New Tesla Model X Crashes Going Up Mountain, Was Autopilot System Slow To React?

This troubling crash took place on a winding road and according to the driver, the car’s Autopilot system was to blame. However, without a proper investigation into what happened, we can’t be 100% certain that the driver didn’t do something wrong.

Let’s begin by analyzing what we have: A 2018 Tesla Model X with the Autopilot system allegedly engaged while driving on a winding road. As it approaches an S bend, the car appears slow to react and nearly drives off the road, which could have ended tragically given the landscape.

As per the description of the video, the driver “had hands on the wheel the whole time and was very engaged (because of the mountain terrain), corrected a wrong turn the Autopilot was going before the crash. After the last corner, fighting the control over from the accelerating Autopilot resulted in crash.”

Thankfully, the driver and all the passengers weren’t harmed, despite the car eventually slamming into the side of the road.

So choppy English aside, the description alleges that the driver was forced to correct what the Autopilot was doing. While we can neither confirm nor deny that was actually the case, we do find it curious that prior to the S bend, the car begins to drift over the yellow markings in the middle of the road – for the first time since the beginning of the clip.

This type of behavior might indicate that the Autopilot system could have disengaged, which according to Tesla can happen if the driver applies pressure to the steering wheel or brake pedal.

What do you think happened?

  • Howfarr

    Difficult, I mean…
    If it was the autopilots fault, the driver is a moron for trusting it on difficult roads
    If it was the drivers fault, the driver is still a moron

  • DanSemering

    People are stupid to test this system on themselves !

    • no25

      and on a mountain with a curvy road!

  • Aren’t you supposed to use this only on a highway? How can you blame something that is not meant to do a certain job. That’s like blaming a manual transmission for not changing gears automatically.

    • Mike anonymous

      …”blaming a manual transmission for not changing gears automatically.”

      (lol) Ok, You @somenameIhavetouse:disqus good sir, get an up-vote.

  • ch2856

    That’s is why smart cruise control must be integrated with GPS/map system. In some German cars and Cadillac that’s how it works.

    • anonymousOne7234

      Right and I would never use smart cruise control on twisty roads or roads were construction works are made.
      Cause you need intelligence with the brakes, throttle and steering to drive through twisty roads.
      After the first “braking” the systems (any systems) would disengage as the brakes deactivate the cruise control and the “autopilot”.
      So this guy really forced an accident…sorry for him, but he is the responsible behind the wheel. Not the car.

  • anonymousOne7234

    Most stupid thing to have the autopilot engaged on a twisty road.
    Sorry…but first of all: Don’t call it autopilot, cause people are stupid.
    Second: Don’t use it on any twisty road. No system to date can handle this.

  • nastinupe

    I saw the issue, the highway dipped in the curve (2:27) and the scanners didn’t pick up the elevation change and couldn’t read the blind curve. Humans understand this and fill in the blanks and use the view of the area as an indicator as to how the road will bend.

  • Salih Ahzem

    Why oh why use “Autopilot” on a nice scenic route like this? Tired of too many great drives?

    • Aeromann

      Yep, they are tired from life.

  • salamOOn

    what a dumb tool….. and by that i dont mean an “autopilot”.

    • D3X

      What a dumb name… and I mean “autopilot”.

      • Mike anonymous

        It should be simply called “Advanced Cruise Control” because simply put, That is what it is.

      • Aeromann

        They should call it “automoron”.

  • дапвт

    The idiot should be happy he didn’t go over on the right.

  • Ben

    I honestly only click on these articles and scroll to the bottom to watch the inevitable ICE Vs. Electric wars in the comment section.

    • Mike anonymous


  • tdenton1138

    1. Autopilot is only certified for Highway/Freeway.
    2. I test my M3’s autopilot in all sorts of situations outside that box. In town, curvy roads, etc while maintaining high vigilance to help train the neural net system faster.
    3. I would never ever post a video of myself being dumb if #2 above led to a crash. 100% operator error.

  • Mr. EP9

    Ah yes, blame autopilot for the millionth time. What an idiot driver.

  • Bill Nguyen

    Who the hell engages autopilot on a winding road??

  • ace_9

    I blame driving schools. They would give a license to anyone for money. Majority of people is not capable of handling the car and the more technology the car has, the worse. Because no-one bothers to educate himself about working principles of a car and all the assistants. They just sit in it with their sub 80 IQ and flaunt their “skill” on public roads.

    • Jason Miller

      Getting a license should require passing a performance driving course.

      • ace_9

        Driving fast on a closed circuit does not teach much about different types of mechanical principles used in cars, about the importance of looking around, using mirrors and predicting things. And it also does not ensure that the person is mentally stable enough, has high enough IQ and so on. Driving fast on a driving course is a very limited skill that does not apply that well into common traffic.

        • 80 degrees..

          A strong test of eye-hand coordination and understanding of brake force, turn-in, reflexes, etc would not be a bad start

  • Cassie Zhang

    As a Tesla MS owner, autopilot doesnt work properly on winding road! The driver is to blame. I scratched the curb the other day when my car was on autopilot and the road lane wasnt clearly marked. My car was following the one infront and the road narrowed in a little, so the computer didnt detect it, and was still going straight. Thank God there was lots traffic, I was going around 20ish…

  • Craig

    Why ANYONE would think that letting go of the steering wheel and allowing a computer to ‘do it’s best to keep you from dying’ would be RELAXING is beyond me.

  • tecnocato

    This was most likely NOT AutoPilot. • audio removed and all dash cams record audio; • not the source, not linked/credited; • you have to be crazy on a road like that to use any kind of ”cruise control”. Audio would have confirmed the operation but was conveniently removed and where is the source? This appears to be just a bad driver crashing.

  • Aeromann

    No, Moronpilot is better in this case. 😂

  • RussellL

    Driver over corrected when the car was on the right shoulder at the 2:26 mark.
    Looks like they didn’t even hit the brakes.
    They were on their way to Yosemite.

  • Nick099

    Ahhhh.. let the excuses to defend Tesla begin…

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Somebody just found a good excuse to justify lack of skills by blaming automation. Very soon we’ll blame robots and automation for everything. Just matter of time.

  • FunctionForm

    ..or was the owner just driving too fast. My guess is they were driving too fast.

  • Harry_Wild

    Speed limit is 20 mph! Autopilot reads speed markers! I think driver is at fault!

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