2020 Toyota Supra Shows Its Uncensored Face For The First Time

Toyota Supra

This is probably not the way Toyota would have wanted you to see the all-new 2020 Supra for the first time, but here it is.

The folks from the SupraMKV forum have managed to get hold of the most revealing picture so far of the much-anticipated Japanese (or should we say half-Japanese?) sports car.

Seen here right before being unloaded from a transporter truck, the 2020 Supra reveals the front end in all its FT-1-inspired glory. Yes, Toyota has remained consistent when it comes to the design of the all-new Supra and has used the FT-1 Concept as a source of inspiration.

While it doesn’t look surprising given the buildup to the launch that began several years ago, this is the Supra face you’re going to see on the street — hopefully in high numbers. The headlights have a similar shape to those on the study, as does the protruding nose.

However, the lower part of the bumper features a different design with three air intakes instead of two — the one in the center didn’t exist on the concept car. The vents at the outer edges of the headlights have survived, though, but they are less massive than on the FT-1 (see the picture below).

Further back, striking design details include the sculpted bonnet (without the concept’s transparent panel), double-bubble roof, blacked-out A-pillars, and black mirror caps. Like you, we’re very anxious to see the rest of the car, although we don’t expect big surprises compared to the FT-1 Concept given the spy shots and leaked parts diagrams we’ve seen so far.

The car’s official debut will take place at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show about a month from now (January 14 is the first press day).

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Photo credits: CarPix | S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for Carscoops

  • Mike anonymous

    It’s about (damn) time.

    • Belthronding

      its been around 4-5 years already, thats why -not so new- supra needs a proper facelift. lol

      • txsupra11

        Same could be said about the R35. 2001 concept to 2007 production car.

  • samurai

    Headlights seem a bit too tall imho, but otherwise the FT-1 look is still great. Really hope that it will sell well.

    • Mill0048

      Yeah, I think it’s the camera angle though.

  • Elmediterraneo

    5 years of teasing… That’s nearly the lifetime of a generation of a model ! Enough just unveil it once and for all !

    • Mill0048

      Wow, I though you were exaggerating until I checked. It really has been about 5 years. And it was mid 2012 when Toyota announced they were working with BMW on a then upcoming project. I hope they get it right.

    • Maher

      Yup. As much as I liked the design, it looks outdated now after all these years of leaks and teasing this car.

    • Shtekeris

      Yeah, it feels like I have seen it for years and this is the outdated model and they should do a facelift.

    • txsupra11

      Y’all do know 5 years isn’t uncommon. The R35 GT-R took six years to develop from concept to production.

      • Mike anonymous

        Toyota has been mentioning they would build a new one for well over a decade. We have had multiple concepts and teasers over the years. The last concept came in the form of the FT-1, since around then, the vehicle has been in testing/development.

        My point being is that while it took 5 years to develop, they began teasing this vehicle well over a decade to us. It’s only these last few years have we had any idea what it actually was going to (in it’s ‘final form’) look like.

        • txsupra11

          Ok and Honda did the same with the NSX. They actually started in 2004 with the HSC concept, but ok..

          • Mike anonymous

            Well,.. yeah. The NSX isn’t doing as hot as Acura originally hoped. I hope The Supra does not fall to the same fate.

  • Nihar

    An alien has found us…Don’t move.

  • Craig

    I have to admit… I really haven’t been following along. Is this going to be an $80,000 car?

    • Mike anonymous

      Yeah. $75k starting price reportedly.

      • Craig

        Thanks Mike. I was kinda hoping for different answer!! That’s a lot of money. Oh well.. I did promise myself I’d only by used from now on.

      • javier

        it would be cool if it had 425 hp, ie a distinct advantage over porche, but as is nothing screaming at me that i need this car

      • Jason Miller

        The BMW starts at $65k, I doubt this will be higher than that.

        • Mike anonymous

          Last that I knew regarding the vehicle was that it had a starting price of $75k (which I hope will not be the final case).

