“I Eat Ass” Decal Lands Man In Jail, But He Might Get The Last Laugh

Bumper stickers and decals are a popular way of expressing who you are, but one recently came under fire in Florida.

As you can see in this dashcam video, Dillon Webb was driving his truck when a deputy from the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office spotted an “I Eat Ass” decal plastered across the back of Webb’s Chevrolet Silverado.

The deputy pulled Webb over and explained it was because of the “derogatory sticker” on his truck. Webb rejected this and deputy responded by saying “So some 10-year-old little kid sitting in the passenger seat of his momma’s vehicle looks over and reads ‘I Eat Ass” and ask his mom what it means. How is she going to explain that?”

Webb said that is up to the parent.  This seems to have upset the deputy as he quickly asked to see his driver’s license and registration. After running his information, the deputy took pictures of the decal and asked Webb to step out of the truck.

He then tells Webb the message of the back of the truck is a misdemeanor violation. The deputy then said he would be “furious” if his six-year old saw the decal and asked what “I Eat Ass” means.

After giving Webb a notice to appear in court, the deputy told him to remove a letter from the word “ass.” Webb refused, citing his first amendment rights.

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The deputy, apparently unsure how to respond, gets back in his car and explains the situation to someone else. The deputy then looks up the law and the two discuss what to do.

After the conversation is wrapped up, Webb is handcuffed and arrested. This is a surprising turn of events and the deputy also decided to have the truck towed away from the scene.

According to Ocala.com, officials decided not to prosecute the case because Webb made “a valid defense to be raised under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.” While the case has been closed, the battle is far from over as Webb’s lawyers suggested they will seek compensation as Webb was suspended from his job following the arrest.


  • Nick099

    Cop and the Department apparently, need retraining in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
    This is not Europe where one can arrested for verbal offenses.

    • McFly

      This did happen in the US.

      Silly stickers are not a crime in my part of Europe, and we don’t get handcuffed by the morality police like in the US.

      • MarketAndChurch

        Yeah but what if the sticker denied the holocaust, would that be legal in your country?

        • Alx

          oh wow, what a great comparison… you win!

          • MarketAndChurch

            Yes. I do. Freedom of speech is not respected in Europe.

      • Nick099

        You miss the point. Our system does not allow it. Prosecutors dropped it. Cop suspended.

        Try and see the facts that matter.

    • designer_dick

      Americans certainly have some strange ideas about Europe. I blame Fox News.

      • alistz

        Name one country in Europe that recognizes a constitutional right to free speech?

        • Yoda

          Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights provides the right to freedom of expression.

        • designer_dick

          Czech Republic – Freedom of speech in the Czech Republic is guaranteed by the Czech Charter of Fundamental Rights and Basic Freedoms, which has the same legal standing as the Czech Constitution.

          Denmark – Freedom of speech in Denmark is granted by the Constitution.

          Finland – According to the Finnish Constitution, everyone has freedom of expression, entailing the right to express, disseminate and receive information, opinions and other communications without prior prevention by anyone.

          Germany – Freedom of expression is granted by Article 5 of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany, which also states that there is no censorship.

          Greece – The 14th article of the Greek Constitution guarantees the freedom of speech, of expression and of the press for all.

          Hungary – Articles VII, VIII, IX, and X of the Fundamental Law of Hungary establishes the rights of freedom of expression, speech, press, thought, conscience, religion, artistic creation, scientific research, and assembly.

          Ireland – Freedom of speech is protected by Article 40.6.1 of the Irish Constitution.

          Italy – Article 21 of the Italian Constitution guarantees freedom of speech.

          The Netherlands – Article 7 of the Dutch Constitution (Grondwet) in its first paragraph grants everybody the right to make public ideas and feelings by printing them without prior censorship.

          Sweden – Freedom of speech is guaranteed by three separate parts of the Swedish Constitution.

          Switzerland – Article 16 of the Swiss Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of information for every citizen.

          Norway – Article 100 of the Norwegian Constitution has granted freedom of speech since 1814.

          You could have found that out with a cursory internet search.

          • alistz

            See my other repost regarding this, which clearly and simply disproves the hoax Wikipedia garbage that genius internet searchers are finding (but not actually reading).

      • Nick099

        Nice cop out, instead of dealing with reality.

        Mountain of facts Ace that I am correct. Not opinion, but fact.

        Now if you wish to challenge my statement, cite facts. Tell me where speech is an absolute right …not dispensed by government. Show me the exclusionary rule. Search and seizure protections not given by government…. but government curtailed. Same with firearms, etc, etc.

