Toyota Supra Chief Engineer Says It Can Lap The Nurburgring In 7:40

Toyota says that the new Supra is not only a genuinely exciting car to drive, but also one that can lap a track like the Nurburgring pretty fast as well.

Speaking to Road & Track, the new Supra’s chief engineer Tetsuya Tada said that although they haven’t done a proper flying lap on the German track, their new sports car is more than capable of posting a 7min 40sec lap – with one caveat.

“We haven’t had an official time attack yet,” Tada said. As is, the new Toyota Supra would likely hit its 155mph top speed limiter on Nurburgring’s long straight, he then explained, stealing valuable seconds off its lap time. “One day, perhaps, we cut the speed limiter and try the time attack,” he said. “But even just driving it as it is, it’s really fast. On the old course, it’s very easy to break eights—7:50, 7:40. It will do that easily.”

Tada says the new Supra is lighter and more rigid than its sister car, the BMW Z4. Both use the same 3.0-liter straight-six engine and eight-speed automatic transmission, but the BMW is the most powerful of the two, with 382hp and 369lb-ft over the Supra’s 335hp and 365lb-ft.

BMW also hasn’t released an official Nurburgring lap time for the Z4; however the German Sport Auto lapped a pre-production Z4 M40i around the legendary track in 7:55, giving us an indication of its performance.

If Toyota manages to shave five or ten seconds off that time with a de-restricted Supra, then it would really make headlines and further enhance its credentials in the sports car scene.

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  • Jessi Miley-Diabetes

    Hope it goes that fast so people don’t have to see it.

    • ErnieB


  • Kagan

    Why have speedlimit at all, nobody forces you!

    • brn


    • Patrick Bong

      Speed rating on tires I’m thinking

  • nastinupe

    I hate this car.

  • WeltyRoundel

    Who cares, someone might see you driving it, don’t you have your reputation to maintain?!

    • Astonman


  • ErnieB

    The hate is real for this one

  • LJ

    “If they remove the speed limiter”.

    So it can’t.

    • guest

      electronic speed limiters are very easy to adjust… if that’s what you wanted to do… just saying…

  • (⌐■_■)

    Civic Type R did 7:43.8…. meh

    • DMax

      Wasn’t that a fully prepped car for that run? Anyway for reference a BMW M2 did it in 7:52. I know which one I’d take.

      • brn

        and they’re not prepping the Supra?

      • (⌐■_■)

        everyone prep their car for the ring to a certain extend & my point being you can “prep” a sub $40k 4 door car and get sub 7:50 time. Toyota Supra doesn’t really bring anything to the table as a 2 door 2 seat sports car that isn’t styled any better than the Civic type R.

        But Supra was known to be a great tuner car that can hit 700+ hp easily… we will see how that goes.

  • Jack Frost

    the third photo in the slide is not flattering at all

    • brn

      Agreed. None of the external photos are flattering.

  • Blade t

    I’m sure there have been plenty of z4’s on the ring lol..

  • DMax

    This car is getting more hate than even the refreshed Camaro lmao. Idk man, so what if it’s a BMW? Like that’s a bad thing, BMW still makes some of the best sports cars out there. Toyota of today couldn’t make a proper sports car by themselves even if they tried. If it does come in a manual eventually, it will be on my radar for a purchase. And I must be the only one who loves the way it looks, especially the rear 3/4 view.

    • getoffme

      They hate us coz they ain’t us.

    • Rani

      I think people just hate that its not 100% Toyota, but honestly the fact that there’s another new sports car on the market makes me happy enough. Also this will be the sportiest Supra ever so I’m expecting great things.

    • baofe

      The issue for me is that they called it a Supra. That nameplate is held to a higher standard so expectations are going to be high. Then Toyota goes and rebadges a BMW (literally even the seat controls are ripped from BMW ffs) and refuses to offer a manual at launch. Nothing is wrong with BMW but if I wanted one, I’d go buy a BMW. If I wanted a Supra, it da*m well should have a proper Toyota engine and a stick offering before it can even be considered a successor to the A80.

    • guest

      I love both BMW and Toyota. I don’t mind that it’s got BMW guts although I wish there was more Toyota at least in terms of interior and exterior. I’m thinking from a logistical perspective too.

      For example, the AC on my BMW 328i (E90) is pathetic. During the summer time, it takes forever and a day to get semi-cold air with the vents on full blast so you can’t even have a conversation. Meanwhile, my Toyota Highlander gets icy cold (to the point of feeling like frostbite if directly over the fingers) very quickly and quietly and not requiring going full blast.

      And BMW parts and maintenance is hella expensive. Will they be cheaper if bought through Toyota?

      Things that we take for granted with Toyota are suddenly in question. Like the window regulator on the BMW is infamously known to be unreliable and require regular replacement even if you rarely open your windows. I’ve had both the driver and passenger side window regulators break and refuse to raise up even though I raise and lower my windows like 5 times a month. Then again, I would love to take my 328i to a Toyota place if it’s cheaper than BMW. BMW charged over $700 to get a new BMW specialized gas cap because the previous one was wearing out. $700… for a gas cap…

    • john1168

      NOTHING got more hate than the refreshed Camaro 🙂 LOL Especially since the pre-refresh looked so freakin’ good. Maybe the Aztec was second.

  • Patrick Bong

    I would like to see 30 or 40 more Supra articles please. Seems the Supra is getting virtually no press.

    • Astonman


  • Trackhacker

    Cool….no one cares about this failure Toyota.

  • Infinite1

    Good job on the lap, BM…er….Toyota

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