          To be honest (, not completely, but for the most part) only people who want a “Supra” are likely to buy this Supra. I personally feel as though with the legendary name Supra attached they could feel the need to pump the price up to $75K.
          The BMW is $65K, but maybe the Supra is $75K because it has an extra 10 grand in ‘options’ already added to it,.. just a theory.

          Again, from what I know, it’s $75K, but I am not sure if it will be with that price,.. but we will see, just have to wait for the reveal.

      • …for the 40i model right? In Europe it’ll have the 180hp Turbo 4 from the 320i, that would be a ridiculous price.

      • txsupra11

        No its not, inside info from SupraMKV have said $50k-$60k range depending on trim. Also Toyota’s USA VP said at the LA Auto show that the car will be more affordable than more people think. Go see AutoGuide’s interview during the LA auto show.

      • getoffme

        Source? Stop what you are smoking right now.

        • Mike anonymous

          I said reportedly. Last I heard it would be around $75k. (It does not appear to be a vehicle that is worth $75k in my personal opinion,.. at least based on what I’ve seen so far, but that is what I have heard).

    • txsupra11

      No, its $52k for the 330hp base version and $61k for the 382hp track version. At least in the US anyways.

  • SpongeBob99Swell

    Love it!!! (and let’s hope it’ll also work with the overall design)

  • Knotmyrealname

    Wow, the execution of the front parking sensors is so delicate and discrete………

  • So far i’m liking it! Whatever the price, this thing will sell

    • txsupra11

      $52k for 330hp base, and $61k for 382hp track version.

      • S3XY

        Lol. Not worth it

        • txsupra11

          Maybe for you, but pretty much all the units in Europe have been called for. Different stokes for different folks.

        • Tumbi Mtika

          You only likes Teslas.

          Your opinion means nothing.

  • Kwikcilva

    it is a shame the headlights are that tall, a sleeker one will definitely help it to look more aggressive. Also it is me or the car is not as wide as it should be?

    • txsupra11

      It could just be the angel of the photo. Leak specs has it wider than the older A80 MKIV Supra.

    • Rick Alexander

      I believe the unusual proportions, are a result of the platform sharing between BMW and Toyota. The new Z4 suffers from the same issue. I like the new Z4, but the front and rear overhangs are a bit too long IMO. I think both the new Supra and Z4, should have been designed with the wheels pushed out more to the corners of the car.

  • Ben

    I appreciate how faithful they’ve tried to stay to the concept’s design, but all these teasers are taking the steam off the hype train. I’m sure it will be a decent sports car, but its just not blowing my mind or throwing a wrench in the established lineup.

  • Nick099

    Got some curves to it.
    Looks promising

  • TB

    Yawn….I’m so tired of hearing about this car…frigging launch it already and be done.

  • Dennis Scipio

    I would be excited if they didn’t take so long to reveal it. It took someone else to “reveal” it. Nevertheless, i think it looks attractive.

    • txsupra11

      Same, but to be fair other cars have taken about the same amount of time to develop, if not longer.

  • JohnCarscoop

    The “read more” button is a bug, we’re working on a fix

  • Bash

    Ok, that’s what I call a teaser.

  • bxniels0

    Yeah. I view this site many times a day (probably too many). Normally on my phone. I get a pop-up at the bottom right all the time and I’m getting really tired of it. I don’t like that I’m forced to acknowledge the pop-up to make it go away. It feels kind of heavy handed.
    I don’t mind the expansion on the articles so much. Once I’ve read the article, I’m mostly coming back to read additional comments. Can you jump straight to the comments?

  • ErnieB

    It is by no means an ugly car.. I’d take this over whatever bmw did with their x4, but I think I am not alone in saying that we expected a bit more from this Supra.. something but more substantial and grand; not a small sports car, but an aggressive/mean looking successor to the original.

    • Mike anonymous

      I’m not sure I would agree on it being more ‘aggressive and mean’ (I personally feel as though we have too many vehicles going in that direction style-wise).

