Porsche Taycan Looks Electrifying In New Official Sketches

Porsche says more than 20,000 people worldwide have expressed their interest to buy the all-electric Taycan that will launch in September.

It goes without saying that all prospective customers are really interested in seeing the final design of the Taycan. While the Mission E Concept from 2015 offered a general idea of what the production car will look like, sightings of test prototypes indicate the Taycan won’t look exactly the same.

Sure, Taycan prototypes are still wearing a lot of camouflage and disguise material but it’s quite obvious the production car won’t look quite as slender and sports car-like as the Mission E study. That was a compromise everyone knew Porsche had to make to ensure the Taycan would be a practical vehicle — that and the ditching of the suicide doors for conventional ones.

Still, that doesn’t mean the Taycan won’t look every bit like a Porsche. The Taycan Forum discovered two new official design sketches that will no doubt have future owners very thrilled. While the automaker didn’t release these drawings publicly, it did send them to prospective customers via an e-mail hyperlink on March 8.

In the sketches, the car looks really aggressive, more like a four-door supercar than a four-door sedan. Both the front and the rear bumpers look very sharp, packing a sizable splitter and a massive diffuser-like element, respectively.

Before you get too excited, we’d like to point out that design sketches aren’t exactly renowned for their accuracy when it comes to the final product — we’re not just talking about Porsche, all automakers do it. Still, if you look closely at the Taycan prototypes and then at the sketches, they look very similar, even though some features are exaggerated in the drawings.

To keep you dreaming about the Taycan on public roads, we have also brought you the latest design sketch of the Taycan from the design studio in Weissach. As you can see, the rest of 2019 looks very exciting! We look forward to sharing these experiences together with you. Bring home the new Taycan today, as a wallpaper exclusively for your desktop,” Porsche wrote in the email sent to prospective customers.

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  • Bo Hanan

    This should have been a new 928 Coupe!

  • PK

    reveal the car already! i’m getting anxious!

  • TheBelltower

    Why are we looking at sketches?

    • baofe

      I love looking at sketches. Shows off what the designers envisioned their cars to look like w/o regulations or material limitations.

      • TheBelltower

        The car is nearing production. We’ve seen test vehicles with camo removed. Renderings are fine for a car in the concept stage. At this point we should see the actual car.


    • Some ol’ bloke


  • nik

    Looks amazeee but i hate that they made the front intake all flared and chunky compared to the concept it ruins it for me 😭😭


    It’s already aged before official introduction…
    How many years Porsche teasing it?

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