Casil Motors Gives 30 Ferrari 328s A Comprehensive Makeover

A company called Casil Motors is taking after the success of Singer Vehicle Design and is looking to establish itself through a customization and restoration service for the Ferrari 328 GTB and 328 GTS.

Casil Motors offered the world a glimpse of its first product, the BB3X8 FDP, at last year’s SEMA Show, and now additional images and details of this vehicle have been announced. Production will be capped to just 30 units worldwide, with Casil leaving no stone unturned when transforming a 328 into the BB3X8 FDP.

In creating the first BB3X8 FDP, Casil Motors fitted the Italian sports car with a bespoke wide bodykit made from a combination of kevlar and carbon fiber. In addition, the car is outfitted with air suspension and incorporates a special grey paint scheme alongside aftermarket wheels. Like the restored and customized Porsche 911s sold by Singer, Casil Motors will allow its customers to spec their vehicles to their individual taste.

Much of Casil’s work is focused on the 3.2-liter naturally aspirated V8 powering the 328. The company has designed a set of independent throttle bodies for the V8, giving it character and performance unlike any standard 328. Casil says the implementation of independent throttle bodies and a number of other modifications will allow the V8 to produce 400 hp, the same as the iconic Ferrari 288 GTO.

Casil can also modify the sports car’s interior with leather and other materials that tickle the owner’s fancy. However, it has yet to announce how much one of its upgraded 328s will cost.


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  • Callanish

    Without being too judgmental, because we know it’s going to cost a boat load of money for one of these, but imho, I think they could have chosen a better color and put nicer wheels to showcase the car without it just looking like a neglected 328 on the outside. Plus, I don’t remember the 328’s riding that low. Looks silly.

    • Bash

      Thank you, you took the words out of my mouth with that last sentence.

  • Bo Hanan

    Looks like it might be a Pontiac Fiero underneath.

  • europeon

    There is no comparison between this abomination and Singer’s masterpieces.

  • Carl Sloan

    This black wheels thing has gotta stop. It looks like it’s running on spares. And non-metallic paint? Ugh!

    • Matt

      Oh no, non-metallic paint! Are you serious? It’s 2019 – you can have your car in whatever colour you like. Plus flat grey looks cool, like Audi’s Nardo Grey:
      Also the wheels aren’t black – they’re bronze.

      • Carl Sloan

        On some cars it looks OK. The 328, not so much.

      • Carl Sloan

        On some cars it looks OK. The 328, not so much.

        Black. Bronze. They look like shīt, OK?

        • Rick Alexander

          The customer can choose whatever wheel package, paint, or suspension they like. Hence the word “Customization”. This particular offering might not be to everyone’s taste, but if you’re in the market, it wouldn’t be that difficult to make the car appear more like the traditional 328 if you so choose.

          • Carl Sloan

            I’m commenting on this particular car.

          • Rick Alexander

            Just curious. Is it the color, style, or the wheel as a whole that you don’t like?

          • Carl Sloan

            All of the above. Do you work for this company?

  • TheBelltower

    On what planet would this be considered better than the original? I can’t believe they added some pimpy air suspension and slammed a Ferrari 328. The wheels should never sink into the wheel wells of any car. These guys had better hope Singer doesn’t start doing Ferraris.

  • SteersUright

    For all the work and money spent, this somehow looks like a cheap kit car version of the original, and totally misses the point of what Singer does with Porsches.

  • ace_9

    I like it, except for the low-rider air suspension… That would have to be removed.

    • Rick Alexander

      Why remove the air suspension? Air suspensions today are marvels of technology. By going the air suspension route, this car now has the ability to behave like a classic Ferrari in the handling department. It also has the ability to keep up with modern sports cars, or it can be a boulevard cruiser at the click of a button. What’s not to like?

      • ace_9

        It’s less reliable, expensive to repair and maintain and in this case, the car has more things unnecessarily modified just to allow it to sit to the ground, which I hate in cars.

        • Rick Alexander

          I think you missed the point. I agree that with an air suspension it’s pricey, and there is more chance of mechanical failures. However, if you’re buying a Ferrari, I’m pretty sure price is a non issue. The point of an air suspension, isn’t just to ride low. With an adjustable air suspension, you don’t always have to get beat up by your car, for going the sports route. You can also cruise, or get the best of both worlds. Handling and comfort, or raised if you need to clear a driveway, or slammed if that’s your thing.

  • Romain AA

    wtf. they ruined this rare beauty.

  • deadra

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  • Wandering_Spirit

    I can, somewhat, understand the whole thing except the slammed wheels. Those are for pimps. This means that once you do that, the message you’re sending is “we pimped up the horse”. That’s not for me. Besides, there are better matte colors that match that car, instead of that gray. Matte blue for example, pearl white for example, if you really want those dark wheels. But alas, everyone has his or her own tastes. (i still think there is too much pimp style in it for mine)

    • Rick Alexander

      I agree that a slammed Ferrari is somewhat immature in execution. With that said, the car is outfitted with an air suspension. Therefore, I’m fairly sure the slammed appearance is merely for aesthetic effect.

      • Carl Sloan

        You forgot to mention that the customer can choose whatever wheel package, paint, or suspension they like.

  • Puddingpopper

    Bags are for groceries

  • Nick G

    Needs the longer WB of the GTO to look right with the flares. Should have a static ride height at a more reasonable position. Looks ghetto as is.

  • Marc Gruben

    The flat paint, dull wheels, slammed / stanced look… I think “salvage title, brake dust, Fiero kit car, etc”… things like that. There’s absolutely nothing attractive or cool about this car. Looks like a Fast & Furious pipe dream that ran out of funding

  • OMG I like this

  • Just 30 examples? Too much.

    Nice of them to have remembered 328 (to me infinitely cooler than 911, speaking of Singer comparison), but this does not look good. It looks like an unfinished F&F project from 2001.

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