      But, you are right though. The Last generation (which is probably the most well known generation) was a Grand Touring vehicle. Long, Wide, and 2+2 are what define this segment now-a-days. (not that there’s anything wrong with small sports cars, but) I wish it was going to be more of a proper GT.

      • txsupra11

        The leak specs has the new Supra only 5 inches shorter than the MKIV. But 1.7 inches wider. The old Supra wasn’t a huge car by any means.

        • ErnieB

          But it’s 2018.. everything is longer and wider.. 5 inches is actually a big difference visually I think..

          • txsupra11

            No it doesn’t. And the new A90 Supra is wider.. Not every thing has to be a freaking boat. Some of us actually prefer sleek looking cars. See the R35 vs R34 side to side comparison. Modern day cars have become bloated.

          • ErnieB

            I think this car’s proportions make it look like a small chubby kid with a funny nose.. if they would have made it 5-7 inches longer then it would have looked like a badass sports car..

          • txsupra11

            According to the people that have seen it in person the proportions look fine. Online photo always distorts an object.

      • ErnieB

        That! A proper GT with a longer wheelbase and slightly wider would have been great! instead they created a celica but called it a Supra..Smh

        • txsupra11

          You do know the old Celica and Supra from the 90s were actually about the same size. A80 Supra: 177.8 in. T200 Celica: 177.0 in for the coupe and 174.2 in for the lift-back.

          • Mike anonymous

            You’ve got to cool off with the Supra defense mode txsupra11.

            The Supra that I am referring to was a grand touring vehicle, this is stated by Toyota themselves.
            The new supra (also as stated by Toyota) is not a grand touring vehicle. (it has only 2 seats) and it’s purpose and intent is different.

            There’s a big difference between a sports-car/sports-coupe, and a full-size grand touring vehicle.

          • txsupra11

            Lol, I never said this was going to be the best thing since sliced bread. All I have been doing is posting facts.

            You do know a GT can also be a 2 seater. “A grand tourer (Italian: gran turismo) (GT) is a performance and luxury automobile capable of high speed and long-distance driving. The most common format is a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive two-door coupé with either a two-seat or a 2+2 arrangement.”

            So because something has back seats its a GT? My USDM FD RX7 is a two seater. But my friend that imported a JDM FD has backseats. I guess that makes his car GT and mines a sports car.

            The A80 Supra came in at 177.8 inches. The new A90 has been leaked at 172.4 inches. A differences of 5.4 inches. That’s really isn’t much of a differences in my book.

            Also if you knew the develop story behind the A80 Supra, then would you understand why Toyota wanted to make a proper sports car with the A90.

          • Mike anonymous

            Yes but Toyota stated (at least the last generation Supra) was intended to be a full Grand Touring vehicle. 2+2 does not make it a ‘GT’, there’s a lot more to it, from how it’s designs, to how it handles on the roads.

            This Supra is clearly not meant to be a grand touring vehicle and rather a full on sports-coupe. (That’s made evident by what Toyota has stated).

            (as I said) There’s a big difference between grand touring vehicle and sports coupe. It’s Toyota’s final decision, so I am ok with that. But I just think a lot of people were expecting a Grand Touring vehicle but are still coming off of the shock we are instead getting (a still good, never said it was bad) sports coupe.

          • txsupra11

            I’m fully aware that the A80 Supra was a “GT”. (One sitting on my driveway for 10 yrs).

            Yes, the A90 is more of a pure sports car. But it still does technically fit the definition of a GT.

            Oh I get that. I know there are a number people that wanted tiny backseats. I can personally say that most A80 owners don’t use them to carry people around with. I also understand some were expecting a 2+2 layout because of the FT-1 concept. All I’m saying is despite being a two seater sports car, it really isn’t super tiny like some are making it out to be.

          • Mike anonymous

            I’m not sure I agree with you on it not being super tiny (as it’s based on the Z4, and those things are quite small if you’ve ever seen one). As for everything, I agree.

          • Mike anonymous

            Also note I never said you attacked anyone, I just think you should take a second to cool off (NOT in the “your angry” way,. but in the ‘slow down and take a second, I think your on fire’ way, haha).

