Russian Drivers Should Star In The Next Rocky Movie

This latest incident between two drivers in Russia led to one very intense fist fight where both men got a couple good hits in before the end.

The last time we saw people fighting over a traffic incident was when a sedan ran into a Renault Kangoo, prompting those inside to immediately attack the culpable driver, giving way to a genuine street fight.

This time around, it’s more of a road range-induced boxing match, where one of the men simply stops his car blocking traffic, gets out and walks over to meet the other driver face to face. One of them swings and connects, and that’s when the fight really begins.

If you go back to see what happened before the first driver stopped and got out, you’ll notice the two drivers taunting each other in traffic (which happens way too often in just about every part of the world) and even coming close to making contact at one point.

We will state that regardless of how angry you are when behind the wheel, fighting is never the solution. Having said that, these guys went at it like a couple of wannabe professionals, and at one point one of them even looks like he’s smiling and having fun.

He either got hit a little too hard or maybe he’s genuinely enjoying the “exercise”. Still wrong though.


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