You Know You Want This 10K-Mile 1994 Supra Turbo – But Can You Afford It?

Who would have thought that, one day, a used Toyota Supra A80, a sports car not considered the rarest or most prized of collectibles, would go for crazy money?

Well, right now, pristine fourth-generation Supras do change hands for over $100,000. And that’s the case with this eBay find as well, a 1994 Supra Twin Turbo that has covered only 10,090 miles (16,238 km) from new that’s got an asking price of $124,900.

This white Supra is in all-original condition — a very important thing to consider since not many Supra A80 examples have escaped the tuning frenzy. Let’s not forget that the Japanese sports car became a poster child for custom cars after starring in the original The Fast and the Furious movie, though tuners have been messing with it way before the FF hit the big screen.

This particular example has had the same owner for 25 years from new. Why the very low mileage, you ask? Well, the seller used it “lightly” and stored the car “in a temperature controlled environment with the wheels off.” While the owner claims the car is “as new and original as the day it left the factory” (it certainly looks like it in the photos), cars that don’t get used regularly might have some rubber issues.

We’re not talking about the tires (it goes without saying that if those are the original tires they need to be replaced ASAP), but about rubber components such as gaskets, seals, and hoses that will have to be checked and, if necessary, replaced. One does not have to be an expert to realize what a quarter of a century with very little use can result to that, unless it’s actually been extremely well taken care of.

With that out of the way, this 1994 Supra comes with all original books, window sticker, tags, and tools still in their original plastic pouch. Why, the keys still feature the original rubber advertising key chain from the Toyota dealer. A true time capsule, if there was one.

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  • Bash

    I have never seen how a launch of a new car can push the prices of an older version of the same car to the sky that high before. Dear Toyota, doesn’t that tell you something? Anything!

    • Da Only Skid

      This is the first thing I thought of. Having a MkIV sell at this price does not help Toyota monetarily. What it should do is slap them in the face with a reality glove and show them how badly they screwed up the new gen when it comes to the MkIII/IV fan base.

      • Mr Mister

        I’m not sure I’d read much into it in response to the new Supra. Collectors have gone crazy and I think the car market has become like paintings in that there’s likely a lot of fraud (not necessarily the cars, but rather people laundering money, while obtaining assets that they’ve gamed the market so that prices keep jumping up because you’re not losing money) causing the prices to skyrocket.

        That’s not to say the new Supra is perfect (far from it).

        • BL

          you are incorrect and I’ll tell you why, you’ve made no considerations towards time and people aging NONE. Here is what is happening people who grew up in that era (Late 80’s early 90′) now have money. And these people with money now want/desire something that is from their childhood. Simple as that…

  • TheBelltower

    Whatever. Looks like a puffy marshmallow.

  • SteersUright

    Never a classic to me, never will be. Looks bulbous and unattractive. Sure, it had great performance for its day and could be tuned to the sky, and? So can many a Honda Civic & Prelude of old. Today, a Camaro SS can kill it on a track and damn near anywhere else.

    • Mr Mister

      I don’t think it even had great performance for the day ( it wasn’t awful, but a Camaro SS/Mustang Cobra from that time outperformed it I believe while I think costing less?), and the tuning it to the sky wasn’t nearly as common either.

  • Eagle By Singer

    Nah, I don’t want it

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