Man Killed In Massive Crash Caused By Challenger Driver Fleeing Police

A man has been killed and six others injured after a driver suspected of DUI who was attempting to flee from the police crashed his Dodge Challenger into two other cars in Atlanta.

WSB-TV Atlanta reports that a police trooper spotted the black Challenger at roughly 3:40 a.m. on Saturday morning driving the wrong way. The trooper immediately gave chase and the driver of the Dodge pulled onto I-75/85 south.

Shortly after, he slammed into a red Ford Expedition and a silver Nissan Altima. The impact was so severe, that a number of passengers in the Expedition were ejected from the vehicle. The driver and three rear-seat passengers sustained various injuries, while 28-year-old Juan Gispert, who was sitting in the front passenger seat of the Ford, was killed. Two passengers in the Altima were also injured.

Police report that the driver of the Challenger, Kahre Williams, fled the scene of the crash on foot and was later arrested. The 34-year-old, who reportedly has a history of 13 arrests, many of them related to traffic violations, hadn’t sustained any injuries.

Security camera footage shows the start of the chase, with the Dodge speeding down a busy street while being chased by the trooper. A video from WSBTV reveals the extent of the damage sustained to the vehicles involved in the accident, which is indeed shocking.

The massive crash forced authorities to shut down the road for several hours. When Williams was detained, he refused a blood test. Authorities say he was charged with second-degree murder, vehicular homicide, two counts of serious injury, felony fleeing and related traffic charges.

Note: The following video depicts images which some may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.


  • robotlogic

    That person died from being ejected because of NOT wearing their seat belt! How FN dumb do you have to be to not put on your seat belt?? The murder charges will be dropped because the person that died didn’t take personal responsibility to secure their own safely.

    • дапвт

      If the force is severe enough, seatbelt harness can fail. Especially in older cars.

      And chargers will never be dropped just because the victim didn’t wear a seatbelt. What law school did you go to?

      Way to blame a victim.

      • robotlogic

        A US law school comrade. Did you watch the video and see the explorer? It had minimal damage and side curtain airbags. A properly restrained person would of walked away from this accident. Yes, I’m totally blaming the victim if they were dumb enough to die from their own ignorance. The same results would of happened if they were hit by a grandpa having a heart attack, be ignorant suffer the consequences. You can’t blame others when hurt through your own ignorance.

        • Bo Hanan

          Sadly, its the cost of being out in public. You take your chances and you “should” do everything possible to protect yourself.

      • ErnieB

        This one will be hard to be Challenged.. get it charger and challenged?

        • brn

          Never explain your jokes.


    • ErnieB

      Wait.. you are blaming an innocent victim? I hope this guy gets a long time in jail to really think about what he did.. and you just sound like a complete DB.

      • robotlogic

        Yes, if you die because you are dumb enough NOT to wear your seat belt than you are at fault for your own death. If his death was 100% preventable and he decided to break federal seat belt law and died because of it, I don’t feel bad.

      • brn

        I’d say they share blame.

      • Bo Hanan

        He’s not blaming the innocent. He’s stating hard facts.

    • “..,.a number of passengers in the Expedition were ejected from the vehicle” “… 28-year-old Juan Gispert, who was sitting in the front passenger seat of the Ford, was killed” Where does it indicate that the deceased wasn’t wearing a seatbelt?

      • robotlogic

        It doesn’t need to say it, look at the video, the expedition is sitting on all 4 wheels and has very little damage. You don’t get tossed out of a vehicle unless you are NOT wearing your seatbelt or the vehicle is somehow split open.

    • BlackPegasus

      I hope people like you never get to sit on a criminal jury. Something is seriously wrong with your logic.

      • robotlogic

        Why? Because I don’t feel sorry for an adult that didn’t take 2 seconds to help protect themselves from personal injury or death? I go by the bigger idiot theory as to finding fault. The guy that wasn’t wearing his seatbelt would of died no matter what circumstances caused that vehicle to roll over. Could of been someone had a heart attack and clipped them or maybe a tire blew out.
        Maybe the driver overcorrected after the impact and he caused the roll over.
        No matter the cause of the accident was his death preventable through reasonable and obtainable means and the answer is yes. Accidents happen, wear your G_DAMN seat belts people!

  • Six_Tymes

    It always seems the innocent gets killed by the DBAGs

    • salamOOn

      right? and im so angry every time it ends this way.

    • Jay

      Yea it sucks, drunk drivers are hardly even hurt during accidents. On second thought, maybe they all are hurt mentally. They have to live with the fact they severely hurt or killed someone while they were drunk.

  • Dylan Wentworth

    So if I got this right, the drunk in the challenger wasn’t going the wrong way until the cops started chasing him?

    • baofe

      Had the cop not chased, he could have injured other innocent people. This might have been one of the worst possible outcomes but in no way would I blame the cops trying to pull over a drunk driver.

    • Jason Miller

      “…a police trooper spotted the black Challenger at roughly 3:40 a.m. on Saturday morning driving the wrong way.”

      He was already going the wrong way when the trooper spotted him.

      • Dylan Wentworth

        Going the wrong way where? On the interstate or on some downtown 1 way street?

        • Dude

          Why are you making the distinction? If it was some small 1 way how could a cop have escalated the chance?

          • Dylan Wentworth

            The reason I ask is because the early footage captured on surveillance camera shows them on a surface street. Thus I assumed that it wasn’t until the chase ended up on the interstate that the assailant was going against oncoming traffic.

    • (⌐■_■)

      should have just sniped him to death right?

      • Dylan Wentworth

        There are times that a car chase endangers a lot more people than the original offense.

        • (⌐■_■)

          as well as letting someone who was arrested 13 times to continue to live on… no?

          • Dylan Wentworth

            No, there are other ways to reach the assailant than chasing them and endangering the public. The car was registered to the assailant, was it not?

  • kachuks

    Life in prison with parole in about 40 years. In general pop. with all the murderers and rapists.

  • Mr. EP9

    POS got someone killed because he wanted to be reckless and irresponsible. I hope he never sees the light of day.

  • Bo Hanan

    The Police are responsible.
    20 years ago this used to happen in Colorado all the time. A bystander was caught in the crossfire and killed. His family sued the Police and won. New law says; “police are personally responsible if they use bad judgement and give chase where innocent could be harmed. The Police have to know when to back off if the chase puts others in harms way. And yes, the driver who hit the Ford is responsible too.

  • Ben

    In many countries, such as Japan, police do not continue to chase a vehicle that is extremely reckless or speeding at a high rate of speed. The probability is already high that driver will crash, chasing them with lights and sirens at high speed almost makes a crash a certainty. The same can be said for most police encounters. If a suspect runs from you, chase him. Some cops let their bullets do the leg work from them. You really have to ask the question, was it worth endangering the suspect, bystanders and yourself for someone doing petty crimes?

  • Dude

    At least 13 previous drug and traffic arrests. How was he not rotting in prison already?

    • BlackPegasus

      Because the criminal justice system in the United States is broken. Judges and prosecutors are elected which means the system reeks of politics, favoritism and abuse. Justice is only served when the victim is related to someone of power, or influence. (and sometimes that’s not even enough). 😒

  • Dylan Wentworth

    Or perhaps they can run the tag and see that the car wasn’t stolen and then have a unit waiting for the driver when they got home.

  • Paul

    The guy needs to spend the rest of his life thinking about it behind bars.

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