Hyundai Thinks The N Roadster Is A Joke, Doesn’t See Us Laughing

Hyundai’s idea of an April Fools’ Day prank is an N Roadster. The Korean company’s N performance division shared the digital image on its social media pages and got nothing but positive feedback, at the time of writing anyway.

The render is actually a couple of months old. It’s signed by YeonjoonPark, who has imagined what a hypothetical Mazda MX-5/Fiat 124 Spider rival made by Hyundai N, would look like.

It has a long hood, side air vents behind the front wheels, dual exhaust tips incorporated into the rear diffuser, large wing and fancy LED taillights joined together by a light strip.

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Whenever the two occupants don’t feel the need to look at the sky above, they can push a button and a two-piece hard top will cover the cockpit, although a soft top would probably be better, since it would keep the weight down.

All in all, the design looks exciting and we wouldn’t mind seeing it on the road. Unfortunately, outside the fantasy realm, this segment is too weak (in sales), these days, so it’s a tough call convincing Hyundai bean counters to fork out the necessary funds for research and development.

Unlike the front-wheel drive i30 N, i30 N Fastback and Veloster N, this would need to be a rear-wheel drive model, and that means either coming up with a new foundation or if possible, adapting an existing one from the group (i.e. from the Genesis G70). On top of that, the chassis would need to be reinforced to help it cope with the open top styling.

On a more positive note, the Korean might aim higher than the small roadster, as the Genesis brand could come up with a supercar, or at least that’s what reports have claimed in the past.


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  • Zed68
  • Six_Tymes

    really great idea. I would Definitely buy one, as long is was an N. make this, N only

    • MarineCorpsX

      …but what else Hyundai can install but 2.0 liter turbo.

  • AntBee

    YES‼️ N has my blessing!

  • sethspost

    Given todays date, even if a prank, Hyundai needs to move this to manufacturing.

  • DM

    I refuse to think this a joke, and I choose to believe that Hyundai is testing the waters.

  • Rzrlf

    Hyundai: Wouldn’t be funny if we teased a car people would want and have zero intention of making it?

    • Zed68

      Maybe… (I said maybe) they’re doing this to test our reactions…

  • Isaac Banaña

    it looks too well thought out to be a joke

  • lagunas3ca

    Nicer than Supra/Z4 by a long shot.

  • Jason Miller

    Designed and rendered by someone that doesn’t work for Hyundai. Don’t hold your breath.

    • Six_Tymes

      good point

  • ErnieB

    Please let this be real! This looks damn good..

  • bd0007

    Hyundai’s N-division is working on a halo bespoke model rumored to mid-engine w/ AWD.

    Genesis could end up doing a production version of the Essentia concept, but think a supercar would be some years down the road.

  • PK

    april fools or not. this is very creative! i would say go for it! what do hyundai have to lose? lol

  • alexxx

    make it…

  • MarineCorpsX

    …wow, it’s nice. Of course, without that stupid spoiler and air deflectors. But much better looking than my Honda S2000! 🙂

  • Mike anonymous

    I could see this being a great Z4 competitor. This could maybe be Hyundais’ answer (if they actually needed one) to the Toyota Supra. A Dedicated Halo “N” vehicle would certainly spark some enthusiasm for the sport brand/trim.

    A little bit of work here and there to the design, and I think that Hyundai could have something promising on their hands. It seems a little less like an April Fools joke, and more so as if the company is maybe trying to see the numbers of customer interest for actually building a vehicle, the likes of this coupe here.

  • Bige Lee

    A few years later… Hyundai: “SURPRISE! here is our own first roadster! based on the G70 platform.”

  • sidewaysspin

    They must start to do colours that you can change at a touch of a button because you soon get tired of the colour you choose for your car.

  • PK

    that doesn’t seems bad is it? hyundai is a conglomerate. losing a hundreds of millions is like $10 to them.

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