Peugeot Could Sell The 508, 3008 And 5008 In The United States

PSA’s intention of selling new cars in the United States and Canada were confirmed last month by CEO Carlos Tavares, who said that Peugeot has been tasked with the job.

The French automaker will thus return to our shores after ending their operations here in the early 1990s. And while they still have to officially reveal which vehicles they will sell on this side of the pond, AutoNews reports that they will be concentrating their efforts on compact and midsize models.

One potential candidate is the 3008 compact crossover, something that was hinted at by the Peugeot’s CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato, who said “When we launched the 3008, the feedback we got, including from California, was ‘wow, this car is super’”.

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The 5008 seven-seat crossover could also be on the list, alongside the new generation 508 midsize fastback sedan and estate. Also, the 308 is also in for a significant makeover, with the new generation expected to arrive as early as 2020 and, theoretically, it could be pitted against the likes of the Toyota Corolla and Volkswagen Golf in the U.S. compact segment.

There’s no denying that Peugeot has enough vehicles to choose from, and with the PSA Group’s blessing, it could develop even more. The auto brand also knows the market, but they will still calculate everything, as “we want to come back in a scalable way and not waste billions on operations”, Imparato noted, adding that “our image in the U.S. is neutral to favorable”.

Peugeot will kick off their U.S. operations with the Free2Move car-sharing program, which will help them learn more about the market. Eventually, they will launch their own vehicles, which will be imported from factories in Europe and/or China, because assembling cars in the States needs to be supported by sales volume.

“There won’t be any huge investment on production up front and praying that the business case is good”, said Tavares. “We won’t go conventional on our business model. We have quite a creative and disruptive way of distributing the cars.”

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  • Able

    They’ll have to make them a lot cheaper for the US. Here in Australia, Peugeot products are priced quite high. They have wonderful interiors, granted, but Americans don’t care for that.

    • dtd

      I agree, they have to price the 3008 around the price of Toyota Highlander and the 508, the same as Toyota Camry/Avalon. They will sell well at those price, I think.

      • DMJ

        The 508 here has the same price of a VW Passat (euro passat), Ford Mondeo (Fusion in US) or Mazda 6. And the 3008 isn’t cheap, around the same price of a VW Tiguan, but a lot more expensive than a Nissan Qasquai (and a lot better too).

        • dtd

          Between Peugeot and VW, I would choose Peugeot.

      • Androuffle

        Toyota Highlander length : 4.854m
        Peugeot 3008 length : 4.447m

        3008 is definitely more in the Rav4 category (4.594m but one of the largest, 3008 is similar in size with Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, …).

  • Dennis Scipio

    They may have good looks, but are they fun to drive.

    • Mr. EP9

      I suppose one will have to find out once behind the wheel.

      • Alduin

        Or end up stranded on the side of the road like a typical French car.

        • I’ve been stranded on the side of the road with German, Swedish, American cars…

        • Matt

          You’re American, how would you even know?

          • Alduin

            The French don’t make reliable things.

          • Matt

            Heard of Airbus?

          • Alduin

            They’ve had their share of problems like Boeing has.

          • DGC

            He sounds very wise and open -minded!

        • DGC

          My 1979 Renault R17 Gordini was a very reliable car! Parts however were tricky back in the early 90’s!

          • Alduin

            To get double the unreliablity could you image if Fiat and PSA worked together to develop cars? LOL

          • Alduin

            Renault is even worse!

    • Peugeot have great driving dynamics. They built their reputation on it. I think most of their cars are a bit “too sporty” to be great daily even if they are currently making a better job. Really they could have more power. If you like Mazda you should like Peugeot. Don’t expect a real Sport car, it’s just more fun than a similar powerd VW, Ford, Volvo… Problem is… Not sure they have more than the exotic factor for themselves.

      • Loquacious Borborygmus

        I like Mazdas. I don’t like driving Peugeots.

      • dufonrafal .

        Peugeot’s are usually more confortable than most cars while having better handling.

  • Alberto Barrales

    Unfortunately this country has turned into SUV land, but the 508 either sedan or wagon are sweet. I would definitely get myself one.

    • PK

      nothing’s wrong with being a suv land right?

      • Alberto Barrales

        Maybe not to you. But I disagree. To each his own I guess.

