EMT Nemesis Kit Car Was Once A Honda Accord – Now It’s Just Weird

Would you rather drive a Honda Accord V6, like hundreds of thousands already do, or place a call to Executive Modcar Trendz (EMT) and turn your run-of-the-mill family sedan into the weirdly futuristic Nemesis?

We call it weirdly futuristic because, as far as we can tell, the Nemesis package will turn your Accord into the type of car you’d see in movies such as Back to the Future – or basically what 1980s pop culture thought the future would look like in terms of automobile design.

The Nemesis doesn’t look anything like a stock Accord and for some people, that could be a very good thing. The package consists of high quality FRP body panels, a unique dual tone front grille, new sculpted front and rear bumpers with large intakes and diffusers, two flowing front fenders, door panels, bonnet and door scoops, plus side skirts and new quarter panels.

According to EMT, no alternations were done to the chassis, as the new body panels were fitted using only original mounting points.

You can also get a 3D Carbon wrap on select parts, bi-xenon projectors with LED turn signals, LED taillights and 18-inch Mag alloy wheels.

All things considered, if you take one of these kit cars for a ride, you can bet that people will be baffled by it and be completely unaware of what it is – and will never guess the donor car that lies underneath. We wouldn’t bet on them being too impressed by the end result, though…

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  • Six_Tymes

    I am laughing my ass off! this is just ridiculous

  • Brian

    Why didn’t they even try to hire someone with automotive design experience? Such a waste of investment.

  • Zandit75

    Nissan wants its grille element back.

  • eb110americana

    Go home Bumblebee, you’re drunk.

  • Dude

    This would be ok if it wasn’t so very overstyled and incomplete looking. The tail lights and trunk lid look alright and the headlights look good in the dark but it’s just a mess in general and has me scratching my head. Why didn’t they change the front doors’ handles? Why are the wheels so ugly and small? Why did they add a completely out of place black accent on the rear doors?

    • Andrewthecarguy

      Exactly. The were actually close to making something decent that could catch on.

  • robotlogic

    Did Jr. High School kids design and build this thing? If so good job!


  • no25

    with all that money that went into this, you could have just bought a nicer car.

  • Bash

    Oh no!

  • Bash

    Well at least no one will want to steal it now!

  • Marty

    Didn’t read the article. Is this a new Lamborghini? Or Toyota?

    • ErnieB

      It’s the new Nissan Altima

  • iea96

    Overhangs galore

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    Shite Rider. A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a car who does unfortunately exist.

  • TB

    Why…oh and a follow-up….why???

  • christopher tiburzi

    This Nemisis kit looks like something that you can buy from the rice section of Autozone. Accords straight out of the factory look much better ( not that I think they look good) than this pile. The rear bumper and overhang is horrible. It looks like something off of a minivan. The wheels are gross and too small on the one pictured. I didn’t bother to see how much a total package costs for all the mods, and I don’t care, but if I want to waste the money spent on this then I’ll just wipe my butt with hundred dollar bills. This Nemesis (give me a break) is an ugly turd that needs to get flushed. It is the epitome of RICE and is one of many things that attribute to the negate things seen about tuner culture.

  • It honestly wouldn’t be that bad if it had a better stance, bigger and better wheels, lowered etc.

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