This 2002 BMW 330i E46 Was Only Driven 560 Miles Per Year!

Used BMW E46 3-Series sedans aren’t particularly rare, interesting or expensive, but this one is a little different as it looks virtually brand new.

Recently listed on eBay, this 2002 3-Series is being billed as “one of the lowest mileage 330i’s for sale in the country, if not the lowest.” As you can see in the photos, the odometer says the car has only been driven 9,535 miles (15,345 km) since it was built nearly two decades ago. This means the car’s various owners have only averaged an annual trek of just 560.8 miles (902.5 km).

According to the seller, the car was originally purchased in August of 2002 with 3 miles (4.8 km) on the odometer. The car appears to have spent most of its life parked in a New York garage as it didn’t trade hands until 2016 when there were just 1,286 miles (2,069 km) on it. Despite being parked most the time, the car’s original owners reportedly took good care of it as the car was regularly serviced and given oil changes.

The second owner only drove the car for a couple of years, but they also didn’t use it very much. As a result, this 17 year old 3-Series has only been driven 9,535 miles (15,345 km).

Thanks to the low usage, the car is in near perfect condition. According to the seller, the only issues are a “tiny chip” in the windshield and a quarter-sized stain on the driver’s side carpeting. The wheels also have some slight brake dust discoloration.

The 3-Series has a Buy It Now price of $17,500 (£13,592 / €15,348) and the model comes nicely equipped with heated leather front seats, an automatic climate control system and an auto-dimming rearview mirror. The car also has bi-xenon headlights, a five-speed automatic transmission as well as M Aerodynamic, Sport and Premium packages.


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  • Six_Tymes

    i’m sorry, but 2 owners? The phrase TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE comes to mind. that said it does look great. but I don’t believe it only has that little mileage. Believe what you want, i’m sticking to my belief.

    • Miknik

      To be honest, the leather on the driver seat and the pedals do show a bit too much wear for the millage too…

  • Andrew Slater

    What a great car. Too bad this one is silver on that ugly grey leather .


  • mgeee

    Old car is an old car. Even when stored in temperature controlled environment the plastic parts, wires still age. Good luck repairing electrical harness on this car. Been there done that.

  • ErnieB

    It’s a Toy-BMW folks! Toyota left us with just the Toy in Toyota.. sad

  • Bash

    I don’t think it’s wise buy but also I don’t mind being seen in it.

  • Andrew Davison

    For 15k, honestly not a bad buy. Better looking, better handling and just more fun than a brand new civic, but about the same price as a modestly equiped one.

    • Seats & a steering wheel

      Type R owners may disagree but there is nothing fun about the headaches associated with out of warranty BMW ownership.

      • Andrew Davison

        Um, sure, but the type R is 40k freaking dollars. For a civic that looks like it stepped out of a cartoon. As for BMW ownership, that’s only true if you don’t know how to fix your own cars and you don’t do regular maintenance. I had a 145k miles 330i manual for 2 years with no problems sans a new starter (sold it for a newer f30 for her. Still miss it!) And I currently drive my 2008 335i with 135k miles on the clock. For 5 years I’ve owned it. That’s 7 years out for warranty… And yet it’s been amazing. Never broken down on me. A few parts here and there that are standard fare for aging cars, but nothing crazy. Very reliable. As long as you do standard maintenance like change atf fluid, diff fluid, suspension when it’s time, etc, you save any other parts dying. Makes all the difference!

        • Seats & a steering wheel

          Im happy for you, I know so many who have been burnt by BMW’s and badly too. In general these are red flag zones and their low values reflect that, while this 330 is a handsome and interesting vehicle I would take a new (or newish) Civic 1.5 turbo sedan over it in a heartbeat.

    • Ckristian Zoli

      You won’t say the same after it fails on you when you start using it, it is just a ticking bomb, it is 17 years old. There’s so much to replace there that do not knowk now where to start.

      • Holmer_k

        Before some stupid old lady decided to drive the wrong way on a one way road and tbone me while I was crossing on a green light a couple of months ago, my 07 335 was in perfect shape. Their asking price is too high, but I wouldn’t worry about the car from my experience owning two 3 series models.


    LMAO a 330i with 100k kilometers goes for around a solid 15 grand USD

  • Sukhoi31m3

    17 years old? That car is ready to take everything in parts; suspension rubber parts ( which don’t last that long even on a car that’s NOT 17 yrs old) , plastic parts ( everywhere on this car from the interior to the engine) and an automatic trans that is totally undesirable. My ‘02 330ci taught me well about keeping a Bimmer in top shape. After 12 years of owning it I realized I had nearly bought the car all over again, and that’s with me doing most of the maintenance. I wouldn’t own this car for $5000 because it’d be asking for parts the moment you started daily driving it.

  • Ckristian Zoli

    Ticking bomb!

  • mark moyer

    Lol the comments. This car won’t need anything for a while. As long as the fluids were changed and it was kept out of the sun this car should be solid it won’t need anything for another 80k miles. Whoever buys this car and drives it will enjoy.

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