  • BlackPegasus

  • BlackPegasus

  • BlackPegasus

    These incidents with government employees (police officers) should be alarming to anyone who champions free speech in America. The police officer claimed he broke the law because of the “children.”

    How about YOU be a parent to your “children” and stop trying to restrict my liberty to move and live freely. If these hardline practices are allowed, ignorant police officers can arrest you for speech on you t-shirts, bumper stickers, or a political sign in your front yard! I hope the truck driver sues these ruthless thugs with badges. 😡

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    Mr. Webb must have been left with a bad taste in his mouth over the incident.

  • Liam Paul

    so now Mr Webb is finding out the consequences of expressing your freedom of speech to display foul stuff for children to see. I don’t feel one ounce of sympathy for him. Some of you are saying he had freedom of speech, how about if he was black and did this, would some of you feel the same or what if your child saw this and ask you what it meant to eat Az??

    • Ben

      At the end of the day, our comfortableness doesn’t dictate what is legal. Sometimes to express yourself or fight for change means making people uncomfortable. If you wish to shelter your children from what’s happening around them until they’re already an adult, that’s your right, but we shouldn’t squash other people’s free speech because of your preference.

  • Christian

    America is a strange country… Sometimes

  • GobbleUp

    So the guy is a moron, but within his rights. One can only hope People do what’s right in regards to his truck. What a D Bag.

    • Chi3f

      Are you suggesting that people tamper with or vandalize someone else’s property because they’re offended by it? If so, you seem to have a warped idea of what’s right.

  • Ilbirs

    Americans must learn with Spanish how to deal with bad language. I suggest them to first watch some Almodóvar movies and see that in Spain foul language is so widespread that is spoken by people of all ages and all faiths to a point that became a cultural value and made Spaniards’ ears, eyes and minds tougher to a point that they don’t get shaken when confronting this kind of thing, that would be considered a kid’s play.

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      Heathens! 😉

  • jez zza

    I’m totally speechless over this one !!! 4 kids !!!!

  • Dylan Wentworth

    I love how there’s a category called “Florida” Lolz.

  • Ben

    I’ve seen this video and I truly do hope he gets the last laugh. I don’t care if your kid reads it, life happens, don’t stifle free speech because “I’ve got kids and I’d be mad if they read it”. Listen, your kids are doing more than reading bad words behind your back on their smartphone, let me tell ya.

  • NCC 1701-C Dodge Stealth R/T

    Really, the Deputy should MAYBE be out arresting illegal rapists/pedophiles and mestizo drug smugglers, rather than harrASSing this American citizen.

    • ErnieB

      You forgot white nationalist terrorists and white opioid addicts

      • paulgdeaton

        … and MAGA-types shooting up schools and syanaogues…

    • TK Davidson

      Mestizo? Last I saw the biggest drug smugglers in the world work for HSBC Bank. They even fund terrorist organizations. Ain’t no mestizos in that board room. 😛

  • Bo Hanan

    I would never do this but I still like the guy. 10 points for having “balls.’

    • Craig

      ‘Balls’? ARREST THAT MAN!

  • Dude

    Columbia County better have a zero crime rate otherwise that cop has some idiot priorities and is ignorant of the law

  • enthusia

    okay but leak his phone number… i may have a proposition for him…

  • Paul

    Freedom of speech does not mean we can blatantly infringe on others just to have our way. OTOH the cop must have been in need of showing off his manhood from the look of him in the Youtube video about this. He looked like a little pipsqueak.

    • AintYerPa

      But that’s the thing… Unless you are yelling “Fire” in a crowd, EVERY word you speak is protected by our Constitution under the First Amendment.. it doesn’t say anything about hurting someone’s feelings… Maybe we need to collectively be a little less ‘triggered’ in this upsidedown clown world we are living in today…

      • Paul

        Exactly right, too many people thinking they “need” to be offended instead of just ignoring stuff.

  • TheBelltower

    I’ve never been one to be sympathetic to the “what about the children” argument. It certainly isn’t justification for an arrest. Though I’m not clear what being suspended from his job has to do with any of this. If a$$-eaters arrest was the last straw for his employer, then that’s a$$-eaters own fault. The guy has the right to behave like a trashbox, and people (and his employer) have the right to respond to it. The only part of this story that redeems Florida at all, is that the employer had enough sense to can this loser.

    • Ronald Roman

      ASS, not a$$.

  • alistz

    No, sorry. You’ve done what is known as l-tard linking. You find a headline that you think proves your point, but you lack the foresight to actually read your own link.

