Cars Collide In Traffic But Their Drivers Just Go On With Their Business

If you crash into someone, or if someone crashes into you, the usual course of action is to exchange personal and insurance details to sort out any repairs. For some reason, this didn’t happen in the following case.

We stumbled upon this video on YouTube and found the whole thing confusing. Here’s what happens.

During bumper-to-bumper traffic on a highway in the United States, a beige minivan in the left lane starts to slowly merge into the right lane without the use of the turn signal. The minivan driver doesn’t decide to abort until they run into the rear quarter of a Honda Accord travelling in the right lane.

The impact occurrs at no more than walking pace and any damage suffered to either of the cars must have been minor. However, it is entirely possible that some paint was exchanged in the crash and the cars could require some serious buffing to be repaired.

Despite this, neither the minivan or Honda driver appear fussed by the impact and they continue to drive down the highway as if nothing had happened!

Perhaps one possible explanation for their nonchalance to the whole thing is that low-speed impacts during traffic are nothing new to the drivers and they were confident that no damage had been done.

Whatever the case may be, if we were driving the Accord, we definitely wouldn’t have let someone get off so easy after crashing into our car. Still, good to see a nice break from the usual road rage incidents that seem to have become the norm in most situations.


  • Six_Tymes

    van driver, is the ultra D-BAG

  • pcurve

    At best, liability only for both drivers. Worst, uninsured.

  • Jake

    Possibly family members or known to each other?

    • alexxx

      Thinking the same

  • ace_9

    The situation has a simple explanation really: both drivers are women. They don’t have a clue about car maneuverability in 3D space, especially in low speeds (that explains the collision) and for them the car is always fine until it is not driveable (that explains why they didn’t stop).

    • rodriguez256

      I’m not sure why they have to be women, that’s an assumption. Could both be males or male and female. Bad drivers are bad drivers.

  • D3X

    Both are nearly 20 year old cars. 1998-2003 Honda Accord, 1996-2002 Toyota Sienna. Looks like they only scratched each other and barely a dent. I think it’s mutual that they don’t think fixing is worth it for both these cars.

  • nastinupe

    Probably both foreign drivers with cars that are paid for.


    I’ve had a coupla’ similar scenarios in parking lots. Fortunately we both did the calculus on age / condition of vehicles and annoyance of repairs & car rental.

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