Police Take Down 14 Y.O. Suspected Car Thief As His Mazda Flips Over During Chase

A 14-year old car thief was apprehended by authorities in Florida after stealing a 2015 Mazda6 and leading Pasco Sheriff’s deputies on a chase that ended with the Mazda sedan flipping over.

The suspect was first identified by a lone deputy who initiated the pursuit. After switching lanes and avoiding traffic, the vehicle eventually crashed and the young boy escaped on foot. In the end, he was caught and charged with grand theft auto and criminal mischief.

According to deputies, the middle schooler stole the keys to the car from Golden Oldies Auto Sales in Hudson, and then proceeded to steal one of their vehicles, driving straight through the metal rope blocking the parking lot and fleeing south on US Highway 19.

In the end, we’re glad to see that nobody was seriously injured or worse, even though being inside that Mazda saloon as it rolled over surely led to some bumps and bruises. Still, the car’s airbags did their job, protecting the young perpetrator just as they would any other person on-board.

As for the state of the car following the crash, chances are there’s no fixing it. Besides, once you’ve rolled a vehicle over onto its roof, especially at speed, you can pretty much kiss it goodbye as far as ever seeing it look good as new again. So we’re guessing this is a clear write-off.


  • Christian

    No one saw that coming… The kid was bLAck?

    • brn

      Christian, I understand what you’re trying to say, but simple statements like that only hurt your objective. It doesn’t help at all.

    • paulgdeaton

      Your name is obviously not indicative of your attitude.

  • charlie bear

    You better stop you little f**….I am gonna chase you mother f**. Lol. I am glad the officer took him down.

  • Mr. EP9

    Flordia man’s delinquent son?


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