South African Woman Wrecks BMW i8, Neighbor’s House In One Move

When you drive a sports car like the BMW i8 on a daily basis, having a heavy right foot is understandable from time to time.

However, one South African driver found the worst possible moment to stab the throttle of the plug-in hybrid sports car: when backing out of a driveway. As with almost everything that moves nowadays, the moment was captured by a camera, ensuring the woman driver a top spot in the world of internet memes.

The footage shows the white BMW i8 starting to reverse and then quickly picking up speed as it crosses the street, smashing into the neighbor’s house as if that was the plan all along.

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Hitting the building clearly required some commitment from the driver, as she first had to drive the BMW over a pot plant and into a light pole. They were no matches for the reversing i8 which only came to a halt after crashing into the house.

It took the woman about thirty seconds to exit the car after the impact but that wasn’t because of any injuries. It probably had more to do with the shock and embarrassment of having wrinkled a perfectly fine (and very expensive) BMW i8 than with suffering any physical pain.

Given the vehicle’s lightweight construction that combines carbon fiber for the passenger cell, aluminum for the chassis, and high-strength steel for the bodywork, chances are the repair bill will be hard to swallow. We wished there was a moral to this story but sometimes life is so stupid there’s nothing we can learn from it.


  • Da Only Skid

    Good thing it wasn’t California….bwahahahaha

  • TheAmerican

    At least it was an i8, not something actually fast or nice

  • LJ
  • Mr. EP9

    Oh, god, that thumbnail is already annoying me for some reason. Also, nice job for the i8 driver. That takes some skill.


  • Shobin Drogan

    “If you don’t go for a gap that exists, you no longer a racing driver”

    • alex.remsen

      I ‘lol’ed real hard at that joke

  • Eagle By Singer

    Can we just admire the thumbnail…

  • wait a minute

    honey i traded our i8 for the more compact i3

  • Paul

    Smooth move there sister. Then she gets a hug. Poor thing anyway.

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