Polestar 2 Will Be The First Volvo With Android Infotainment System

The Polestar 2 will be the first vehicle from the Volvo family to use the Android operating system for its infotainment system.

Volvo recently confirmed that it would introduce Android to its vehicles but failed to specify which would be the first. Automotive News has since confirmed that the Tesla Model 3-rivaling Polestar 2 will be this model.

According to Volvo research and development boss Henrik Green, embedding Google Assistant, Google Play Store, Google Maps and other Google services into its future Sensus infotainment system is only logical.

“I am amazed that the reluctance (to let Google into the dashboard) was there because it seems so obvious now. Why would you ever pick that fight and invest the same amount of money? It would be an endless struggle to make it as good (as Google’s system).

“We want to give our consumers a fantastic experience where their cars are as seamlessly integrated as any other device. After coming to that conclusion, it was super easy to jump on board with the Android embedded program,” Green recently said.

Early reports claim that the Polestar 2 will be inspired by the high-riding four-door 40.2 Concept sedan unveiled in 2017. In entry-level guise, it should offer up to 350 miles (563 km) of range and deliver upwards of 400 hp, which will enable it to rival the Tesla Model 3 Performance.

Polestar won’t rest after launching the 2. In fact, it will follow it up with a larger all-electric SUV dubbed the Polestar 3. As for the infotainment, eventually all Volvo and Polestar models will use Android software.

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    aftermarket android car entertainment has been around since 2 years but it takes time until 2020 for the OEM one

    • brn

      Aftermarket units don’t have the same warranty, extended warranty, safety, and recall responsibilities that an OEM does. They just crank something out and cross their fingers.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    They should allow people to decide whether they want to have that crap on their cars or not and offer alternatives. I am not fond of either iOS nor Android. Just have to use them due to lack of choice. Having that on a TV at home or on a car would be an off-putting experience.

    • brn

      Our new Escape has the minimalist system. It’s quite nice.

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