Tesla Model X Owner Blames ‘Confused’ Autopilot For Running Off Highway

A Tesla Model X driver claims the electric SUV he was driving in Middlesex County, New Jersey veered off a motorway and crashed due to an issue with Autopilot.

NJ reports that the driver told police that he was unable to override the semi-autonomous driving system as it ran off the road and sustained extensive damage. Authorities haven’t charged the driver with any offences and didn’t say why the driver thought Autopilot had malfunctioned.

“The vehicle could have gone straight or taken the Adams Lane exit, but instead split the difference and went down the middle, taking the vehicle off the roadway and striking several objects at the roadside. The (Tesla owner) states that he tried to regain control of the vehicle, however it would not let him,” police said in a report.

This story is far from over…

After being informed about the incident, Tesla issued a response stating that there hasn’t been a single recorded instance where Autopilot failed to disengage.

“Safety is the top priority at Tesla, and we engineer and build our cars with this in mind. We also ask our customers to exercise safe behavior when using our vehicles, including following the car’s instructions for remaining alert and present when using Autopilot and to be prepared to take control at all times. A driver can easily override Autopilot by lightly touching the steering wheel or brakes.

“Moreover, the brakes have an independent bypass circuit that cuts power to the motor no matter what the Autopilot computer requests and the steering wheel has enough leverage for a person to overpower the electric steering assist at all times. Since we launched Autopilot in 2015, we are not aware of a single instance in which Autopilot refused to disengage,” Tesla’s statement read.

As it typically the case with incidents of this sort, Tesla will most likely analyze data from the crashed Model X to determine the cause of the crash.


  • Kash

    Everytime a Tesla gets into an accident the driver is never at fault, they always blame Autopilot, then ya’ll write ANOTHER article about it and give it till this time tomorrow and you’ll have the slew of typical comments on these articles: “Autopilot is a stupid name! No wonder people crash while using it so often!” “Shame on Tesla for their poor naming skills!” “Autopilot should be banned!” etc.

    Then you have the people who defend Tesla regardless and pretty much their comments boil down to “Tesla said that couldn’t’ve happened so it didn’t. Period.” Then, lastly there’s those of us who realize that Autopilot probably wasn’t on, the driver is just an idiot and was probably texting and driving and while the name of the program is horrible, people need to be held accountable for their own actions and if they misuse a program like cruise control or autopilot alike and their car is at fault for the accident then they need to be the one held accountable, not Tesla and people need to quit trying to run this con already, it don’t work. Tesla monitors too much data from these cars, they know all the details of where, when, and how their vehicles travel the world, especially in accidents.

    • Bash

      I agree 100%.

      • Kash


  • Mr. EP9

    Another moron in a Tesla who can’t drive and blames autopilot. What a surprise.

  • Trocadero

    I have owned a Tesla Model S for 2 years and do not use the”Auto Pilot.” I am not happy using cruise control & don’t trust the park assist gizmo in my wife’s VW Tiguan, so no way am I using this gimmick! .

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

      LOL okay grandpa.

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