Netflix Wants You To Watch Bird Box, But NEVER Drive Blindfolded

If you’re not familiar with Netflix’s Bird Box, then you’re probably not that into the horror/thriller genre. The Sandra Bullock-led flick recently became the streaming service’s most watched movie in the first seven days of its release.

Apparently, upwards of 45 million accounts have gone in on the post-apocalyptic action, not including the number of total streams or individual viewers, as reported by Hypebeast. Still, while those are impressive numbers and the movie was pretty good, it seems some people are taking things a little too seriously.

Spoiler Alert!

If you haven’t watched Bird Box and don’t want any spoilers, it’s best you turn away right now, go watch it and come back to see what this so-called Bird Box challenge is about and why it’s so dangerous.

Done that? Good. So here’s the issue: it seems people have begun blindfolding themselves in order to see if they can go out in public and perform day-to-day tasks, some of which include driving a car in traffic. Yep, this is no joke.

The reason why this was part of the action in the movie is that as soon as someone went outside without something over their eyes, they would presumably see their worst fear and immediately commit suicide – unless they were already mentally unstable, in which case they would embrace the madness.

Here are a few examples of how far people have gone in order to replicate the conditions of the movie, courtesy of @JMaLicous4U and Morgan Adams’ YouTube Channel.

As you can imagine, Netflix wanted no part of such irresponsible behavior and came out with this official tweet for their followers:

So far there haven’t been any reported accidents, but if this challenge persists, we wouldn’t be surprised to see people get seriously injured (or worse), especially if they continue to goof around like this in traffic.


  • Christian


    • Belthronding

      it’s about a an average movie where some people drive a car blindfolded ,
      because if they look… man you just dont wanna know…
      (i mean you really wouldn’t want to know that movie)

      • Christian

        I can’t…I’m blindfolded…

        • Belthronding

          sandra bullock,i s that you?

          • Christian

            No… Machine Gun Kelly! Rap Devil

  • kachuks

    If you see someone walking around like this, punch them in the nose.

    • David Kale

      You got it! I’m happy to help!

  • Peter Vancouver

    Thousands of Americans are walking off the cliff and falling down elevator shafts daily.

    • Christian

      dumb country…


  • scjeff

    If you need to do this challenge please take it to a road in the forest late at night, get the car up to a high speed and then put the blindfold on. The future gene pool will be grateful.

    • ErnieB


  • Six_Tymes

    wow, so many people really are idiots. whats next, teens eating tide pods? oh wait… they did that already.

  • ErnieB

    We live in extremely idiotic times .. especially the US. We even have an idiot for president .. he should be blind folded and made to do this challenge in Syria!

    • Research Janitor

      The TDS is strong in mouth breather.



  • salamOOn

    good way to spot an idiot. i would recommend a new challenge for them: “do not breathe for 30 minutes challenge”

  • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

    Gone viral? Only with dumbass Americans.

  • Pissed Canuck

    Only bird brains drive blindfolded.

  • rodriguez256

    It was actually a good movie, so just dumb people doing dumb things.

  • Bash

    Herd effect or something. It requires on one idiot action to attract thousands of their people; regardless of their mental state to attempt to do the same act. I find this sad.

  • Fabián Montiel

    This is just the start of the stupidness in 2019, how far will people go? Are they really that retarded?

  • supermanuel

    The level of utter stupidity is so depressing.

  • The-Fez

    This is a “challenge”? How is being an utter idiot a “challenge”?

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