Young Honda Driver Showing Off To Friends Crashes New Civic

If there was ever a blueprint for how to act like an irresponsible and inexperienced driver, while putting other people’s lives at risk, then it would probably look a little something like this.

The driver of the pictured Honda Civic was clearly showing off for his friends, all of which looked like teenagers. Not only was he speeding on a dangerous road at night, but he also illegally overtook another vehicle despite the double lines, and then failed to realize there was a turn coming.

Once confronted with this reality, the driver simply climbed on the brakes and rode them directly into that embankment by the side of the road. Upon impact, the car shot upwards and then came crashing back down, rolling over onto its roof before settling on all four tires again.

As passengers started to emerge from the wreck, it was clear that they weren’t exactly unscathed, with some of them clutching their sides in pain, while one individual had to be helped up and carried to the side of the road.

Thankfully, the car they had just overtaken (an older FG1 Civic – according to the description of the video), pulled over behind them, its occupants more than willing to lend a hand and check to see if everybody was OK. We imagine that authorities were called soon after and that an ambulance arrived at the scene.

While we wish everyone a speedy recovery, we’re also hopeful that the driver responsible for showing off will be reprimanded in a way that will hopefully lead to a change of mentality.


  • no25

    you get what you deserve…especially when you try to show off in a civic.

    • andyoo

      nothin to do a civic. it can be any car.
      you don’t over take on a dark road with turns.
      they didn’t even slow after the pass and should not have use brake to lock up the wheels and brake was apply too late.
      the new civic with good structure probably saved their life because roof didn’t collapse.

      • Galaxium

        My first thought as well. Modern car architecture saved their lives, or at least from severe physical injuries.

    • paulgdeaton

      Just wait till Mumsey and Daddykins see the video… “but Johnny, you told us someone cut you off and it wasn’t your fault…”

  • Adilos Nave

    Have to wonder what insurance companies will do when they find clear video evidence of illegal driving as cause of crash. Will they deny claim?

    • LJ

      Their monthly premium with skyrocket, that’s for sure.

  • Jay

    Raise the driving age. No reason should kids be able to drive. Drinking, Driving, and Smoking should all start at the same age.

    • TheBelltower

      Totally disagree. The sooner that a kid learns about the physics of speed and how sudden deceleration will toss you around like a rag doll, the better. I was driving in parking lots at age thirteen and was completely comfortable driving by fifteen.

      • They can do that in gocarts on a track, not on the road.

        • TheBelltower


      • Jay

        Then there should be a compromise and let them have a permit at a younger age. But still cannot drive without a licensed person until their of age. You can kill you self and a lot more people behind the wheel thank you can by drinking and smoking. Why is it reversed.

  • Christian

    White Privlige F U cKS

    • PhilMcGraw

      Yes, it’s not because they’re young people thinking they know better. No. This is definitely a race issue. I mean if they had only thought about their white privilege, they wouldn’t have ended up in this situation. Thank you for opening all of our eyes to this astrocity.

      • Loquacious Borborygmus


      • Christian

        I bet you laugh at NPC memes too?

    • LJ

      Troll Level: Amateur

      • Christian

        I¨ll step my game up next time 🙂

  • LJ

    That’s embarrassing.

  • Mr. EP9


  • cooper

    LOL, civics suck.

  • Craig

    I for one [?] can’t point my finger and wave it TOO frantically. [Lest I be a hypocrite] I did a few silly things when I was with my friends. I took a few risks that I never did again. Just luck that I never ended up damaging the car. [Or anything else] And all before anyone cared to wear seat-belts!

    • Knotmyrealname

      I don’t know how old you are (and I don’t need to) but in my teens there was no internet to reference or use to see the multiple failings of others. You had sound advice from people you knew or stories you read and heard, but nothing like the amount of information available today that clearly illustrates the outcomes of driving like a tool (sober or otherwise).
      But do these laughable acts abate or lessen? No, alas, the modern teen, with all the information, warnings, advice and even driving aids like ABS, stability control etc., still manages to pull off acts like this. What an embarrassment to the human race. How does this show that we are advancing?

      • Craig

        I agree with you. We’re not. And I think that’s a direct result of a society that is becoming increasingly dependent on technology. To survive you HAD to be a better driver with no ABS and not seat belts and no stability control and so on.


    Accords and civics are mainly the cars that teenagers drive especially in colleges.

  • i think this is the current gen Civic as only present civic has this Lobster Claw Taillights look.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    5 people in the car, that speed at night with sudden changes of directions. What could go wrong…

  • Paul

    In the dark of night and a winding road at that kind of pace, what an idiot. Guess he’ll have some ‘splaining to do. I enjoyed the video having sound too, that made it all the more sensational.

  • DMJ

    I now that is not my culture, but I still don´t understand how a US kid can drive any car at 16, at 18 he can drive with a gun on his car, but he has to wait till 21 to drink a damn beer and smoke a cigarette.

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