50 Cars, Including Classic Camaros And Corvettes, Destroyed At HBO Filming Set In NY

Approximately 50 vintage cars, including 1990s Chevy Corvette and Camaros at the 613 Automotive facility in Ellenville, New York have been destroyed by a blaze. The dealership was being used as a location to film a new HBO mini-series starring Mark Ruffalo, ABC7 News reports.

Fire at the used car dealership broke out at approximately 1 a.m. on Friday morning. A number of classic cars were reportedly brought into the facility to shoot I Know This Much Is True and as many as 27 of the vehicles destroyed are thought to have been vintage Chevrolets.

Authorities have yet to conclude what started the blaze and are continuing to investigate but they believe the fire was accidental. The vehicles ruined in the inferno were all brought in by HBO for filming with the vehicles owned by the dealership itself having previously been moved off-site.

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In a statement, HBO said that it has temporarily suspended production of I Know This Much Is True after the fire.

“A fire took place last night at a location for HBO’s limited series I Know This Much Is True. Filming had concluded earlier in the evening and no one involved was injured. The fire is currently under investigation. We have temporarily suspended production and we expect to resume shortly.”

Speaking with local media, dealership owner Levi Hecht said that he plans to rebuild the dealership. “Everyone in Ellenville was excited about it. Everybody was driving by and commenting, positive. It was bringing the life back to Ellenville.”

HBO’s I Know This Much Is True is a six-episode series based on a novel by Wally Lam which stars two brothers, one of who has paranoid schizophrenia.

  • performante

    What a waste. I hate when Hollywood destroys perfectly good classic cars.

    • Matt

      Well it’s not like they did it on purpose…

      • Paulbe

        How do you know?

        (I like this cut n paste thing)

        • Matt

          Oh so you’re suggesting the film studio deliberately burnt their set down and all the cars kindly loaned to them? Well done on the cut and paste.

  • Six_Tymes

    “Authorities have yet to conclude what started the blaze”


    • Matt

      How do you know? Could have been an electrical fault or even a fuel leak.

  • Bash

    Too sad, but I’m sure some people out there can and will rebuild at least half of them.

    • Randy Steffens

      not when large body panels are severely warped form the heat. also heat weakens steel badly. ones that are really burnt out or even extreme heat are toast. done for.

      • Bash



  • Randy Steffens

    not worried about the 90s “vintage” stuff.. what abotu any 60s stuff??? i hope minimal numbers of the 60s ones were toasted.. i actualy muxch more prefer 60s GM trucks but i do liek the late 60s B bodies and wagons.. want a 67 impala/bel air/kingdwood wagon or 67 caddy some day,, i dream and droool,.,.

    • Carlos Gamarra

      dude i actually got scared that 60s-70s Vettes and Maros caught fire

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