            My point was that Toyotas intention with the last generation vehicle was to build a proper grand touring vehicle. A GT is more than just a 2+2 seating configuration, but it’s the way the car handles, drives, etc,. that make it a ‘GT’.

            Toyotas’ intent with this new Supra is clearly not to follow up on the last one by making a ‘true-GT’. Rather they are making (as you’ve stated, and as I already know, along with what many others know),. a TRUE sports-car/sports-coupe. This is something we’ve officially known about for as long as they announced they would be collaborating with BMW (in regards to the Z4).

            Venturing slightly off…
            Where I think a number of people are upset, is in the fact that Toyota (especially with the FT-1) showed off a grand touring vehicle. Even talking with the designers of the FT-1, they intended it to be a GT. But Toyota clearly had other plans. I personally believe is a lot of shock, as many were expecting a GT, opposed to a sports-coupe.

            (As I have said many times before) THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with building a sports coupe, and I am sure it will be a great sports-coupe. It’s just not what everyone was expecting.

  • Blade t

    Who ever thought Toyota would start selling German cars ..

  • Mr. EP9

    Wow it looks just like the renderings and I’m still not impressed.

    • ksegg

      And it’s gonna cost $80K+ lol……

      • txsupra11

        $52k for 330hp base and $61k for 382hp track.

        • TheBelltower

          If that’s the pricing, it’s not too crazy.

          • txsupra11

            It was posted on SupraMKV, but for some odd reason CS won’t let me post it on here.

          • Mr. EP9

            You’re not allowed to post any links here. It used to be different but that has since changed.

          • ksegg

            That’s the problem with the world. It keeps changing. For the worse.

  • Six_Tymes

    well, ill admit, from that high angle inside the carrier it looks very good. I am impressed. maybe in person it will look as good, I hope.

  • Harry_Wild

    Front end is from previous version of the Camry! Terrible looking!

    • Tumbi Mtika

      You know you’re lying, calm down.

  • Sjaak

    Got the teaser flu. My goodness i really get sick of it. Toyota (and many others companies) sack all your worhtless, nothing new inventing, money slurping marketing departments. They all suffer from creative anemia !!!

  • Maximilian Norlande Rabbitt

    This is why you don’t eat your food before it’s cooked, it ruins everything. Let a little slip that a sports car might appear, don’t just go; *gives the eyes* “Hey~ So you like that Supra?~” and expect people to wait the entire development process. I thought everyone started developing a car before they created hype for it 😛

  • Rani

    I don’t get the hate for a car that no one expected Toyota would be making ever again. Should just be glad another enthusiast option is available even if not going to be the cheapest.

    No one is forcing you to read more about the Supra. If you’re tired of hearing about it don’t click.

    • TheBelltower

      What do you mean “… that no one expected?” Toyota has been talking about this for years. Throw in questionable styling and a premium price tag, and people are going to trash-talk it before it even hits the streets. This thing as a lot to live up to.

    • Rick Alexander

      The biggest complaint I have, is that I wish they would’ve stayed more true to the FT-01 concept in terms of dimensions. I saw the concept at the show, and it was a stunner. Low, wide, and menacing looking. This design doesn’t look bad, it just doesn’t wow me the way the concept does. The proportions look squished somehow. I’ll reserve final judgement until the show reveal. Still, I’m intrigued to see how it handles, sounds, and how it looks in the flesh in comparison to other cars in the same class.

      • Rani

        I agree that the proportions on concept were pretty spot-on. Unfortunately they are concepts at the end of the day but for now production model so far definitely has more than just hints of the concept in its design.

        • txsupra11

          According the the design team at Calty Design Research, the concept car was made 10% larger for stage presents. Tada san also said in one of his interviews that work with BMW actually started before the FT-1. However, after the car was unveiled the styling was such a hit they decided to incorporate some of its styling clues onto the joint sports car with BMW.

