New Toyota Supra Goes Racing Giving Us Another Look Inside And Out

The all-new Toyota Supra has yet to premiere in street-legal (production) form, but the sports car made its racing debut over the weekend, competing at the Nurburgring in the VLN championship’s SP8T class.

According to our man behind the camera, the Japanese marque took one of its Supra prototypes and rebuilt it into the race car you see pictured. Toyota boss Akio Toyoda even had the opportunity to drive the car at Germany’s most famous racetrack. Toyota was also happy for photographers to take a close look at the vehicle’s interior which shares numerous components with the production vehicle.

As pictures from earlier this month of the same race car revealed, the A90 Supra has been equipped with a fully-digital instrument cluster. Elsewhere, we can see a large infotainment screen protruding out of the dashboard, a selection of carbon fiber trimmings throughout the center console and sleek-looking air vents.

The shifter that looks very similar to what BMW uses on some of its auto-equipped models. Changes made over the road car include a full roll cage and a racing bucket seat.

All in all, the interior looks as premium as you would expect from a sporty Toyota and is certainly much plusher than the cheaper 86.

Beyond the interior, Toyota made modifications to the vehicle’s brakes to prepare it for the rigors of the Nurburgring. Our photographers were also able to take a close look at the BMW-sourced inline-six cylinder engine powering the sports car.

The race car made do without all the plastic covers and shrouds which the road car will adopt but it does look like quite a tight fit for the engine. Fortunately for Toyota enthusiasts, the company has already confirmed the engine bay is large enough to fit its iconic 2JZ engine, should any owners be up for the engine swap.

Toyota’s racing plans for the new Supra remain unclear but sources suggest that if the car does see regular racing duty, it will likely do so in GT4 specification.

As for the road car, it will premiere at January’s Detroit Auto Show.

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Photo credits: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for CarScoops

  • jez zza

    there it goes again … the camo supra is back for the 245th time !!!

    • donald seymour

      Somebody please up-vote this man a thousand times.

    • Matthew Boyd


    • Bo Hanan

      Yeah, but notice they’ve started showing more pictures of the car with Japanese engineers in an effort to further separate it from the Z4 (German) connection.
      It’s clear the car has been finished- but the P.R. bull is just taking off.

    • Mike anonymous

      How many times are we going to be “teased”?…. now hear me out… what if… just what if,… this isn’t actually the Supra.

      What if what Toyota shows us at the auto show reveal is actually a completely different vehicle, and that THIS is just the racing variant (or something of the sort). Would the world be pissed,.. Yes. But I’d be much more happy than I would be upset.

    • haji

      Since when did Japanese engineers become such a slow worker??

  • Mr. EP9

    Detroit Auto Show can’t get here fast enough so we can see it without the camo. Damn, does Toyota drag their feet.

    • Dude

      At this point I’m more excited about the new Mazda 3 than this thing

    • Nordschleife

      I literally said the same thing.

  • Meskley

    I was freaking out because i hadn’t seen an article abut the Supra in the last 24 h

    • Matthew Boyd


    • Mike anonymous

      24 hours,.. lucky you. The article took 4 days to show up for me. (lol)

  • roy

    Is the interior being……. Never mind. I’m done with this car.

  • R55

    Literally don’t care anymore. What about the NEXT supra..

    • Mr. EP9

      2058 for the facelift.

      • ksegg

        2058 is just the announcement for the facelift.

        • Tumbi Mtika

          I can hardly contain myself for that moment.

          I can only dream.

    • Matthew Boyd

      Ha! You went there 😂. Super excited for the next gen to start it’s tease like next week.

      • SpongeBob99Swell

        *Supra excited., ya mean… lol

  • Matt

    I’m not a Toyota fan but I see this drawn-out development being only good for the finished car, Toyota obviously wants this to be perfect and with no issues. Kind of like how the LFA was in development for 10 years.

    As opposed to getting it to market and the first customers dealing with teething problems. Anyway that’s the positive spin on this – the cynic in me also says most of this ‘final development’ is just a marketing stunt and production spec has already been signed-off.

  • Mr_Fanta_Pants

    *yawn* this car is beyond boring now

  • ErnieB

    Cute little car.. but there is no Supra in this to warrant the name. DOA..Far too much competition for this little guy..

  • Vangelis Goulis

    Not that anyone cares…but just for the sake of it….show us the damn car.It is already clear that it is ugly.

  • SpongeBob99Swell

    How about we all shut up about the Supra until the teasers and NAIAS reveal shows up. Deal?

  • ksegg

    Lol, this car. This thing really is going to be DOA.

  • Matthew Boyd

    Yawn 🙄…Man i think we’re all tired of this car about now. Reminds me of the NSX successor when it was teased for years. I’ve come to the realization that the writers are just trolling us now.

  • javier

    gross, i would way rather have a corvette in a low key trim in a dark color gold chains and all

  • ThatGuy

    Overplayed Launch, by the time it actually comes out no one will care

  • Vassilis

    The interior may not be special in terms of design but it does look well-built.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Gotta say, for one reason or another, the Supra is looking pretty good in these pictures.

  • Philip George

    Every single thing in that interior is BMW. It could be that BMW even made the Toyota badges as well.

  • Ahmed Imad

    there is a big orange cable on the left is it a hybrid.

  • While yes we got another Supra news, which most people would be sick of.

    There is an interesting analysis here. SP8 is open for any modified road car with over 2 litre capacity, so we can’t really say this car is made with GT4 specification or GT3.

    But I really believe Supra won’t come to GTE, because Toyota will join the new Hypercar class and that they need extensive modification to make the car competitive.

  • haji

    omg they are STILL teasing this car?

  • Knotmyrealname

    I’m so tired of this car already.

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