2020 Toyota Supra Video Review Roundup: A Great Sports Car Burdened By A Famous Name

The all-new, fifth-generation Toyota Supra is finally here after more than two decades and is now facing scrutiny from automotive journalists, bloggers, and vloggers from all over the world.

U.S. and European media outlets have already had the chance to get up close and personal with the new Supra and their video reviews have started flooding YouTube.

We’ve selected six of them for you to watch in the playlist below but be aware that there many more available to watch on the popular streaming platform. So what are we to learn from these reviews, then?

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First of all, the 2020 Toyota Supra is a great sports car. It handles superbly both on the track and the road, it’s nimble, fast, and its looks won’t let anyone indifferent. Judge it by any standard applicable to sports cars and the new Supra is up there with the best of the segment.

However, it’s not a perfect car, as you can imagine. Actually, if there’s one thing you can be sure about the Supra it’s the fact that it splits opinions. For example, some reviewers like its wild design; others, not so much. In some videos, the ride was judged a bit stiff while in others the ride quality was deemed as offering just the right balance between handling precision and ride comfort.

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Let’s face it, the new Toyota Supra can’t possibly cater to everyone’s tastes and it (probably) won’t ever be good enough for Supra Mk4 aficionados who resent its BMW Z4 M40i underpinnings. But those unbiased customers who only judge a sports car for what it is will likely love the 2020 Supra.


  • Kyle Newberry

    I think much of the issue is that people just think that Toyota just took everything from BMW. Toyota helped make the Chassis, tore down the engine to check for reliability, and then once the chassis was developed both teams split from each other. Toyota took the easy stuff from BMW, like the interior, but everything was done to Toyota spec.

    • Matteo Tommasi

      You forgot that the car has been totally developed by BMW. It has been spied several times in Germany, driven by BMW testers, alongside other BMWs, with all the BMW test vehicles markers. Only thin done by Toyota was the styling (and money to develop the platform).

      • ctk4949

        That is not true, Toyota tuned the suspension, gearbox, and engine. People who have drove both say, they do not drive the same.

      • Ben

        You’re spreading lies and it will catch up to you. People on the internet aren’t dumb. There are various sources detailing just how much work Toyota put in the new Supra.

  • TheBelltower

    A great sports car… engineered by BMW. No one’s saying that it isn’t a great car. People are saying that it’s ugly and that it it’s a bit of a fraud with a Supra badge.

  • ErnieB

    So aside from the name and shell .. what’s Toyota? The tuning? This was just a Supra lazy attempt by Toyota..

  • ctk4949

    Id rather have a fun driving sports car, than something that can only go str8 fast. If you want one of those, there are plenty of American muscle cars for you. lol

    The MKIV Supra was not made famous for going around corners.

    • FlameWater

      Most of the ridiculous comments here can be summed up to (I want Porsche 911 performance for $30k)

      • ctk4949

        Exactly, if you want more performance. Im sure there will be engine tunes for this car.
        Toyota may have underrated the engine. Just like BMW does, I wanna see some dyno tests. Some car magazines are getting 0-60 times of 3.8secs.

  • Ben

    It’ll be fine. Eventually, all the haters who were never going to buy one who complained about it will go about their life. Every now and then, they’ll see one at a gas station and think “wow, that’s not bad lookin”, but hop in their Camry and tell their GF “That Toyota is basically a BMW underneath…lame, right?! Oh, can you chip in for gas?”

  • Vassilis

    Except the Supra is probably nicer to drive. More of a sports car.

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