Russians Stop For A Selfie In A Tunnel, Almost Get Killed By Speeding Truck

Have you ever met a person that never stops taking selfies from the moment they wake up to the moment they fall asleep? Infuriating, right? Well, if you feel like we do, you can only imagine what it would be like to spend time with this group of four friends in Russia.

While driving through a tunnel, the quartet decided it would be a good idea to pull over and start taking photos Fortunately for us, they stopped directly in view of a CCTV camera, allowing us to witness their stupidity near-miss.

Perhaps thinking that they had the tunnel all to themselves, the group initially start snapping images near the center of the tunnel. Before long, the selfies start and they even go to the trouble of balancing a phone on the car to take a group shot looking down the tunnel. This decision could very well have been their last.

As the impromptu photo shoot comes to an end, the group start to walk back to the car. Suddenly, a large semi-truck comes into view, swerves, and side-swipes their car. The four friends only narrowly avoided been run over…

Stopping in a tunnel to take photos is not the brightest of ideas, even if they did switch on the vehicle’s hazard lights. As a number of Redditors point out, the trucker should have normally seen the stopped car and changed lanes earlier, but for whatever reason, they didn’t. And if lady luck (or some guardian angels) wasn’t with them, the four could have been killed on the spot.


  • Momogg

    Sick people, sick world…

    The car owner looks surprised! 🤔

  • Bash


  • LeStori

    Looks like in a tunnel? They fall of cliffs, buildings and die whilst taking selfies. . They try to do the same in a tunnel and “survive. When your brain is between your legs, you are a selfie taker…

  • Jay

    All other lanes were open what was the trucker looking at? Kind of looks like it was intentional.

  • just foolishness, hope they’ve learned

  • Ilbirs

    There’s something we can’t accuse Russia: for sure it isn’t a boring country according to what the cameras catch everyday.

    • Mill0048

      Its like the Florida of Europe.

      • Howfarr

        Russia is not in Europe

  • Cant see the youtube vid.

  • BlackPegasus

    The trucker didn’t finish the job. Idiot humans endanger the lives of others.
    They deserve to be taken out. 😗

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