Infiniti Teases Bold Electric Crossover Concept Ahead Of Detroit World Debut

Infiniti will bring a fully-electric crossover concept based on an all-new EV platform at next month’s Detroit Auto Show.

According to the carmaker, the new vehicle will reveal “a new form design language for electrification, infused with Japanese DNA.” The announcement is accompanied by a teaser image which allows us a peek at the bold-looking vehicle.

The as-yet-unnamed concept model sports slim LED headlights, an illuminated grille frame with illuminated Infiniti lettering and logo at its center, as well as a wraparound design for the windshield and coupe-like sloping roofline. Other visible elements include the rearview cameras, pronounced rear haunches, bulged wheel arches, and massive aero wheels. Judging from this single teaser image, it should be quite a looker.

“The concept car we will show in Detroit is the beginning of a new era for Infiniti, and an illustration of where we want to go with the brand,” said Karim Habib, the carmaker’s executive design director. “Electrification and other new technologies have given us the opportunity to evolve our design philosophy,” he added.

According to Infiniti, the advent of electrified platforms allows carmakers to adopt a fresh approach to what crossover and sedans look like inside and out. Electrification makes possible more spacious, “lounge-like interiors, rich in welcoming and assistive technologies.”

That’s probably what we’re going to see on the electric crossover concept in Detroit. Alongside the new study, Infiniti will also showcase the Prototype 10 Pebble Beach Concept. In January 2018, Infiniti announced it would electrify its lineup from 2021 onwards, using either e-power (serial hybrid) or pure electric powertrains.

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  • Six_Tymes

    whoa, that looks amazing. please produce that, and ill start saving my pennies.

    • ksegg

      Don’t bother, because they won’t make it.

      Save your pennies for something else that actually makes it to a showroom.

    • Cool guy

      the word you were looking for is penises, not pennies

  • ctk4949
  • ksegg

    Here the thing EVERYONE needs to know about INFINITI:

    Just like Toyota will spend 20,000 years to debut any performance vehicle, Infiniti will ENDLESSLY just pump out CONCEPT after CONCEPT after CONCEPT after CONCEPT after CONCEPT…..

    ….then end up parts bin dumpster diving with Mercedes to build a badge engineered vehicle.

    And none of the concepts make it to production, or one TINY element from the concept is used in a production vehicle, like the windshield wipers.

    That’s it.

    • DetrinKD

      QX50… Q60?

      • Ben

        People have a short memory.

      • Maximilian Norlande Rabbitt

        The QX80 as well

        • DetrinKD

          Ehhhh… I wouldn’t count that one. Lol.

    • Ben

      Ksegg, I get what you’re saying about the endless teasing, but you’re wrong about them not delivering the goods. In fact, I think the Infiniti Q60 Coupe is one of those RARE cars that actually looks nearly identical to the concept. Other cars that could join that discussion would be Lexus’ LC500 coupe and Porsche’s 918 Spyder.

      In a rare fit of honesty, Infiniti recently admitted they’re producing the hardcore version of the Q60 coupe labeled the Infiniti Q60 Black S. Again, the current Q60 is a show stopper and honestly looks like a UFO around average cars due to the concept like design.

      • DetrinKD

        Yeah, the Q60 is pretty stunning and very close to the concept. The QX50 is also very close, more so the interior. I remember when I saw the first pictures of the production interior I skipped them thinking “That’s the concept interior, I’ve seen those already” only to realize it was indeed the production interior, which is EXTREMELY nice for that class.

        I’m still not sure the black S will make production. It would be AWESOME if it did, though I can’t afford it. Just as a “Here! We did it, now shut up.” from Infiniti. Lol

  • IFDU

    I guess Infiniti went back into its file cabinet for inspiration (the forgotten Triant Concept was ahead of its time maybe).

    • DetrinKD

      Don’t see the connection…

      • IFDU

        Good for you.

    • Bash

      Damn it’s ugly

  • MarketAndChurch

    they have a backlog of like 6 or more concepts that never made it into production. I seriously hope this one does though, it looks really good!

  • Paul

    What a face. Here’s lookin’ at ya.

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