This Is How President Donald Trump’s Motorcade Rolls

Whenever the President of the United States travels, he is surrounded by an army of security personnel to ensure he remains safe. President Donald Trump’s motorcade exemplifies how seriously the Secret Service takes security.

The following video was captured in the U.S. and shows just how much effort it takes to transport one man safely through the streets of a city.

Trump’s motorcade starts with a number of police motorcyclists who clear the road and make sure that all other motorists grind to a halt. Following these motorcycles comes a lone Ford Taurus police car and directly behind it is ‘The Beast.’ POTUS actually has a pair of heavily-armored Cadillacs which he alternates between and the two always drive together. One of these Cadillacs transports the president and both are loaded with weapons and two pints of Trump’s blood type, just in case something goes wrong.

After the two special Cadillacs come no less than six SUVs with flashing lights, most of which are kitted-out Chevrolet Suburbans. Behind them follows a black-out hazmat truck. The President’s motorcade is then completed by one final black SUV and a final police car. The motorcade often includes more than 30 motorcycles and many more vehicles than those captured in this recent footage.

As you can imagine, it is very expensive for the President to travel. In fact, estimates assert that the trip between the White House and the U.N Headquarters in New York costs U.S. taxpayers about $156,820, or $2,614 per minute. This trip includes a motorcade, a helicopter flight, and a plane flight onboard Air Force One, Jalopnik reports.


  • Jay

    Such a frickin waste of cash. I admit, it does look cool though.

    • LJ

      He should just Skype into UN meetings.

      • Da Only Skid

        Everyone should and have holograms also…so futuristic. It’s time we move forward.

      • Enter Ranting

        He should just stay home and yell at the TV. Nobody wants him at the UN meetings.

        • LJ

          To be fair, no one wants anyone at the worthless UN.

  • Sargeant

    Just like an African Dictator!

    • benT

      your brains have fallen out.

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      President Maboza Ritchie?

    • Cobrajet

      Not nice way to describe Obama.

  • TRB0T0Y

    That’s pretty wicked! And in today’s sad state of society, where terrorists and twats alike can UBER themselves into massacre and murder, this sort of escort is indeed needed.
    I must admit, however, this ain’t nuthin’ compared to a consulate lady from China. I was privileged to observe her visit to my city, And her convoy included a similar Caddy, a DTS with 5″ thick windows… … followed by a ‘Burban with two men, legs askew, armed with assault rifles, tailgate wide open aht the highway. Custom forged leg rests off the rear bumper! Cheers to that too!

  • benT

    ALL Presidents of the USA travel like this in every country that is visited.

    It is called security for that level of relevance to the operation of a democracy.

    You know DO know that only one vehicle of the several carries the actual President and that that actual unit he is in is a state secret which changes from one trip to the next ?

    You might also find that Air Force One is not just 1 aircraft too.

  • One of the bikes has a side car. Wonder what’s in it.

    • Knotmyrealname

      Spare orange paint.

  • Merc1

    Nothing like making sure the orange moron gets to his golf course on time.


    • BGM

      I hear you brother. Or how about the mulatto idiot getting to AF1 to take yet another trip to Hawaii?

      • Matt

        That’s any President’s privilege. Never seen the word ‘mulatto’ used before…

        • Da Only Skid

          Mulatto is interesting….wonder if his Ancestry DNA was made public.

          • Matt

            Why would it be made public?

    • Carl Sloan

      What’s your problem with DT, exactly?


  • BGM

    Honestly as presidential motorcades go this is very restrained. This is the sort of thing Valerie Jarred had. I’ve seen motorcades that had more vehicles in it than a mall parking lot. The brokest nation in history ladies and gentlemen…

  • Da Only Skid

    Was at the 50th NATO Summit in DC on duty. This is tame, at least they are going with traffic instead of jumping the median and going in to traffic with the PD splitting lanes. Was an interesting ride for sure.

  • Knotmyrealname

    He’s actually riding the 2nd bike.

  • Enter Ranting

    You’re clearly not paying attention.

    • Carl Sloan

      I had a post blocked for that word, Einstein. I had to change it to DT.

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