Police Cruiser Vs. PT Cruiser: Lawman Wins Inadvertent Duel

When it comes to running a red light, nobody’s impervious to making mistakes, not even police officers, as demonstrated recently by the driver of a Richmond County Sheriff’s Office cruiser.

Dashcam footage from another vehicle shows how the Sheriff’s deputy ran the red without even using its emergency lights, which is a big no-no. According to the Augusta Chronicle, Georgia State Patrol is still investigating the matter.

By ignoring the light (and/or forgetting to use the emergency lights), the deputy crashed into a Chrysler PT Cruiser, causing it to impact another vehicle and flip over. The cammer also slammed into the police vehicle, albeit at low speed. The accident took place Monday evening around 6:20 PM at the intersection of Jones and 15th street, in Augusta, Georgia.

As a result, both the deputy as well as the driver of the PT Cruiser were taken to local hospitals.

“I just ran this curb here and was going to go across, the light was already green when I came into view,” said James “Buddy” Ray, the driver of the dashcam car. “The PT Cruiser went upside down and I locked my brakes and I caught the back end of his car.”

Ultimately, this is a truly unfortunate incident. Running a red light and hitting another car is one thing, but for that other car to flip over onto its roof and slide across the asphalt like that… it just goes to show how one mistake can be compounded into something far more serious while in traffic.


  • TheAmerican2point0

    Probably did it on purpose- nobody likes PT Cruisers

  • Paul

    The tale of two cruisers, PT and Police.

  • Thunderbolt

    It took me 35 seconds to complete the investigation, why is Georgia State Patrol still investigating?

    • brn

      Because there’s more to an investigation than watching a youtube video.

  • Knotmyrealname

    Every time I see these sorts of videos it makes me sick to think that a child could be in the car (in this case the PT). I know it happens every minute, but it still is awful.

  • Craig

    It took 15 seconds for help to arrive.

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