Bird Box Challenge Ends With Blindfolded Teen Crashing Into Another Car

Driving while blindfolded is such an extremely dangerous idea that Netflix themselves had to tweet out a warning recently, pleading their followers to not attempt the so-called Bird Box Challenge.

While there weren’t any reported incidents as of last week when the challenge first went viral, a 17-year old girl in Layton, Utah changed all that, crashing her car into another vehicle while wearing a blindfold. Fortunately, nobody was injured, aside from the grey pickup and the white Honda HR-V.

Even though most of these challenges posted on social media haven’t been too dangerous, some do carry a lot more risk than others. CBS News correspondent Jamie Yuccas reported that, so far, one woman nearly burned herself on a heater, a boy crashed into furniture multiple times on his tricycle, and a blindfolded toddler slammed into a wall.

This incident however was clearly much more dangerous. To make matters worse, according to Lt. Travis Lyman of the Layton Police Department, the 17-year old female driver wasn’t alone in the car at the time of the accident, as she was accompanied by another teen.

Layton PD sent out the following tweet after the crash, together with images of the cars: “Bird Box Challenge while driving… predictable result. This happened on Monday as a result of the driver covering her eyes while driving on Layton Parkway. Luckily no injuries.”

On that same note, we’d just like to reiterate that such stupid behavior while behind the wheel of a car means you’re putting yourself and others in immediate peril, and it’s possible that you’ll hurt yourself or someone else. Also, that’s not even how things were done in the movie. During Bird Box’s food and supply run scene, the characters sprayed the windows on the car black and used GPS and parking sensors to slowly navigate the streets. Plus, the driver was not blindfolded.

But this is a movie, for crying out loud! Attempting such a stunt in real life comes with very real consequences and shouldn’t even cross your mind. It’s common sense – or else you shouldn’t have a driving license.

  • Christian

    Machine Gun Kelly such an idiot…

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    How in f*ck’s name did someone so blatantly imbecilic pass their driving test?

  • charlotteharry57

    If Mommy and Daddy replace her damaged car with a new one, then THEY’RE the idiots.

  • Bo Hanan

    Did the teen die?… No?! “Then it’s not really news then is it.” Thanks.

  • salamOOn

    OMFG…. as a parent of this dumbhead i would be really disappointed and embarrassed.

    luckily she didnt kill anybody.

  • Six_Tymes

    whats next, eating tide pod laundry detergent? or thousands marching in Washington dc in 2014 to protest Ben Affleck playing Batman. Oh, wait this idiot generation did both of those already.

    • salamOOn

      “thousands marching in Washington dc in 2014 to protest Ben Affleck playing Batman”

      omg this really happened? 😀

    • drano66

      A Kickstarter for a Robocop statue in Detroit… Nevermind, already in progress!

  • kDawg

    Can’t stop stupid doing stupid things. But who else is going to keep the smart ones entertained?

  • Mr_Fanta_Pants

    I weep for humanity.

    • BlackPegasus

      I do too.. so much so that I pray for a comet the size of Texas to head straight for the Earth to perform a reset on humanity.

  • Dick

    Her license needs to revoked until she’s 21.

  • Marty

    Wait… you’re so angry at stupid idiots who want to get themselves killed that you want to get yourself killed? That’s so stupid it makes me want to get myself killed.

  • Paul

    Must be brain damage or complete lack of any common sense whatsoever to be pulling a stunt this stupid and dangerous.

  • Jay

    Seriously? Wow and this is another great reason to raise the age to 21. Granted there will still be stupid people but not as much.

  • Bash

    See, this is plain crazy.

  • Axel Cortez

    hope she goes to jail

    • Benjamin B.

      She’s 17. Her parents should be charged with child endangerment.

  • Ary Wisesa

    The government should make a campaign of how to rethink the concept of “coolness” among teens. This kind of accident has deep root in the problem of the teenagers self-concept, self-esteem and honour. They should be taught that coolness is not, I repeat, is not equal with stupidity and ignorance. On the contrary, being smart, compassionate, and heartful is the new kind of coolness and greatness. So many teenagers nowadays suffer from unhealthy (and sometimes dangerous) kind of peer pressure. They associate coolness with how many likes they get from the socmed. So they would chase those likes at whatever cost, even if it could put others in danger. They dont really care about serious consequence of doing stupid stunts to themselves and others, as long as it makes them famous and looks “cool”.

    Meanwhile, somewhere in fast developing countries like China and India, many teenagers pursue more challenging (but probably equally more rewarding) topics like big data analytics and founding new internet startups. They will be the new world leaders in the future, while those stupid “like-seekers” will end up as losers. Just think about it.

    • Benjamin B.

      China also has a social scoring system that prevents many from being able to leave their neighborhoods if they have a low score.

    • Benjamin B.

      I do think this new generation, Generation Z, needs a lot of help. I never ate laundry detergent in the 1990s and 2000s. Never even thought about it. I don’t think the government can help. I don’t think it should. Parents are responsible.

  • Can I just ask something: Where does that challenge come from, and who started it? 😑

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