Motorcyclist Tries To Evade Cops, Gets Rammed And Handcuffed Instead

Trying to run from the police is never a good idea – and a motorcyclist in France recently discovered this the hard way.

The clip right below shows the rider of a dirtbike causing absolute mayhem through a number of small streets in what seems like a quiet neighborhood. The rider consistently rings out the whiny two-stroke engine, making a lot of noise.

Before long, the sirens of a police car can be heard behind the motorcyclist. He (she?) takes a look behind and lo and behold, there is an undercover police vehicle chasing him. However, rather than pulling over like any sensible person would do, the rider pins the throttle and proceeds to speed through traffic in an attempt to evade the cops, weaving aggressively through traffic.

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It seems as though the rider’s inexperience (and perhaps adrenaline) got the better of him, though, as during a simple left-hand turn, the biker lowsides and falls off. It only took a matter of seconds for police to arrive on the scene, ram the rider and his dirtbike and then pin him to the ground.

We don’t know why the rider tried to evade the police for so long, with total disregard for his safety (and that of others, of course). In any case, unlike Hollywood, in real life those chases never have a happy ending.


  • Six_Tymes

    terrorist, lock that scumbag up for a very very long time. stupid twit


      Calling arabs terrorist is the sign of inferiority you’re putting on.

      • Momogg

        Is the driver Arab? How do you know?


          no moron, i the due called him a terrorist, while the whole american media knows what he meant by that.

          • Momogg

            You are just a poor troll. If for you a terrorist can be only Arabic YOU are the racist, moron!

          • EL CHAPO THA GREAT

            Your IQ is way off the roof. Idiocy at its best.

          • Momogg

            Yes, maybe that’s why we cannot communicate. I wish you the best.

          • EL CHAPO THA GREAT

            Maybe because you’re an american. We know american’s intelligence is a joke.

          • Momogg

            Not really, I’m from the old continent. 🤔

      • Knotmyrealname

        Eh? You make no sense.


          Actually, i do. You need to keep up.

    • nik

      Could of said scumbag/twit and moved on, and not devolve yourself to making a racist comment based on race/appearance (which you can’t even infer from the video anyways).

      • Momogg

        Where is the racism?

      • Knotmyrealname

        You need to look up the definition of terrorist. No race mentioned.

  • robotlogic

    This guy sucks at riding dirt bikes, he must of stolen it and that is why he ran!
    This idiot is lucky he didn’t get taken out by a car!

    • Ed

      The rest of us would be better off it he had died in the chase. Only a matter of time before he kills someone.

  • Mr. EP9

    Seen plenty of videos of idiots running from the cops on bikes. Glad to see this one got nabbed.

  • Howfarr

    Good to see French police taking no sh*t, wish the UK police would do the same

    • Momogg

      It depends where…

  • charlie bear

    This is better than spending 10 bucks on a F&F movie and with your own camera. LOL

  • MIL1234

    i doubt it is
    the guy is fully equipped

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