  • DM

    I drove the 3008 and it was alright. The interior is pretty cool, makes you feel like you are in a special car, and it looks like nothing else on the road. It felt kind of underpowered though, nothing to be worried about but I guess the average american driver would like a bit more punch. Overall quality seemed great. I expect the 508 to be sporty enough.

    • dtd

      Where did you drive the 3008 ? In France? Yes, both 3008 and 508 are underpowered by American standard. Since French drive their cars with stick shift and we drive with automatic transmission, that’s why we need more power.

      • Those modern Peugeot are mostly available in automatic… So would change much in Europe or US. By the way the car is sold in Mexico, cross the border and try it ;-).

      • Maisch

        Traffic in france is twice the speed compared to the us. Americans seems to like having engine power but no one uses it, at least not where ive been in the states. If you not driven in southern europe you have no idea how fast 60hp can be in traffic 🙂

      • DM

        I actually got to drive it in Mexico. 1.6L 165hp gasoline engine. Not sure if it is the same one offered in France though.

        • dufonrafal .

          It was yes. It’s pretty fast actually, but doesn’t feel fast.

          Now it has 180hp

    • Regulations… In Diesel it’s more than ok, problem is engines are really getting small. At a ridiculous point, some cars (all brands) just should ligally not be avaible with tiny engines. A 308, or Focus… Just shouldn’t have a 3 pots with less than a 100 hp is petrol. Even with a turbo, that’s not enough torque and power.

      • DM

        Yeah I drove a euro-spec 1.5 liter Tiguan and it was sooo slow. I really would not use that in a Highway. No wonder that engine is not offered in the US.

        • Yet the French average speed on highways is 127 kmh against the “fastest” 123kmh average speed on one US highway. (Most are around 65 mph or 105 kmh) so on average French drivers drive faster. For many reasons sure, but those slow engines can go fast. The issue for me is fun 😀… But also safety, twice I avoided accidents by accelerating. And if the car is loaded your too slow, it’s dangerous.

        • dufonrafal .

          Nothing is to slow for the US… Those engines can do 110mph all day long 😉

          And as far as the 3008 is concerned, power range from 100hp to 300hp (and 170ft-lb to 330ft-lb), so you should fined what you need.

  • SteersUright

    These are nice, but I dont see how they’re markedly different such that people would gamble on this unknown (to Americans) brand. I can’t imagine they’d find it an easy task unless they really bring over something stellar that is also a stellar value. If there one thing Americans like, it perceived value. Just ask Walmart, Target, Costco, Amazon, etc.

  • Alduin

    Ugly as hell interior and whats with the half black half blue paint scheme like the Peugeot hatchback red and black? If they think they can come here and think they can survive they have another thing coming. They need to fix their reliability first and bringing Chinese made Peugeots here won’t improve their image at all.

    • The paint is a launch color. The interior is matter of taste. To drive it’s more like a Mazda. As for riliability… Is it really worst than others? Worst than GM, Ford or FCA?

  • Matt

    When Peugeot launches a new model: “I wish we could get these in the States”

    Peugeot bringing their models to the States: “I don’t think these would sell in the US”

    That’s the way it goes…

  • performante

    A company in Michigan has been testing these on US roads for at least a year now. I’m not surprised.

  • DGC

    I would really consider that gorgous 508 Estate! What a perfect looking car!

  • Kapi19

    Should bring the DS to the U.S together with Peugeot. Nobody will buy the 508 but Peugeot SUV could sell some amounts.

  • Alduin

    Clearly you didn’t read the article idiot. I’m sure they have a factory there.

  • Alduin

    You’re retarded. Nobody in the US is going to buy a Chinese made car and the ones that do are stupid like you.

    • Shobin Drogan

      You mean like Cadillac or Buick or Volvo?
      According to KBB, the US was in the top 3 for Chinese vehicle export destinations, behind Iran & Chile. Additionally, last time i checked, most Volvos were assembled in China, and they finished last year with their best sales figure of all time.
      I think your confusing “nobody” with yourself. Come to think of it, that is quite fitting.

      • Alduin

        Volvos are awful & their reliability isn’t very good. Buick only imports one Chinese made vehicle and it’s the Envision for the US market. I’ve seen maybe two on the road? They don’t sell well at all. You’re retarded.

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