VW Golf GTI TCR Unveiled As A 286HP FWD Golf R Alternative

Volkswagen has just unveiled the Golf GTI TCR, a street-legal version inspired by the touring car racing model.

The TCR slots between the Golf GTI Performance and Golf R, and packs a 290 PS (286 hp / 213 kW) turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. That’s 45 PS (44 hp / 34 kW) more than the GTI and only 10 PS (10 hp / 7 kW) less than the R.

The seven-speed dual-clutch transmission channels the output to the front wheels, for a 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) sprint time of 5.6 seconds, while top speed can be optionally increased from 250 to 260 km/h (155-162 mph).

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The new Golf GTI TCR stands out courtesy of a few exterior updates, such as the front splitter, side sill extensions, roof spoiler and diffuser, which are all specific to this model. It also gets 18-inch wheels, black side mirror caps, LED headlights, a front-axle differential lock and perforated brake discs.

Clients can spec a new honeycomb foil for the side panels, black roof and carbon mirror caps. They can also choose between a couple of optional packages. The first one comes with the DCC adaptive suspension, sportier rear damping, increased V-max and 19-inch rims with 235/35 tires. The second one gets the same features and adds semi-slicks for the (different) 19-inch wheels, and additional wheel locks with anti-theft protection.

Opening the doors projects the TCR logo to the tarmac, and once inside, users will find front sports seats with new microfiber/fabric design, an exclusive sports steering wheel and red accents all around.

Order books have already opened in Germany, where the starting price stands at €38,950 ($44,554), tax included. This places it exactly between the €33,625 ($38,463) Golf GTI Performance and the €41,175 ($47,099) Golf R, while the optional packages cost €2,350 ($2,688) and €3,200 ($3,660), respectively.

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  • Aaron Schmitz

    7 speed? Cmon VW get with the program, Ford GM and Dodge are all using 10spd

    • dumblikeyou2

      For a sporty hatch, aren’t 10 speeds a bit much? It would constantly be shifting, and shifting and shifting.
      10-speeds work in SUVs well, which all those brands you mentioned are really using them in mostly, but even the new Vette is reportedly only doing 7-speeds as well.

    • …and those companies all have issues with transmission reliability.

      • SteersUright

        As a hobbyist reseller who infrequently goes to auctions, nearly every make these days has long term issues if cars driven hard (sporty cars primarily). I think its because transmissions were once overbuilt and seriously heavy and these days they are all much much lighter.

        • Correct. Hondas and Toyotas are still somewhat overbuilt today, compared to other manufacturers.

    • Able

      Why the f would you need a 10-speed transmission in a Golf? Once again, the old American attitude of more is best comes into play.

    • Mr_Fanta_Pants

      Why the hell would you want 10 gears in a hot hatch?!

    • Chiron’s got only 8 speeds. Funny those hatchbacks got so many gears.

    • SteersUright

      Beyond 7, 8 speeds all the constant shifting gets really annoying. Plus the Gti has a dual clutch, not a torque converter slushbox. At their best, those 10 speeds dont hold a candle to well done dual clutch like VW’s DSG or the very best on the market, Porsches PDK. Thanks good ess a million times over VW still offers the common folk an affordable and excellent dual clutch for sporty cars. Outside of the Gti you’re paying a ton of money to access an excellent dual clutch sporty car. And even BMW’s DCT in their M2 wasnt as good in my opinion as the Gti’s.

  • Blade t

    45k is expensive for a fwd gti with a little more power..

    • gungho77

      Especially when you can take it to APR and get it tuned for way cheaper and get more HP than a Golf R.

      • SteersUright

        And then replace your engine, NOT under warranty, that is…

        • gungho77

          Tell that to my 2017 GTI that has 28000 miles on it and has been tuned 27000 of them. No problems at all. Everyone knows VW has these Golf engines tuned down and that they are capable of more power. Tkae this article here for example, its a GTI with more power. They are just changing settings in the ECU to give it more power. Nothing in the drive train or turbo is changing.

          • SteersUright

            First, we cant be certain no internals are upgraded. Second, theres a reason no tuner will warranty your engine (outside of dinan who will only allow up to 50k miles with their bmw tune). Third, while I love tuning and cars in general, 28k miles proves nothing. Thats a new car still in my book. When tunes regularly last 100k+ miles like factory engines do, Ill feel much more confident in them.
            That said, a used gti engine is only about $5k to replace so perhaps Id consider it. But on my CPO M235i they want $17k for an engine. Yeah, no way Im taking the chance.
            In fact I emailed Dinan and asked about reliability with mild stage 1 tunes and they said, “every tune adds stress. Its a trade off. If you drive hard you will shorten the life of the engine”. Well of course I drive hard! Why else would I want more power?

          • gungho77

            I understand what you are saying. Before my GTI I had a Golf TSI that I put a GTI IS20 turbo on and ran tuned for 50k miles with no problems and I drive hard. Hell these 28k miles are hard driven miles but like you said, I can replace the engine for $5k or less. If I had to pay $17k for a replacement I would have to think hard about tuning. Maybe the new GTI has upgraded internals. I love my Golfs so I will keep an eye on it and see what tunes come out for it.

  • Dennis James

    Yeah, keep sending unusable power to the front wheels.

    • Matt

      Hardly unusable these days, technology allows a lot of power to the front wheels with ease.

      • Dennis James

        Unfortunately, these days the laws of physics still apply.

  • If I were VW I would make it with extreme bodykit out of TCR and stripped out interior, missed opportunity then.

  • Putting the engine behind the front seats would be nice.

  • SteersUright

    I often wished upon the stars there would one day be a muscle car with a V8 and a dual clutch!! Now if only that trans can make it to the GT too since lord knows how much the new GT500 will cost!

  • R55

    This could have filled that dull void that VW and Audi seem to have – a sporty aggressive looking hatchback.

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