      • Mike anonymous

        I absolutely agree. This is something I have been saying since I saw the first spy-shots of this Supra. It’s proportions don’t just seemed squished,. they are squished. (Again, it’s not bad, but) They essentially took the FT-1 connected and wrapped it’s styling around the Z4 from BMW.

        This Supra is a true sports-coupe in every sense of the term. But it (unlike the last generation) is not a GT.
        The FT-1 Concept that was originally shown to us (more true to the intentions of what the last generation Supra was,) was a Grand Touring (GT) vehicle. (hence the proportions).

        The design was originally made to fit a vehicle that was larger and wider than the (if you’ve ever seen one) small Z4 sized car. BUT like you, I will reserve final judgment until it’s full reveal.

    • getoffme


    • Mr. EP9

      People don’t hate the car, they’re tired of hearing about it. Months of spy shots and renders and overexposure to the point people have lost interest. You don’t have to read the articles to see that there was way too much buildup and way too long on dragging out the reveal. People knew Toyota was making this thing. The Z4 was developed alongside, revealed, and had pricing information to boot before the Supra. Toyota literally has no excuse for taking this long when we all know they basically raided BMW’s parts bin.

  • Seats & a steering wheel

    “It’s not the way Toyota would have wanted you to see it”Well if Toyota didn’t do this excruciatingly long rollout and teaser campaign it wouldn’t happen!! The car looks fine, but probably not the most flattering image.

  • Will_95LV


  • MarketAndChurch

    Not bad. But not a 60k car either. They should really price this alongside the Miata and 86, as basically a poor man’s Cayman.

    • ErnieB

      $45k wound have been a good starting point .. $60k is a DOA price for this car.. why would you even buy this over the Porsche Cayman is beyond me.. sure it can compete and might even beat the cayman but it’s still not a Porsche..

      • txsupra11

        I’m guessing you never brought a brand new Porsche before. The pricing on their website is for these strip out models. The “base $57k Cayman” can easily hit $70k with options.

        • ErnieB

          I completely get it.. and I am pretty sure this Supra will be great and look kick-a in person ..

          • txsupra11

            lol, I wouldn’t go that far. I’m just trying to put pricing into perspective.

          • ErnieB

            I think if you buy a lightly used cayman it would be great.. as this will be.. prepare for the mods!!

        • ksegg

          You mean hit $70K with “option”, like a wiper blade. XD

      • S3XY

        And in that price range you could get the latest and greatest: Model 3

        • ErnieB

          That too

        • getoffme

          It has no soul though. I guess that is good for the nerds, not drivers.

        • Tumbi Mtika

          Not a sports car, mate.

          I like driving.

        • no25

          “latest and greatest” LMAO you are the biggest troll. why??? you’re a TESLA FANGIRL – not even a good brand. that’s so sad.

    • txsupra11

      Starting price is $52k.

      • TechLegend

        57k for a BASE with no options. It’ll look super generic. Would you rather take a barebones Cayman that looks like you couldn’t afford options or a fully loaded Supra that will get neck snaps everywhere you drive it?

  • TheBelltower

    CS is unreadable without an adblocker. I disable the adblocker for sites with unobtrusive advertising.

  • Craig

    Thanks for the link txsupra11.

    • txsupra11

      Anytime 🙂

  • no25

    Wow i really like it!! We waited so long for this and the Corvette C8, but at least this looks good unlike the C8. Worth the wait, though? ehhhh idk…

    • txsupra11

      Also supposedly the C8 will be $170k.

    • ErnieB

      Apples and watermelons..

      • no25

        obviously stupid. i was comparing the fact that both models have been teased for so long and we haven’t seen any reveal. never did i say that the two models actually compete. thanks.

    • Bonzomatic

      I still predict that the mid-engine Corvette will be a special limited production line and not the “C8”. I bet they will continue to build the traditional FR version for years to come.

  • S3XY

    All this long awaited time and hype for that? Meh

    • no25

      better than the long and awaited hideous Model 3.

