2020 Supra: These Are Some Things Toyota Did To Prepare It For Tuners

One of the reasons why the fourth-generation Toyota Supra became such a legend was how popular it proved in the aftermarket world. Knowing this, Toyota has designed the all-new Supra to be ready for modifications straight out of the factory.

Motor Trend reports that chief engineer Tetsuya Tata and his team went to the trouble of creating the new Supra so it can be made faster and handle even better with minimal effort.

At the front, for example, the team behind the Japanese sports car loaded the fascia with air intakes large enough to ensure modified examples get enough air if tuning companies want to turn up the boost. Toyota then simply blocked off the excess intakes with black plastic which the standard car doesn’t need. All tuners need to do is fit different grille inserts free of this plastic to increase the amount of air the car can suck in.

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Elsewhere, Toyota incorporated air ducts near the front wheel arches to extract air which is being sucked in from the front. These air ducts are blocked off from the factory but they can be simply popped out and replaced with functional ones. The company’s engineers also designed small air intakes directly below the headlights.

The intakes aren’t needed for the stock car but once again, they can be easily swapped out for functional ones and just like that, cool air will flow over the front brakes. It is a similar story for the rear brakes where Toyota intentionally incorporated a faux intake in the doors which can be replaced with a functional one.

The Japanese carmaker also considered the additional cooling which may be needed by the limited-slip differential when tuning companies start to increase power of the sports car. As such, they made sure to leave room for a heat-exchanger and plumbing lines. They even went to the trouble of installing a mounting location for these parts.

At the rear, the Supra’s decklid incorporates reinforcements under the composite skin which means a wing can be easily fitted with its forces transferred safely through the bodywork. It even features pre-tapped holes in the strut towers and radiator supports so strut-tower bracing can be easily fitted.

And to think some enthusiasts are still yet to be won over by the new Supra…

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  • Da Only Skid

    “Enthusiasts aren’t won over?” Has not a thing to do with tunability or the crevices they provided. Seems they knew it was a sh*t car to begin with. Yes it makes it easier for tuners but hey did Ford put its Excursion on rails and leave opening underneath for tunability? (Probably should have.). Your suggestion is fraught with BS. Toyota knew this vehicle could never man up to those who look at the MkIV as the Toyota godsend. Nothing more needs to be said. Just as an empty souls saying “yes, we f’d up, look at these areas we made for your mods…because we suck and can’t comprehend tradition or people.” Good day Tada, enjoy the meaningless pile of sh*t you signed off on.

    • Stealth333

      Amen! +1 haha

    • Netsphere

      i shall follow you +1

    • SpongeBob99Swell

      “the MkIV as the Toyota godsend”

      You mean the Fast and Furious godsend. This car will guaranteed be spinning circles all over it. Hence that it’s engineering even gives LFAs and GT86s a run for their money.

  • Mr. EP9

    Sounds like grasping at straws or to simply justify certain design choices if you ask me. Whatever the case, like with the GT86 and BRZ, the aftermarket will improve on the original. Let’s hope for Toyota’s sake it doesn’t share the same fate as the twins did where they sold well initially but people lost interest over the years and now sales are in the gutter. It would make the MR2 even harder to justify.

  • ErnieB

    hmm Porsche 718, Ftype or this? Lol.. I don’t know about you but the 718 would be my choice hands down..

    • baofe

      1. Porsche 718 Cayman
      2. F Type just for that exhaust note
      3. This BMW

      • SpongeBob99Swell

        Stop whining and crying with unoriginal jokes about Toyota offering a great successor at an affordable cost with an intelligent and practical development strategy by co-development which is best for both parties involved as well as profitable development costs. They co-developed the platform and engine and then spent years/alone/creating their own car with it. At the end of the day, the new Supra has the Toyota badge on it, which means it’s up to their standards, which no mere BMW has. If you prefer the MKIV Supra, then congratulations because it still exists, too. Just try not to get upset about the Yamaha engine and German stick shift optional combo since that might ruin it for you. We get it, you wanted Toyota to invest over half a billion dollars in development of another JZ platform that will power one car and will sell in very limited numbers. It would’ve been priced in the $100k range and then you would really be crying.

        • Eagle By Singer

          You acknowledged that it was a joke, and then went into detail about the logistics behind it….

    • SpongeBob99Swell

      1. GR Supra.
      2. 718 Cayman.
      3. F-Type.

  • but how much power can the BMW engine take?

  • eb110americana

    I am certain you will not be driving to a track and popping them out trackside like say, the vents over the front wheels of a Viper ACR. You will be removing bumpers and large parts of the body work to take the vents out. And they never said they were ducted, or even open, so there will likely be some trimming involved. With that much effort, anything could really be a vent if you want it to. So hey, we put huge fake rear vents on the Civic because we knew the aftermarket would be installing a rear diffuser, so we even made room. There you go. PR spin can be used to justify most anything. Believe what you want.

  • SteersUright

    Too bad they didnt make the panels detachable and replaceable.

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