Bruns

    Yeah. Pull the other one, Donald. It has bells on. GM WARNED YOU that your policies would cause this. Mary Barra’s logical response to this should be, “We told you so.”

    theguardian dot com/business/2018/jun/29/general-motors-trump-tariffs-gm-jobs


    • Stephen G

      Smoke and mirrors are effective business tools.


  • Subi-Rubicon1

    So if a business is failing, shouldn’t it be able to do what it deems best for its own survival? What’s the point of keeping these plants opened solely to provide jobs? I’m terribly sympathetic to those affected by this, however the problem would worsen if unchecked and eventually shutting down GM. I’m sure no one wants a repeat of 2008-2009 bailouts.

  • Mark Seven-Ultranine

    Oh, brother … The megalomaniac demagogue has spoken.

  • Craig

    The Impala and Cruze sell very well.

  • Trocadero

    GM sold their European operations Opel & Vauxhall to PSA (Peugeot Citroen.) The new owners are now making profits where GM made losses.


    1. Cut low margin fleet sales and concentrate on retail.
    2. Realign the workforce to suit new production needs and close redundant factories.
    3. Rationalise the model range, they will obviously use PSA parts where possible in future.
    4. Stop paying management charges and design royalties to Detroit, particularly when the cars were designed in Germany.

    Just perhaps GM have seen how it can be done?

  • performante

    Business advice from a steak salesman.

    • Karl

      Bravo indeed!

    • bd0007

      The Orange doofus ran numerous businesses into the ground.

      And he’s not even an “expert” in real estate.

      What moron would start a mortgage company right when the RE bubble (bringing about the Great Recession) was about to pop?

  • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

    I know. That’s why your mom can never get any clients for her worn out pussie

  • benT

    thurprything…..what no g-string ?

    • exeptor


  • This guy

    ha ha ha I love his threats, only reason he cares is for the votes. Did he care about the people he screwed over with his “university” , his steaks, his cologne, his closed casinos, the contractors he screwed, the central park 5, or to put a finer point on it the united States with his lies and deception???? no.

    So should GM move a vehicle from a “Blue” state and move it to Michigan???? What an ass he is.

  • TheAmerican

    I didn’t think of that part. Good point

  • Karl

    This guy is a complete moron! Barra should hold her ground and don’t back down. He more than any other should understand how capitalism and businesses are run. Maybe he was just a glorified business moron who believe his own headline. Supply and demand dummy,GM makes more money on trucks so it is a no brainer to concentrate on that segment of the market. The only way to stop a bully is to stand up to him!

  • Enter Ranting

    Mary Barra is laughing is the face of that old orange idiot. The man who was bailed out by his daddy with over $400 million knows NOTHING about business. He’s an absolute fraud.

  • Ron

    I cant even comment anymore. I really dont care for reality tv.

  • Smith

    That face of his, makes you wet yourself laughing. How will Barra make it through a meeting without having an accident. His stern face is such a joke.


  • haji

    Do they only manufacture Chevy Cruze in Ohio?. Well then they should close the factory. Today.

  • Six_Tymes

    If it was Obama saying this, all the haters would be giving praise. All hail Obama!

    • ChicagoBlah

      No, they’d probably freak out and say something along the lines of big government or federal govt interfering with private sector. Doubt GM is going to bow to pressure from a whitehouse under seige from all angles. It’s good for theater and that’s it.

  • Finkployd

    GM was bankrupt and got bailed out by the US government in order to save jobs and the US auto industry.
    And now GM wants to close US plants and open new ones in Mexico… ?

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