Russian Driver Really Didn’t Want His Kia To Get Towed

We’ve seen our fair share of people trying to drive off despite their cars still being attached to tow trucks, or perhaps while having to deal with a wheel lock. And yet, this recent incident might just top them all.

It took place this past weekend at the entrance of the Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow, where police officers decided that this white Kia Rio needed to be taken away, as the person driving it wasn’t its legal owner.

The driver did however call the owner of the car, identified as Vladimir, who explained that the person behind the wheel was his friend and that the car had actually been sold to him. He went on to say that because the vehicle was purchased via credit, there wasn’t time to change the registration information, but that all the documents were in order and having it towed was illegal.

Alas, the Rio made its way (against its will) onto the tow truck and as you can see, the owner of the car, who apparently had arrived at the scene, took it upon himself to set it free.

He began by trying to drive off while the locks were still attached to the wheels. When that failed, he got out to remove them and with little hesitation, drove off in reverse, dropping the car onto the road and damaging both the rear and the front end.

According to, he was quoted as saying “I have my own car service, I have experience and knowledge, and I calculated the trajectory, and could in no way damage either the tow truck or anyone nearby. As for the damages to my car, they are minor.”

Even so, it probably would have still been cheaper to just pay the city and get the car back unscathed.


  • Paul

    Eh Blyat. Sometimes a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do. He was in a pucker I guess.

  • Momogg

    Well, after few shots of vodka, it’s possible!

  • Six_Tymes

    gotta be massive damage to the car. but I give the guy credit for his determination. and he sure seemed calm in his thought process. It does not appear as if he was drunk from alcohol. I sure wish i could understand all of the conversation

    • Romanovich

      He was not drunk, the conversation was:
      Tough guy said im owner of this car, you are have no right, to towing my car because im here.
      He asked towing gays several times to put his car down, but they are refuse and said, we are waiting the road police officers.
      He said i will drive.
      I can say in Russia this very common because, the car ( any car, price does not matter at all) is very special for owner, and people become very upset when some body no matter what is the reason will try to take the car.

  • brn

    Now watch him sue the towing company for damages.

  • Stigasawuswrecks


  • salamOOn

    omg if its not reported as stolen, leave it alone….

  • brn

    Nice trolling.

    • Liam Paul

      unless said trolling is a public service, than high five to him I say

  • Bash

    Anger management.

  • Dennis James

    The car is probably a total loss.

  • exeptor

    They could’ve stopped him but just wanted to see how he will jump from that truck. I like it.

  • cashifyer

    looks more expensive than just paying the towing fee

  • Ronald Roman

    You can see the cop doing nothing at 3:33…

  • Liam Paul

    cheaper to have paid the city but I love how he was going to have the last dumb word

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