Police Can’t Stop Play As Snow Drifters Go Sideways Right In Front Of Them

Most drivers don’t look forward to the onset of winter as the cold season is generally a hassle for motorists.

Driving off in winter takes a lot longer than in summer if you park the car outside, it takes more time to reach a destination, and the risk of an accident due to poor road conditions are higher. And let’s not even bring up the winter-related costs of keeping a car on the road.

Despite all that, there’s one aspect of winter all drivers love: snow drifting. Essentially, winter democratizes drifting, making it available for anyone with a car. It also makes drifting less dangerous, given that people can slide their cars at much lower speeds than in the summer.

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Obviously, that doesn’t mean this activity should be performed on public roads, but sometimes the temptation is too big to resist.

Take a group of Russian drivers in the city of Ufa, for example. A big square has become a favorite spot for drifting enthusiasts to practice or show off their skills. The trouble is the local police doesn’t approve and officers constantly raid the square to ticket offenders.

In this video taken by a surveillance camera, we see a gathering of more than 30 cars having a drift contest in the square. Their sliding got interrupted by traffic police officers, who stopped two drivers to check their papers.

In protest, the other drivers started a group drift session right in front of the police. More than a dozen cars can be seen driving in a circle, as more police units started arriving at the scene. Eventually, the police managed to put an end to the show by calling a snow removal truck which started covering the “playground” with a sand-salt mixture.

H/T to Mikhail!

  • brn

    That qualifies as drifting?

    • Bash

      Exactly right? I was thinking more like a sliding.

  • chuck2


  • Bash

    Bad boys Bad Boys, what you gonna do, what you gonna do when they come for you.. now i can’t get it out of my head.

    • Christian

      DUDE….” you spin my head right round”

      Then you can decide if Flor Rida, DOPE or dead or alive is the best version…

  • salamOOn

    just call the army to bring some tanks….

  • Scherpereel Clement

    that’s why you can’t have nice things !

  • ChrisInIL

    Every one of these drifters is a moron.

  • Paul

    We’re having fun now.

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