  • Stigasawuswrecks

    As a person who’s not a fan of Japanese cars I can say so far I’m a fan of this. It looks clean and aggressive I can’t wait to see the numbers it puts out.

    • Ken Lyns

      Because it’s a BMW made by Magna in Austria…

  • getoffme

    Will be priced around the regular M2. There is your hint.

    • Tumbi Mtika


      Competitive price range.

    • Mr. EP9

      Just get an M2 instead.

  • Ramin Shafai

    I don’t get it, … does Toyota really think it’s 1994?

    • no25

      that legit makes not sense.

      • Anton Yuri Calderon

        Dude, what does that even mean, dude!

    • Carlos Gamarra

      … what

  • Tumbi Mtika

    It’s alright. But Toyota, why have you taken so long?

    • Honda NSX-R

      I got somewhat of a theory for some Japanese automakers bringing back sports cars from the dead:
      – A Japanese automaker X makes the “Y” sports car
      – Due to low sales, X decides to axe the Y from production
      – Automotive enthusiasts mourn the loss of the Y
      – In the next few years, X makes concepts that “could” hint towards a future Y
      – After several years, X presents ANOTHER concept that will be the most similar to the new Y
      – X announces that they’re bringing back the Y, or at least suggests the return of Y
      – Spy shots of the new Y on the Nurburgring are uploaded on the Internet for the next 2-3 years
      – Meanwhile, X releases teasers and/or brings Y prototypes to events so that they can hype people up
      – Public begins to lose interest in Y since they’ve been waiting for a new Y for so long
      – The new Y finally debuts in production form, after a large amount of individuals that would be interested in the new Y have lost interest due to waiting

      • Tumbi Mtika

        Nail. Head.

        • Honda NSX-R

          I think the Japanese release multiple concepts of spiritual successors of their old sports cars so that they can gauge public interest. They present these concepts to make sure the public REALLY wants a new NSX, Supra, etc.; this just crossed my mind. It’s like they want to make these sports cars, but they want to take time in making sure the public actually wants these cars in the market. Along with that, they’ve always wanted to be “financially comfortable” to release these cars. So they’ve been frugal automakers as well.

          • Nordschleife

            This is a theory. Your first comment didn’t easily suggest this. You just recanted what actually happened but with that being said I agree with your actual theory.

          • Honda NSX-R

            I agree with what you have said as well. I don’t think the word theory is the right way to describe my first comment now that I read it

  • An Existing Person

    We’ve seen so many teasers and renders, it’s about time for a facelift already. It’s not a terrible design, it just looks tired and like something we’ve been seeing for 5 years.

  • Alx

    That nose is most unnecessary.

  • exeptor

    Despite all the bulls*its from Toyota I still like the idea of a new Supra and oddly but I like the look of this one. Will it became a legend as the old one? I doubt so, but only time will show – if the handling is great, if it can be tuned as the old one, if the prices are OK, if it receive a lot of coverage in movies, games and media … maybe it will get close. I still hope it will turn great for this car especially in these dark times ruled by SUVs.

  • serge charles

    You people will complain about everything. A lightweight turbo inline 6 sports car with a DCT rear wheel drive and 335 horsepower to the WHEELS, that could be TUNED to 450 to the wheels (look at any stock bmw dyno result) and you complain? Are you kidding me? Do you see how many crossovers are on the road? I would have been happy if they brought back the celica. This car is one that everyone will complain about but in 20 years be heralded as the last of a dying breed.

    • Kagan

      Who said to the wheels!

      • serge charles

        BMW under rates their engines. A 300hp 435 dynos at 296 to the wheels stock. I’m very excited for this car.

        • donald seymour

          You know BMW just recently in the last 4 years started to underrate their power.

  • Fabián Montiel

    It looks too narrow. I lost all the hype on this car since they started NSXing the reveal.

  • Kagan

    Well the picture has set the standard, we can’t expect worse now can we!

  • Carlos Gamarra

    y’all find anything to complain about, lighten up will you

  • gbmike25


  • ksegg

    I think it’s more appropriate to call this the Toyota Stubs.

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