Impatient And Speeding Impreza Driver Causes Rush Hour Wreck

A high speed crash took place recently in a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand, when the driver of a 5-door Subaru Impreza decided to speed past rush hour traffic using the bus lane.

Unfortunately, the Impreza crashed directly into the back of a Mazda SUV, while attempting to go around a bus. The crash was captured via dashcam by aNOTHER motorist, who stopped to help the driver of the Mazda.

Here’s what they had to say:

“I was driving home from work and this accident happened in front of me. The speedy car (silver Impreza) was driving on the bus lane before it swooped into the back of the white Mazda SUV in lane 1 causing the Mazda to spin in front of the bus and ended in the bush beside the road.”

“I pulled over to see if they need any help, the driver of the Mazda was in shock and crying but no major injury was seen. I then told her to get out of the car as I smelled gas.”

As far as we can tell, multiple other vehicles were impacted by the Subaru, which then seems to disappear into the bushes by the side of the road, while showing little signs of slowing down. Speaking of which, the driver of the Impreza didn’t appear to brake at all, not even right before they hit the Mazda, almost as if they were incapacitated.

In any case, we hope everyone involved managed to walk away without any serious injuries.


  • Mr. EP9


  • Callanish

    “In any case, we hope everyone involved managed to walk away without any serious injuries”

    Everyone but the Subaru driver. Sorry, no quarter for that imbecile.

  • salamOOn

    what a F moron…..didnt even brake at all.

  • Six_Tymes

    Don’t be fooled, that’s a terrorist.

    Rid them permanently of their driving privileges

  • brn

    Whole new kind of stupid.

  • Paul

    The New Zealand version of the stupid stunt seen countless times on all the posted car crash videos. The stupid driver instead of slowing for traffic sweeps over into a slower lane and because his view was blocked by bigger traffic plows high speed into someone. These types need to permanently lose their driving privileges IMO.

  • Bash

    Its always irritates me when i see one of those drivers on the roads.

  • ace_9

    Three lanes and a bus lane and still not enough for stupid lane blockers…

  • rover10

    These types of incidents are happening more frequently as once expensive fast cars are appearing on the secondhand market, and into the hands of certain elements who simply can’t drive them! That’s not to say people who lease or buy new aren’t irresponsible. The never ending goal to create the most powerful engine and drive it on our highways asks the question, does current and growing congestion warrant such machines? Rationality over safety, appears to be getting blurred around the edges? The current hunger for horsepower and speed must at some time be brought into question, and possibly, autonomy will bring these trend to a close? The adage ‘speed kills’ has never been more appropriate language, than today. May be private race tracks will become more prevalent for lovers of speed and power, as the autonomous highways squeeze such beasts off public roads?

    • TRB0T0Y

      Yes let’s remove the human beast and replace it with a computer beast! We’ll see how you change your tune once an autonomous UBER or Google car decides it is better to kill you instead of crash and harm it’s passengers.

      • rover10

        I’m not saying we will be free from computer error, but they are in fact far less likely to be stupid. It’s that sudden urge to blast past and to hell who might be at their peril. Give a man a gun and he’ll use it, is a well know saying and when it comes to powerful cars or motorbikes, they will use the power. It’s when you spot the grey hair you begin to wonder if they should know better.

    • DMax

      What a load of hogwash. Fast cars have been around since the 60s, muscle cars were cheap back then and ever since. Not to mention this was a pos Impreza, not even a WRX.

      • rover10

        Driving irresponsibly is not hogwash, but it’s certainly a pig headed attitude. The current need for speed is a temporary situation however, the sheer high capacity of traffic makes it all the worst for those who fall victim to such a culture.

  • Infinite1

    Funny how I see more and more Subaru drivers causing accidents



  • Eric

    Stuck throttle??

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