Pininfarina’s Insane Battista Is An Electric 1,874HP Rocket Gunning For Glory

Pininfarina Automobili has managed to bring one of the most intriguing hypercars at this year’s Geneva Motor Show in the form of the new electric Battista.

Compared to the other hypercars of the Swiss show, the new Battista looks elegant, beautifully proportioned and dare we say …finished? Yes, some of the lines on the outside do resemble a mid-engine Ferrari but this is Pininfarina we’re talking about and the end result is pretty appealing visually.

This thing has more horses than Mongolia

And while the Pininfarina Battista may not attack your eyeballs as viciously as, let’s say a Koeningsegg Jesko or a Bugatti La Voitture Noire, its specs will drop your jaw on the floor; the full carbon monocoque chassis features four electric motors -each mounted behind a wheel- for a combined output of 1,900PS (1,874hp) and 2,300Nm (1,696lb-ft) of torque, making the Battista the most powerful road legal car on the planet, once it arrives in 2020.

The four electric motors, which also provide real torque vectoring, are fed by a T-shaped 120kWh lithium-ion battery pack that’s mounted within the center tunnel and behind the seats. If this sounds familiar, it’s because the whole powertrain is shared with Rimac, the company that pioneered the whole “electric hypercar” trend.

Pininfarina reckons that the Battista is capable of a 0-62mph (100km/h) in under 2 seconds, but more impressively a 0-186mph (300km/h) in under 12 seconds. For reference, McLaren expects the Speedtail to hit 186mph from a standstill in 12.8 seconds. Top speed is quoted at 217mph (350km/h).

Less important figures (for a hypercar) include a driving range of up to 280 miles (450km) and the ability for DC fast charging.

“Electrification unlocks the door to a new level of performance and a zero-emissions future, whilst a passion and respect for automotive history will define how this landmark car looks and feels,” said Automobili Pininfarina CEO, Michael Perschke. “We aim for the Battista to be a future classic and automotive icon, writing its own page in automotive history books.”

150 will be made

Pininfarina plans to produce by hand no more than 150 examples of the Battista in Italy, each priced from around $2.5 million. The production run will be allocated equally between the regions of North America, Europe and Middle East/Asia, which translates in 50 cars per region.

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Live Images Credit: Stefan Baldauf / Guido ten Brink for CarScoops, NP

  • ErnieB

    It’s pretty and all.. but if it doesn’t sound like 1000 angry dragons I am not buying it.. if I had the money to buy it..

    • assassingtr

      It’s basically an electric 488. lol maybe it’ll sound like a jet.. or nothing at all. At least it will feel mental.

      • Matteo Tommasi

        It’s not a Ferrari

        • assassingtr

          Thank you captain obvious. I’m talking about the package underneath it. You didn’t really think Pininfarina made the tub did you? Or Rimac for that matter. Ones a design house and the latter doesn’t have the staff size. Are you also going to tell me that Ferrari don’t make electric cars as well?

          • Matteo Tommasi

            I mean, it doesn’t have a single screw in common with a Ferrari.
            Pininfarina made the whole car except for the powertrain.
            Also Rimac makes his own cars completely in-house, if you didn’t know.

          • assassingtr

            Pininfarina’s main client has been Ferrari for the last half a century. They often borrow Ferrari parts for their cars. Rimac is a small company that only has the capacity to make their ONE sports car. Here’s some evidence to support in case you need some visual references. The package is CLEARLY the same. Look at the A Pillar Arch to C pillar roof rail line. The Wheelbase is the same, the overhangs are the same and even the intake position is the SAME.

          • Matteo Tommasi

            Just look at where the mirror is attached. In the Ferrari chassis you can’t bolt it there. The Pininfarina is a completely new car

          • assassingtr

            You MUST be trolling. You can literally attach a mirror anywhere after the fact. Door or A pillar, it makes ZERO difference. I work in this industry, I know what I’m talking about. It’s the same package dude. How thick can you possibly be? Do you see the flat on the sideglass of the Ferrari? That’s a mountable location; it’s entirely design dictated. Just because you want it to be a new car package doesn’t mean it is. Door cut opening is also adjustable as long as it aligns with the B pillar, and since it is a aluminum chassis it can move as the central tub really only needs to rely structurally on the A and C pillar.

          • Matteo Tommasi

            Also the door size and shape is different, and the windshield is bigger than in the Ferrari

  • TheBelltower

    Stunning. After reading about Bugatti, $2.5M seems like a steal.

  • Mikestroh

    Is it me or do all of these electric super sports cars starting to look alike…..hmmmm?????

  • Bill Nguyen

    Is that front strip a light bar or a chrome strip?

  • Mike Sinyaboot ©

    This thing is badass.

  • Mill0048

    I don’t recall being impressed by much of Pininfarina’s work for a little while now. This makes me feel like they got their groove back. Let’s hope.

  • TheHake

    Looks a lot like a 488 Pista…

  • Matteo Tommasi

    Same powertrain as the Rimac, but the Rimac should go over 250mph/400kph. This thing has the aero of a brick

    • assassingtr

      The Rimac’s top speed is 227 mph.. so that means that the same powertrain in a Ferrari chassis is only 10mph slower. Not bad considering it’s a bolt in powertrain. Do you research any information before you speak or do you just sort of vomit it out?

  • assassingtr

    Goddamn I appreciate your name and irony. Yes you are correct but I’m more referencing that it is a 488 package.

  • SteersUright

    Stunning,. Damn the do good car design. Only weak view is from the direct front where it simply doesnt look aggressive enough with the bland bumper and smallish headlights.

  • What let me down is the design, it’s sleek and beautiful but it looks like any other sportscar. Beside the side is suspiciously look like LaFerrari.

    I wish them the best though, especially their plan to make cheaper SUV and sedan.

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