Ford Fiesta Drives Through Red Light, Stops Into Pickup Truck

Even though the driver of the Ford Fiesta was one hundred percent at fault here, we can’t help but reiterate the importance of always being alert and aware of your surroundings when driving.

That’s because you never know who’s not paying attention, talking on their cellphone or in a rush to get somewhere. It only takes one inattentive driver to completely ruin your car and your day, if not worse, depending on how bad of a collision it is; and you might not be the one to blame, but you’re still involved in an accident. This one, thankfully, didn’t result in any serious injuries.

After digging around, we found out that the crash took place recently in Cranberry, Pennsylvania, and that the driver of the truck saying he had not spotted the Fiesta earlier.

“Saw him a split second too late. Between the A pillar and the Jeep whom I am glad saw him and avoided being involved, I didn’t see him quickly enough. Surprisingly, he just missed the Jeep. Not sure by how much, my rear cam shows them look at the wreck for a second and then drive off.”

As for what state the Fiesta driver was in, apparently the authorities did ask him if he was on drugs or drunk, as “he couldn’t answer simple questions such as what lane he was in.”

“Asked if he had a medical condition that could impair him, he said no. Couple minutes later one of the officers said “hey, are these EpiPen on your seat?” to the other driver. The other driver responded, “yeah, I’m a diabetic.”

Obviously, we have no way of knowing if this had anything to do with the accident or not and, in any case, that’s for the police to figure out.


  • joanna

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    • no25

      yep bc mountains and beaches are full of “net connections”

  • Jay

    awesome that the jeep noticed the incoming car, great driver right there. if everyone drove like that we’d have a lot less accidents.

  • lagann

    The guy on the jeep saw him (the Fiesta) because he had unobstructed view of the intersection while the red truck did not.

    That’s not to take away at the good attentiveness of the jeep driver though.

  • KAG25

    Wow, the Fiesta was at full speed

  • Paul Webster

    I cringe when bigger cars (or trucks) hit little cars. I have zero sympathy when little cars hit bigger cars (or trucks).

  • Paul

    Ouch. Too bad for the truck driver. This is why we always see some folks wait a moment or so before going into a just changed light if cars are close and coming on at speed still. I question the being totaled part though, too.

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