1989 Land Rover Defender Restomod Looks Cool, But Is It $145,000 Of Cool?

Classic Land Rover Defenders still go for obscene amounts of money in the United States, and that’s especially true if we’re talking about custom examples.

Just check out this Neo D110 restomod built by the team at Arkonik that was recently sold for $145,000. Yes, someone in the US paid that much for a 1989 Defender 110 station wagon that was restored and “reimagined for modern day driving,” according to the builder.

Wearing a Santorini Black body color, the Neo D110 features an OEM hood, KBX wing top vents and grille painted in Zambezi silver, twin cat LED headlights, and black 18-inch Kahn Defend 1983 alloys shod with BFGoodrich T/A KO2 tires. The rugged SUV also features a Raptor-coated steering and front differential guard.

At the rear, it comes with LED taillights and a Defender badge, in addition to a tailgate-mounted spare wheel featuring Arkonik’s logo on the cover.

If you like the exterior, chances are the leather-appointed cabin will be to your liking as well. The front bucket seats and the rear seats feature black leather trim with diamond quilting, the door cards and center console are covered with matching leather, and the driver gets to touch a 15-inch wood-rimmed steering wheel as well as alloy gear knobs.

The inner door handles are made from alloy as well, with interior highlights also including black suede headlining, Ice White LED lighting package, two lock and folding seats in the load area, lock boxes with 12V power outlet and USB port, as well as a Pioneer premium sound system with reversing camera display. A sunroof, air conditioning, and a secondary twin circuit battery with isolator switch are also on the menu.

Power comes from a 3.5-liter V8 gasoline engine. The price for this Defender extravaganza is a cool $145,000, excluding delivery.


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  • Mr. EP9

    Not with those wheels or those seats. I would have went would something a little more period correct but with a slight modern twist.

  • Netsphere

    its ghetto uncool.

  • Bash

    Not for that price. Noway.

  • Blade t

    It’s cool ,but not 145k cool..

  • Ben

    This is the trend with a lot of wealthy buyers, buying restomod trucks and SUVs. Its refreshing honestly instead of seeing everyone clamor for the the latest Porsche, Lamborghini or luxury SUV (Cullinan and Bentayga). I know its not anywhere close to “restomod”, but I loved when Chevy dealers introduced the Silverado Cheyenne Super 10. It was affordable for the masses and had the retro paint scheme with retro rims. I’d like to see that more from trucks and SUVs, not just muscle cars.

  • Cal

    If it’s 1989, it’s not even a Defender… It’s a 110.
    It certainly looks great though, minus the silly grille, headlight surrounds and 18 inch alloys look way too big on this.
    145k is a stupid amount of money to pay for this but the US market for Defenders, 90s and 110s is insanely inflated due to their limited availability due to government restrictions. Arkonik know this and know someone would be willing to pay the hefty price tag. Anywhere else in the world this would probably be worth 25k max.
    Delivery won’t be cheap either.

  • TB

    No…and a secondary answer to that….No.

  • Eric

    No , none of them are worth what they ask for and sell for. I’ve restored a few of them in the past. Already had them sold long before completion. New England is the best area to make money on them. The Cape Codian mantra is this being the necessary vehicle for the Islands. Yet most get upset at the price of parts and labor and the nonstop maintenance.

  • Ronald Roman

    De gustibus…

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