Watch Honda Driver Masterfully Steer His Way Out Of A Crash Twice

Why don’t more drivers see winter for what it really is?

A perfect training environment that allows them to learn how their cars react at the limit (at much lower speeds than during the summer) and improve their reflexes behind the wheel.

Now, we’re not saying you should treat public roads as your personal test track, far from it. There are special places where you can exercise your drifting abilities. However, while on public roads, you should notice how your car reacts in certain situations and stay alert to what happens around you in traffic — that information will definitely come in handy in the future.

A good example is the driver of a dashcam-equipped 2011 Honda Accord traveling on a snow-covered Michigan highway. An accident happened right in front of him when a Chrysler Sebring slid into a pickup truck. He could have panicked and slam on the brakes, which most certainly would have resulted in his car hitting the Sebring.

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Fortunately, he assessed the situation correctly and, instead of braking, he steered left to the quick lane to avoid the Chrysler Sebring sedan in the middle lane. Of course, one could argue that the cammer was driving a bit too fast on the snow-covered highway. Well, even if that were the case, his reflexes saved him and his passengers from trouble. Still, if another car drove on the fast lane at the exact moment he made the avoidance maneuver, he wouldn’t have had the option of escaping a crash.

Anyway, if you look carefully at the video, you’ll see that after avoiding the Sebring, he almost hit an older Ford Focus that went into a slide and hit the median following the first accident. Kudos to the pickup driver as well who managed to regain control of the vehicle immediately after being hit by the Chrysler.


  • Mr. EP9

    IMO, the Sebring is entirely at fault. They pulled out right in front of the pickup and caused the accident.

  • Jason Miller

    Good avoidance from the camera car. Kudos to the truck that got hit for saving it, and the other car for keeping it off the wall. Sebring is an idiot.

    • Robert Miles

      The focus bounced of the wall.

      • Jason Miller

        Maybe just nudged it. Better than what could have been.

  • Momogg

    Good driver with good tyres.

  • scjeff

    Those of you who drive in these types of conditions regularly, why does the #1 lane have the least amount of snow in this video? I thought it would be the opposite. TIA.

    • D3X

      Trucks use this lane while overnight so it prevents snow from accumulation to a certain degree (where the tire path are). With no snow there, most of the cars drive will then drive there as well, so the cycle continues.

    • Momogg

      In Europe when you have this situation they are cleaning two lanes, the fast lane and the slow lane. In the middle you have a pile of snow, usually it’s very funny when you want to change. 😁

    • gravitylover

      Middle lane is the mixing bowl. People change lanes from both sides into it so the snow gets all chopped up leaving traffic moving more slowly so more snow piles up. The right lane is also a busy place and snow gets pushed in that general direction so it piles up. The left lane has cars traveling at a more steady speed blowing snow out of it and only has cars moving in and out to one side rather than two. That lane is always the safest and smoothest to travel when it’s snowing.

    • Dylan Wentworth

      Because that’s the lane that everyone likes to hoard.

  • Howfarr


  • dumblikeyou2


  • TB

    ….umm….really….? What was so “Masterful” about this?

  • Randy Terpstra

    Is the Ram not going to pull over? That may complicate things.

  • Dylan Wentworth

    The driver kept a safe distance and was traveling at a safe speed for the conditions.
    Truly unbelievable that he managed to avoid crashing. Wow!

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