Hardcore Renault Megane RS Trophy-R Ditches Rear Seats For Nürburgring Lap Record

Most fast car enthusiasts would be more than happy to have the high-performance Renault Megane RS Trophy in their garage.

Thanks to 300 PS (296 hp) and up to 420 Nm (310 lb-ft) of torque from a 1.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the French hot hatch is able to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.7 seconds and reach a top speed of 260 km/h (161 mph).

Obviously, it’s not only fast in a straight line. The standard Cup chassis, Torsen mechanical limited-slip differential, four-wheel steering, and uprated brakes ensure that the Megane RS Trophy shines on twisty mountain roads and race circuits alike.

All that sounds great, but if Renault Sport’s history taught us something it’s that previous Megane RS generations offered even more hardcore versions of the Trophy, focused on breaking Nürburgring Nordschleife lap records. That’s likely what these spy shots show us, a Trophy-R version of the latest Megane RS.

The fact that our photographers spotted it lapping the Nürburgring should come as no surprise to anyone, but the presence of both visible and hidden modifications should. First of all, it features a vented bonnet with a big bump in the middle that may or may not hide a scoop. Then there’s the red wing in the front bumper that reminds us of the previous Megane RS 275 Trophy-R, which also had its wing painted red.

The fact that the center of the wing is covered by white tape is also a strong clue since on the predecessor model, that’s where the “Trophy-R” lettering stood. Also at the front, the standard Megane RS’ multi-reflector LED lights in the bumper are gone, allowing the engine to suck in more air.

Viewed from the side, this hardcore Megane RS Trophy prototype features a lot of white camouflage material on the doors that we can’t really wrap our heads around. We can only assume the white material is there to conceal the red accents Trophy-R models typically get. The track-focused alloys and uprated brakes with perforated front discs complete the exterior changes.

As for the interior, our spy photographers couldn’t take a look, but the exterior shots do reveal a red steel bar where the rear seats should be. The absence of a rear bench confirms our assumptions about this prototype being the Megane RS Trophy-R. It remains to be seen whether Renault Sport will give the hardcore model more power, considering that it will be the lightest in the lineup.

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Photo credits: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for Carscoops


    Wheels are interesting as well. Those are the Carbon Revolutions you can find on the GT350R.

    Renault also seems desperate with those many different versions of the Megane RS to become king again, while Honda just kicks butts (and eyes) with one CTR.

    • Mr. EP9

      Desperate? It’s not much different than the previous Megane in the sense that it also had multiple variants as well. Seems pretty normal to me.


        I know, but it took them back then to get the first Trophy out after 2-3 years I believe (could be wrong, but thats what got stuck in my memory). And this 265 Trophy that came wasn’t much better than the standard. What it did with the Nordschleife lap time was to grab Europe’s attention that the Standard RS is a great car from the get-go.

        However, the Megane 4 Trophy was released within 6-12 months after alot of mixed reviews that didn’t say it’s brilliant. That doesn’t show confidence for me.

        Don’t get me wrong. Not hating on the M4RS, I personally like it alot. Saw this weekend at the Nordschleife the first one and daym it’s good looking car.

  • StrangerGP

    Wouldn’t it be easier to introduce a 3 door Megane? I really liked the “coupe” versions in the previous generations.

    • Matt

      Certainly not easier, no. That would require the development of an entirely new body shell and cost many millions more. The problem is nobody is buying three-door hatches, so Renault would stand to lose a lot of money by not recouping development.

      Most manufacturers have ditched their three-door models because of falling sales.

  • Zazzspeed

    Id love to hear the conversations the Renault engineers are having with each other. Their answer to beating the Honda CTR is gutting the interior and installing plastic windows? Might as well remove the a/c while you are at it. lol Meanwhile the CTR comes fully loaded and quite comfy too for a Ring Lap record holder. Better go back to the drawing board Renault. I can’t wait until Honda turns up the CTR to 10.

    • Matt

      In case you were unaware, Renaultsport has a history of building stripped-out editions of the Megane RS. It has nothing to do with the CTR and more to do with building the ‘ultimate’ track and road Megane. It’s amazing what you can do when you take over 100kg out of a car. For one you can soften the damper and spring rates, giving better wheel control over rough roads.

      The feeling of ‘lightness’ can’t just be replicated by giving more power, which would have been the other option.

      • Zazzspeed

        Actually I’m totally aware of Renault’s history of gutting cars and charging more for less. That feeling of lightness feels great, then you realize it’s only your wallet that’s lighter and feeling alone still isn’t enough to catch up with the CTR. Maybe you aren’t aware of the history of Renualtsport attempting to captture the FWD lap record around The Nurburgring and that was the original intention behind the gutted and caged Renualtsport Meganes. By the way it’s going to take more than plastic windows this time to recapture that title.

        • Matt

          ‘Charging more for less’. Explain ‘less’… if you mean rear seats, ok. But what about all the expensive track-focused components that go
          into these special editions? Carbon fiber seats, trick composite springs, racing harnesses, expensive Ohlins dampers and titanium exhaust systems – all things you’d usually find on exotic sports cars.

          These are special models, like Renault’s version of a GT3 RS. If you want all the comforts of the regular Megane then you’ll get the 300 Trophy instead.

          These are a very unique and sought-after proposition in the hatch market, and are serious no-compromise driver’s cars. Kind of the the stripped GT3 RS, which of course Porsche charges more for as well…

          • Zazzspeed

            You sound very frustrated… are you one of the Renualtsport engineers? If so, I can totally understand your frustration in trying to figure out why your stripped out Nissan Versa lookalike can’t even come close to the current FWD lap record. Keep trying though. It’s very entertaining and will only force Honda to turn the wick up on their current CTR.

          • Matt

            You sound like you have a real hard-on for the CTR. I’m guessing you’re not quite old enough to own a car judging by your childish insults, so keep working hard and you might be able to own your own one day.

          • Zazzspeed

            Asking if you are a Renualtsport engineer is an insult? I’m certainly sorry for saying your intelligence level is that of a chassis dynamics or power train engineer. I was completely off base by that assumption.

          • S M

            Yet what you forget to mention is that the Type-R went around the ring with a roll cage and they also fuzzed out the tyres as well. You know, just pointing out some minor details there. You sound a bit loopy talking about the Type-R coming “fully loaded” when the production vehicle is very different from the vehicle that went around the Ring.

  • Bash

    Great Camo, what is that, A Duct tape? lol

    • disqus_STZTJN1zsq

      i think it is there to cover thropy logos and flags etc.

  • SteersUright

    Cool car, wish they sold it here. That said, doesnt the CTR do all this with its back seat still intact?

    • Zazzspeed

      Exactly. Not only does the CTR come fully loaded, but the CTR has actual glass where Renualtsport tends to use plastic lol. I can’t wait to see Renualt’s lap times and they realize they are still 10 seconds away from beating the 3 year old Honda.

  • Hadzri Hashim

    Many dont know, when type R set the lap record, the seats were removed and roll cage was installed. CTR will not be sold speced like that where as the renault can be bought exactly like the one doing the lap record..

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