    So here is what the link you included actually says:

    Freedom of speech is regulated. (Regulated means: laws control it)
    laws prohibit … expressions of contempt based on race, skin colour, nationality or ethnic origin, religious belief or sexual orientation

    Any person …. insulting (forhånes), or degrading (nedværdiges) a group of persons on account of their race, national or ethnic origin or belief shall be liable to a fine.

    the Greek Constitution guarantees the freedom of speech…with certain restrictions or exceptions

    – insult Christianity or any other known religion,
    – insult the President of Greece,
    – disclose information related to the Greek Armed Forces or to various aspects of Greek National Security,

    -have as a purpose the forceful overturning of the Greek System of Government

    -offend public decency
    Freedom of speech is protected by Article 40.6.1 of the Irish constitution.
    However the article qualifies this right, providing that it may not be
    used to undermine “public order or morality or the authority of the
    1. Protected does not equal Recognized.
    2. Qualifying means it is not ‘a right’ since again, it is regulated by the State. We Americans have a concept of a ‘a right’ that is something that is fundamental to you by simple logically believing you are born equal to everyone else, and no man-made construct like a Government can deny it to you. period.

    Again, the Constitution of Italy constrains Freedom of Speech.
    Article 21 also gives restrictions against those acts considered offensive by public morality, as stated in Paragraph 6:

    1. insults against the honor and prestige of the President

    2. vilification of a persons’s religion
    3. insults against the honor and decorum of others

    I really don’t want you to reply back to me, because you actually posted a link THAT DISPROVES WHAT YOU ARE CLAIMING IT PROVES. Which clearly means you didn’t bother reading the link yourself. You’re not worth my time.

  • Six_Tymes

    Funny? certainly, Stupid? this guy is absolutely idiotic.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Not a fan of either of these two gentleman. Freedom of speech should be protected but ideally, or my ideal, would be that we would live in a world where people would just have it as an instinct not to broadcast certain things about themselves to the public, on the back of their cars.

  • alistz

    The difference is the concept of ‘a human right’. American thought comes from the enlightenment. A human right is something self-evident from your existence. A government that is ‘regulating’ a human right is immoral.

    European political thought develops after the enlightenment and is ‘Progressive’ thinking, which extends from the history of States led by Kings. You are a vassal of a state, the king has been replaced by Progressive elite which is meant to manage the Nation. You don’t have any rights, you have rights up until the point the State sees you are a bad vassal that is harmful to the State goals.

  • brn

    It rarely looks like that.

  • brn

    For all those that are crying freedom of speech, please review Roth v. United States, 354 U.S. 476 (1957) and review Bethel School District #43 v. Fraser, 478 U.S. 675 (1986).

    Freedom of speech doesn’t free you from the consequences of your speech. The officer enforced the law. If you don’t like the law, work to get it changed.

  • If my kids read that they would laugh their little butts off. To them it would be a stupid silly idea. Young kids have no sense of sexuality. To them anything having to do with butt’s and farts is hilarious, and silly. But, if the parent over reacts and tells them the sexual connotation of the phrase than you’re the idiot messing up your kids.

  • TK Davidson

    Nobody is forcing you at gunpoint to stare at a Coexist sticker. If the word Coexist is really that offensive to you then you need a cave to hide in. They’re bombing and starving children to death in Yemen with our money and the media refuses to cover it. That’s what offensive is. The fact that I have to explain any of this to illiterates like you offends me. Coexist is just a word.

    • Ben

      Calling people “illiterates” while defending a coexist sticker, seems wholesome. You’ve clearly misunderstood what you read as someone complaining about something being “offensive” even though the word was never used. Go back and read the statement made. It was defending people’s Constitutional right to say and express themselves however they wish, so I don’t need you to “explain” anything to me.

      I understand nobody is forced to look at a sticker, which is why it was in quotation marks, as the wording wasn’t my own, but the officer’s in the video. The statement was meant to show the folly in what someone is “forced” to look at. If you can ignore Coexist stickers like even you mentioned, you can also avoid the sticker on the back of the truck, something the officer found out in court.

      Oh, and “Coexist” is not just a word. Word’s have meanings behind them. Some shallow as definitions and others have deeper social meanings. I don’t care to look past the literal definition of “coexist” as its a natural human function and something that I’m indifferent to. I have no reason not to coexist.

      To your point about the people of Yemen, if you feel there is insufficient media coverage, start your own. Tell us all about it with clear context. Calling people illiterate on an automotive blog isn’t the best way to spread your message of support for those families, you dig?

  • Chi3f

    What rights of others was he infringing upon? You don’t have a right not to be offended..

  • Chi3f

    Tax payers shouldnt have to foot the bill for abuse of power. I’m fine if it comes out the cop’s pocket though.

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