2020 VW Golf 8 Reveals Its Digital Cockpit In Official Rendering Ahead Of October Debut

During the annual shareholder meeting, Volkswagen has revealed more juicy details about the new generation Golf. For the first time, they have also provided a first look inside.

Compared to its predecessor, the cabin has a completely different layout, with a central screen that tries to merge with the digital gauges and a radical reduction of physical buttons. The lower side of the dashboard incorporates the slim air vents, separated in the middle by a few buttons.

Volkswagen Golf Mk7

The center console has a couple of storage spaces, including one that appears to feature a wireless charging pad for compatible mobile devices. The gear selector appears to have been redesigned -gone is the traditional lever in automatic models-  and continues to be found next to the electric parking brake. There’s a new multi-function steering wheel, too. Expect revised trim and plusher materials that will help the new Golf carry on its legacy into the next decade.

Volkswagen has teased the exterior of the car as well in another official sketch, revealing what we already knew, thanks to previous spy shots: an evolutionary design with new headlights flanking the slim grille and more muscular bonnet. The sloping roofline is there for dramatization purposes only, as the hatchback won’t go down the ‘coupe’ lane.

According to the German automaker, the Golf Mk8 will be unveiled in October, during an internal event hosted in Wolfsburg.

The engine family will continue to include petrol and diesel units, as well as a CNG model. For the first time, though, it will get a 48-volt mild hybrid powertrain. A plug-in hybrid variant has also been announced, with a claimed electric range of 80 km (50 miles) on a single charge.


  • Alpina

    Interesting, the era of “stick the tablet onto the central console” is over.

    • wintergraan

      But VW has never followed this trend 😉

      • Alpina

        True, but now VW has done it right, everyone will follow.

        • Javokhir_Sam

          Maybe VW is following BMW

          • Alpina

            Maybe BMW is following Mercedes 🙂

          • Javokhir_Sam


        • StrangerGP

          I wouldn’t say so. Some brands integrate the infotainment screens into the central console, some don’t. Also it’s much easier to stick it on top because you can offer different infotaiment screen sizes (or don’t offer them at all) without compromising the rest of the console.

          • Alpina

            True, did not think in that direction. Mazda did it very good MOM with new 3 series, with or without (hypothetically) info screen will look good.

      • McFly

        They will, with the ID hatch.

        And they have it in their blood. Audi was one of the first with an ugly tablet growing out of the dashboard, and both the VW ID Buzz and Crozz are suffering from the glued tablet syndrome.

  • Alx

    Love that new interior… super cool! It really out to have a very evolved voice command interface.

  • Jason Panamera

    These screens remind me of BMW screens.

    • PK

      ik right! even tho i’m sick and tired of bmw’s typical same interior design language wise but they do it and function it better!

  • ME

    So far it’s up there with the new Mazda 3 interior, but we need to wait to see it in person.
    The ID.3 still makes more sense though for the US market as a Golf replacement.

  • erly5

    Looks cool for this class of car. If only the exterior was going to look this good!

  • Meskley

    The steering wheel also has the new logo

  • Sébastien

    Take that Mercedes, this is innovative design
    …. Oh wait /s

    But a transparent steering wheel would be cool

  • Look very nice. Now if they can only put this new interior in the Arteon! ?

  • Fuego!!

  • SteersUright

    Stunning to think VW can make this amazing interior available on a Golf while GM has yet to make a decent interior on even their highest Cadillac models. Same holds true for many others though. VW group truly making the worlds best cars these days.

  • Marc Gruben

    The interior is stunning but I shudder to think of the repair cost to these digital cockpits once the warranty has expired. As for the tablet look, it’s much easier to swap out a “tablet” if the display goes bad. Also much easier for the manufacturer to upgrade it when new, higher resolution screens become available. They won’t have to redesign the entire dashboard

    • Christian Wimmer

      I’d wager these digital screens are more reliable and eventually cheaper to fix/repair than old-school analog cockpits. 😉

      And, as you said, these digital screens are gonna be easier to update once the latest tech comes along. I’m already lusting for that Mario-kart game update for MBUX. 😀

      • Marc Gruben

        You can’t update refresh rates, pixel pixel density, resolution. That requires a hardware swap and it’s a lot easier to replace a “tablet” than it is to disassemble an entire dashboard. Plus, when newer tech comes along, old tech depreciates even more rapidly. VW, and all the other Germans, doesn’t need even more rapid depreciation. Look at GM’s CUE system, Mercedes’ COMAND, BMW’s iDrive…Ford SYNC. Once something new comes along, the old tech is undesirable.

        And if you suffer from an electrical or computer problem in a Kraut Kruiser, it always costs way more than what you have in your wallet. The tech is cool but there’s something to be said for simplicity, something the “People’s Car” should strive for. I don’t want to be stuck with a $3000 repair bill because my tach glitched out and I need an entire new screen to replace it.

        • Christian Wimmer

          The world is so globalized and these car companies often use electronics, computers etc. not made in their home country.

          For example, the digital display in my new A250 is made by nVidia and not by Mercedes-Benz.

    • Matt

      You won’t have to redesign the entire dashboard… the screens are simply a module that lifts off the dashboard frame. You could easily take it off and fit an updated module further down the car’s lifecycle.

      • Marc Gruben

        Assuming that the original vendor makes the updated screen(s) in the same size as the current one, I’ll agree. But what do you think that genuine “German parts” dash display, regardless of its country of origin, will cost?

  • Enter Ranting

    It’s telling that the designers include the glare on the touchscreen in their renderings. You’d think they might also want to cover it with fingerprints while they’re at it.


  • Six_Tymes

    wow to those renders, really impressive design work.

  • sidewaysspin

    I’m liking this new Golf a lot.

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