Ferrari LaFerrari Hangs On For Dear Life As It’s Being Towed Away

Fans of Ferrari might want to look away from this video showing a LaFerrari towed away in a, let’s just say, not a very elegant or fitting way.

This reportedly happened in Austria’s capital city of Vienna, and the reason behind lifting the exotic car up in the air and placing it on the truck bed is unknown. Illegal parking, perhaps, but who knows?

Anyway, the Italian hypercar was handled gently while it was being towed away, and none of that precious paint was damaged, for as long as the camera kept filming at least. Speaking of which, the video is on a loop for some reason, so trying to spot the details behind what could’ve been a very expensive maneuver are trickier.

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Buying a high-end machine from a renowned automaker for an insane amount of money won’t (always) grant you a special status. Proof stands yet another LaFerrari, which was lifted in the air and taken away some three years ago, in Munich, Germany.

While some LaFerraris are involved in different incidents all over the globe, one particular example found the ideal home. And it was parked in the owner’s living room. That’s right, living room, not garage, and it sat between the sofa and the TV.

That was back in early 2016, when the story went viral, and we wouldn’t mind an update actually, and some high-res images to work with this time.


  • Six_Tymes

    that’s idiotic on so many levels.

  • lagunas3ca

    Owner of LaFerrari will soon become owner of Abschleppdienst Toman GmbH.



  • Miknik

    Being form Vienna and having worked in the office visible in the background, I can say the Ferrari was parked outside a whorehouse. Likely where the owner was…

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